10 recommendations on how to eat crabs! Compare prices and how to eat them

Winter is warm, summers are calm and cool.

This time, we will introduce the very popular “Crab” in winter from tax refund homeland!

Crab Zwai for hot pot crab and shabu crab, taraba crab for grilled crab, hairy crab with delicious miso, Hanasaki crab with unique flavor, etc .. Really eat and compare which is the best?

I chose the “Crab Comparison Set” from 10 local governments where you can enjoy each delicious dish.

Use your hometown tax money to eat delicious crabs!

For those who like boiled food, those who love to live, those who like swigani, those who like taraba crabs, those who like hairy crabs, those who like crab, anyone who wants to eat can enjoy.

Please find your favorite reward.

first.[Thành phố Wakauchi, Hokkaido]Crab comparison / crab zuwai roll: 30,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Wakauchi City, Hokkaido30,000 yen

It is a comparison between this fur crab and zuwai crab, which is a gift from Wakauchi city.
A beautiful crab set where you can once enjoy a furry crab and a real crab.
The body is very clogged, and you can enjoy the difference between the taste of crab meat and the taste of crab miso with your own tongue.

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・ Approximately 400 grams of hairy crab x 2 (origin / processing place: Wakauchi City, Hokkaido)
・ Approximately 500 grams of zuwai crab x 2 fish (Origin: Wakauchi City, Hokkaido, where Russian is made: Wakauchi City, Hokkaido)

2.[Thành phố Nemuro, Hokkaido]Three types of crabs: Honzuwai crab, Hanasaki crab and hair crab: 20,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Nemuro City, Hokkaido20,000 yen

Introducing the crab trio: Honzuwai Crab, Hanasaki Crab and Hair Crab in Nemuro City, Hokkaido.
A set of three types of crabs: Zwai crab, Hanasaki crab and hairy crab. Eat and compare which of the three you like best.

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・ 2 crab shoulders, 1 Hanasaki crab, 1 hairy crab (about 1.2kg in total)

3.[Thành phố Iizuka, tỉnh Fukuoka]Zuwaigani (shoulder / nail) & Tarabagani: 50,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture50,000 yen

We will provide a comparison of eating fish in the Zuwaigani (shoulder / claw) market and carefully selected Tarabagani.

The Taraba crab is easy to eat and has a half shell on the leg. Enjoy the difference in taste between Zuwaigani and Tarabagani.

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・ Boyle Zuwaigani 4 roles
・ Half a bottle of Tarabagani boiled 800g
・ Zuwaigani strokes 500g

4.[Thành phố Nemuro, Hokkaido]Hokkai’s main crab trio (Tarabagani leg, hairy crab, zuwai): 50,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Nemuro City, Hokkaido50,000 yen

It is the gathering of three main representatives of Hokkaido, Tarabagani, Hairgani and Zuwaigani.
There is a large capacity that you can eat a lot of crabs. Please enjoy the crab.

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・ Boiled sardines 1.2kg x 1 tail, boiled hairy crabs about 400g x 1 fish

5.[Thành phố Cua, Tỉnh Chiba]Luxury crab zanmai set from 2kg and over: 50,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Chiba Prefecture50,000 yen

We will deliver a full set of large zuwai crab leg meat 2L or more, king crab leg meat and whole hairy crab.

It contains 1kg of crab zuwai size 2L or more and you can enjoy crab in many different ways such as crab zuwai and fresh tomato pasta and zuwai crab butter.

Enjoy a delicious meal table by comparing the flavors of the three types of crabs.

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・ The portion of Zwai crab is about 1kg
・ Boiled taraba leg meat is about 800g oversize
・ Furry crab 1

6.[Hokkaido Discipleship Town]The comparison set ate two large 6kg crabs (Taraba foot 1.5kg Zuwai foot 4.5kg): 100,000 yen

areaContribution amount
The Hokkaido Disciple Town100,000 yen

The very thick and firm taraba crab, also known as the “King of Crabs”, is a delicately packed crispy crab.
The delicate and rich flavor of Zwai crab, also known as the “queen of crabs”, is a gentle sweetness in the mouth. You can enjoy the taste fresh and full of flavor.

