MEPs voted for a contribution from air transport to the financing of other modes of transport

The deputies voted in the night of Monday to Tuesday in committee for a contribution of the air transport to the financing of the other modes of transport, without going as far as a taxation of kerosene, subject which must be regulated “at European level” according to the government.

This contribution of around 30 million euros will be a reallocation of surplus revenue from the solidarity tax on plane tickets, known as the “Chirac tax”, to the benefit of the French transport infrastructure financing agency ( Afitf).

Introduced in 2006, this tax feeds the Solidarity Fund for Development (FSD) within the limit of an annual ceiling set at 210 million euros. Until now, the surplus of this tax was intended “to reduce the debt of the annexed budget of civil aviation”, indicated the Minister of Transport Elisabeth Borne during the examination of the draft law of orientation of mobilities in committee.

40 million next year

The amount of this contribution could be around “40 million euros next year” or even “50 million euros” the following years, underlined the co-rapporteur of the text Bérangère Abba (LREM), author of the adopted amendment. .

The taxation of air transport, with the aim of improving environmental protection, is on the program of the presidential majority list for Europeans. Emmanuel Macron said he wanted to move forward “on the common taxation of kerosene in Europe”, pleading for “a real international negotiation” on this subject, in an interview with the regional press on Monday.

“France will push for a tax on air transport, but which must be done on a European scale,” Ms. Borne told the Committee on Sustainable Development. But it can “already send a sign of its mobilization on the subject” via this contribution, she underlined.

If Jean-Baptiste Djebbari (LREM) praised “a contribution between the modes of travel (…) quite beneficial”, the oppositions criticized the measure.

“An additional gas plant”

“We are in the process of creating an additional gas plant,” said Valérie Lacroute (LR), proposing to allocate an additional part of the TICPE (internal consumption tax on energy products) to Afitf.

Socialist Christophe Bouillon judged the funding “not up to the ambitions” displayed in terms of “clean” transport.

The former “walker” Matthieu Orphelin hailed “a first step” but “it is absolutely necessary to go further”: he will defend in the hemicycle amendments in particular in favor of “an ecological contribution to take-off”.

(with AFP)