Miyazaki Beef and Saga Beef! Best 5 brand Japanese beef for 10,000 yen or less

Miyazaki beef dish set from Miyazaki 8,000 yen (Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture)

Miyazaki Miyazaki City is a rich natural town surrounded by Mount Wani Tsukayama in the east and Mount Kirishima in the northwest and mountains on three sides. The local government pays special attention to meat, calling for “Japan’s best meat and shochu”.

Miyazaki’s “Miyazaki beef plate set” is a set of 200 grams for peach sukiyaki, 200 grams for sukiyaki ude, 250 grams for the stall and a barbecue sauce. It is ideal sliced ​​for sukiyaki, and you can feel the taste of the meat melting.

M2 Co., Ltd., a producer in Miyazaki Prefecture, is a company that manages meat retailers, own processing plants and direct sales offices. With the motto of safety, assurance, freshness, and good quality, we purchase carefully selected meat from the production area.

The barbecue sauce included in this set is the original “Nikuhonpo Kuro” barbecue sauce, which has won a gold medal in “Mondo Selection” reviews of foods seven times. It is not only recommended as a dipping sauce for steaks but also used as a dipping sauce for beef bowls. You can apply all year round and we will deliver frozen.

Ude peach slices A5 Saga beef ¥ 10,000 (Takeo City, Saga Prefecture)

Saga beef is highly regarded in the world. Japanese beef, which thrives in the fertile land of Saga Prefecture, contains delicious and beautiful sashimi balls, when put into your mouth, the fat will melt and you can enjoy the sweetness and taste. deep.

You can get 400 grams of Ude slices and peaches of Saga beef raised on a fattening farm in the Saga jurisdiction with a donation amount of 10,000 yen. The original taste of the lean meat is condensed, the mash is very suitable for those who are thirsty, greasy. It should be eaten with sukiyaki or shabushabu.

The highest grade beef trade standards set by the Japan Meat Classification Association, grade “5” and “4” or higher, are referred to as “Saga beef”, and the following grades are classified as ” Japanese beef produced by Saga “.

With donations of 10,000 yen or more, “Sagaya Saga Beef Ude Grade A5 Peach for 400 grams” is perfect for steaks and “Sagaya Saga Beef Hamburger (7 pieces)” uses 100% Saga Beef available.

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Newa premium Japanese beef tenderloin 2 pieces (400 grams) 10,000 yen
(Newa Village, Nagano Prefecture)

Newa Village, Shimoina District, Nagano Prefecture is located at the southernmost tip of Nagano Prefecture. This is a town rich in nature with forests occupying about 90% of the village. In Furusato Tax Payment, we have such a rich range of products specially grown in nature.

“Newa stylish Japanese steak” is a “Newa stylish Japanese beef” steak grown in Newa village at the foot of Chausu mountain at an altitude of 1,400 meters. We selected better individuals from calves born in Nagano and Aichi prefectures and raised them lovingly. You can enjoy branded Japanese beef raised by a master couple with 50 years of experience breeding, using Shinshu’s clean soft drinks and special food.

The tenderloin is cut into 200 grams per person, so cooking is as easy as baking. The app can be carried year round and it will be frozen and have a one month expiration date. Eat as soon as possible after thawing.

Hida beef steak & hamburger steak set with Hida beef 10,000 yen (Ikeda Town, Gifu Prefecture)

If you want to pay Hida beef, a brand beef from Gifu prefecture, with your hometown tax, “Hida beef steak & Hida”, a set of 180 grams of Hida beef tenderloin, 3 hamburgers with 80 gram of Hida beef and 1 bag of hamburger “Hamburg set with beef” are recommended.

We are supplying meat shop “Nikumaru” in Ikeda-cho, Ibi-gun, Gifu Prefecture. Grade A4 or higher tenderloin is carefully selected by professional butcher from Hida beef, a brand of Japanese beef from Gifu Prefecture, used.

It is characterized by a smooth marble color and a soft and sweet meat quality. The carefully crafted hamburgers are very popular in the shops. Since hamburger sauce is included in the set, you can easily enjoy the flavor of the restaurant just by baking a hamburger.

You can subscribe to this service year round, but we won’t ship from December 13, 2017 to January 10, 2018. Also, for donations on last December 30 and 31 year, it may take more than a month to arrive, so apply early.

Special double marble sliced ​​Tosawa beef for sukiyaki / shabushabu 10,000 yen (Kei Nishimura, Kochi Prefecture)

Geishi-mura, Aki-gun, Kochi Prefecture is located in the east of Kochi Prefecture, surrounded by Pacific Ocean to the south and mountains in the north. Due to the warm climate, the junior garden work is actively performed by vinyl homes, and it boasts exceptionally rich produce such as agricultural produce and flowers.

Rich naturally raised Japanese beef is also popular. Tosa Wagyu is a branded Wagyu beef born in Kochi prefecture, and grade A5 is issued only to the highest quality Wagyu beef recognized. “Tosa Wagyu Special Double Marbled Slice” contains 500 grams of finest A5 Tosawa beef and rose. We use two types of meat: Ude, which is marble in color but fresh and pink, with a rich sweet taste.

It is cut to a thickness between sukiyaki and shabushabu, so you can use it in either dish. Tosawa beef has smooth, firm meat quality, so when the heat effect, the taste becomes even more mellow.

It’s frozen and has a shelf life of a month, but it’s exceptionally delicious as soon as it arrives, so we recommend cooking as soon as possible.


Even branded, expensive Japanese beef and you rarely get the chance to do so, can be enjoyed for great prices using the Furusato Tax Payment. Why don’t you enjoy a luxury brand of Japanese beef with home taxes this year?

Tax payment list in the homeland of “Japanese beef under 10,000 yen”