You are invited to enjoy in the crab pot or crab pot.

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・ Taraba crab leg is about 1.5kg (about 9-30 pieces)
・ Zwai crab leg about 4.5kg (about 45-105)

7.[Thành phố Kushiro, Hokkaido]Taraba Shabu & Zuwai Crab Claw Set 1kg: 50,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Kushiro City, Hokkaido50,000 yen

It’s a classy dining comparison set where you can enjoy two different flavors at the same time, the full and rich sweetness of this taraba shabu, arguably the “heart-melting charm. you “, and super oversized crab paw.

A special sauce free from additives and Kushiro kelp are also included in this set, so you can enjoy a delicious crab shabu-shabu with just this set.

The quantity is so full that even families can enjoy it. It also comes with a recipe, so you can enjoy the seasonal ingredients deliciously.

It is recommended for those who want to eat delicious crab, those who want to try new cooking methods and those who want to eat delicious crab.

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・ Taraba shabu large 500g (8 to 13)
・ Super super crab temple 500g (8-10 pieces)
・ Special sauce without additives
・ Kushiro Kelp

8.[Thị trấn Hokkaido Erimo]Special choice! Eat and compare 3 types of crab 5,5kg: 100,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Erimo town, Hokkaido100,000 yen

Erimo town, one of the most famous hair production areas in Hokkaido.

Offering a set of 3 luxurious neck feathers, rated as “the best on body and in miso”, is the king of squid and squid. It’s a set that you can enjoy over and over again.

The hair that grows in the ocean near the cold collar, can withstand rough seas, has a sturdy shell, thick legs and large, tight hair. “Raw hair steam gani”, steamed with high-pressure steam and rapidly frozen, is a jewel for you to enjoy your moist and sweet body and rich miso.

Deliver 1 kg of ham (weight before thawing) x 2 to King Crab. You can enjoy the elasticity and volume of the product.

You can enjoy the elasticity and weight of the 1kg x 2 box, large body and the sweetness and deliciousness of the crab.

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・ Steaming Hokkaido raw hair 500g x 2 tails
・ Tarabagani (meat leg) 1kg (weight before thawing) x 2 * Made in Russia
・ Zuwaigani (spring roll) 1kg x 2 boxes * Russia / Hokkaido (depending on season)

9.[Thành phố Amisato, Hokkaido]All 4 delicious Hokkaido crab dishes: 133,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Amisato City, Hokkaido133,000 yen

4 large crabs popular in Hokkaido and hard to find in Okhotsk Margo Fishery in Abashiri
Please try and compare the 4 large boiled crabs.
All are boiled, so please do not boil twice after coming and enjoy by natural thawing.

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①Hama alive 〆Hama boiled two crabs “about 1.2 kg”
② “About 1.5 kg” with 3 crabs Hokkai Matsuba
③ “About 2 kg” with 2 Hanasaki crabs
④ This taraba crab image is “about 1 kg”
Total “about 5.7 kg”

ten.[Thị trấn Erimo, Hokkaido]Special Seafood Delivery Course 6 times a year delivery: 223,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Erimo town, Hokkaido223,000 yen

A special course offering proud seafood from Erimo Town, Hokkaido six times a year. Enjoy Hokkaido seafood dishes like “hair gani”, “how much soy sauce”, “shishamo” and “hodachi shell”. We invite you to enjoy seafood in Hokkaido.

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[Tháng 2]Steamed hair directly from Hokkaido
[Tháng 4]Button shrimp from Hokkaido
[Tháng 6]Salmon of all kinds from Hokkaido
[Tháng 8]Sailing yachts and mussels
[Tháng 10]How much soy sauce from Hokkaido
[Tháng 12]Shishamoto Hokke


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