Congratulations on the grilled beef “Hida beef” from Gifu Prefecture!

Hida beef is featured

Recently, various brand cattle have been raised in each region of Japan.
Compared to general beef cattle, branded beef has a better growing environment and is distinctive in their pedigree, and is characterized by high meat quality, excellent taste and texture.

Hida beef is very popular among such branded beef.
So what brand of beef is Hida? We will introduce the production area, characteristics and cooking method suitable for delicious food.

Hida beef production area

Hida beef is a branded beef raised in Gifu Prefecture, but the main production areas are the Hida region such as Hida City, Takayama City and Shimoro City.
The Hida area is surrounded by high mountains and high altitudes so the temperature difference is large, it is said that this cool natural environment is very suitable for beef cattle.
In addition, the delicious water taken from the surrounding mountains and the fresh, clean air are also indispensable factors for a high-end cow brand.

Hida beef features

Hida beef is produced in Gifu Prefecture, and its farming period is set 14 months or more.
Not all cows can be named Hida as long as they meet this condition and they are limited to Japanese black cattle raised by farmers registered with the Council. Promote Brand Hida Beef.
Furthermore, only meats with a carcass rating of 5 to 3 can be called Hida beef.

We also pay attention to quality and safety, such as specifying the meat quality type, manufacturer’s name and personal identifier.
In addition, the quality of the meat has a beautiful pink color, has many veins of the brand beef, characterized by a fine texture.

Hida beef flavor

The biggest feature of Hida beef is the sweetness of the grease in the marble.
High quality fat has a low melting point and dissolves quickly at human body temperature, so it is said to have a light elegance and help prevent the abdomen from being sucked in.

In addition to the high quality fat, the fine microfiber texture gives you a silky, moist texture to the mouth and you don’t have to worry about the muscles while chewing. The more you chew, the more you will feel the original flavor of the lean meat.
In addition, this is a branded beef, you can not only enjoy the flavor but also the scent because it has a mild aroma.

5 local governments reward Hida beef

You can also purchase “Hida beef” by paying your hometown tax.
Here are 5 recommended local governments! !!

first.[Thị trấn Ono]Grade A5 Hida beef beef for sukiyaki / shabushabuApprox 300g: 12,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Ono Town, Gifu Prefecture12,000 yen

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Grade A5 Hida beef lean for sukiyaki / shabushabu Approximately 300g Introducing peach or kata meat.
Wild Hida beef is a brand of beef known for its delicious, soft and sweet taste. We invite you to enjoy Hida beef in particular in terms of meat quality.


・ Peach Hida beef or kata cuts about 300g

2.[Thị trấn Ikeda]One piece of ham for Hida roast beef: 18,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Ikeda Town, Gifu Prefecture18,000 yen

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Introducing a ham for the grilled beef Hida. It is a roast beef dish of Japanese beef Gifu brand “Hida beef”. We invite you to enjoy the delicious roast beef at home.


・ Hida beef is about 400g

3.[Tỉnh Gifu]Hida beef hamburger 145g x 8 pieces: 30,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Gifu Province30,000 yen

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It was a full-fledged hamburger supervised by Mr. Eio Omori, who developed a gold medal winner at the DLG 2017 Competition using 100% Hida beef from “godfather Hida Yoshida beef “test.


・ Hida beef hamburger 145g x 8

4.[Thành phố Giro, tỉnh Gifu]Grade A5 Premium Hida Beef Marbled Grill 800g: ¥ 50,000

areaContribution amount
Giro City, Gifu Prefecture
* Some gifts are under 30,000 yen.
50,000 yen

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It is very easy to get sashimi and has a rich flavor. You can enjoy the greasy, sweet, and creamy taste, and it is also rated as the top of the line at yakiniku restaurants.
Enjoy the soft, greasy taste of “Hida beef” nourished by the pure water and clear air of Hida and humanity.


・ Grade A5 Hida Beef Marble Grill 800g

5.[Thành phố Hida]Hida beef fillet for silage sukiyaki “Yamayu beef” 500g: 50,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Hida City, Gifu Prefecture50,000 yen

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Enjoy the canned old beef “Yamayuushi” featuring Mr. Osamu Mozumi, who was famous for writing the character “Reiwa” when the new issue was announced.


・ Shoulder loin 500g
+ We’ll send you one of our original Hida beef curry or a set of beef stew.

How to eat delicious Hida beef

Should use the beef stew brings sweetness

Stewed beef is one of the ways of cooking that get the most out of Hida beef.
By slowly heating the Hida beef in a sauce flavored with melted vegetables and alcohol, the sweetness of the Hida beef is further enhanced.

Also, by boiling slowly, the high-quality fat contained in the meat becomes thick and thick, and you can feel the rich flavor.
Furthermore, even if you stew a portion that is said to have relatively stiff fibers like steak, you can enjoy a soft texture as the fibers are finely textured.

It melts in your mouth when eaten with roast meat

Hida beef has a low melting point of the fat, so it’s good to eat with barbecue.
In the steak, the standard steak and loin contains superb pink sashimi, and simply cook them quickly over the mesh so they won’t harden as heat passes.

And when you put the roast meat in your mouth, it is as soft and smooth as melting instantly.
In addition, fatty hormones such as the small intestine have a high sweetness equivalent to calorie and tenderloin, and you can feel the mellow aroma and deliciousness of fat in your mouth.

The delicious cooking example of Hida beef

Besides stewed and roasted beef, roast beef is also recommended.
When it comes to roast beef, the meat has a beautiful pink color when cut, but Hida beef with a beautiful meat color can enjoy its appearance even more.

Roast beef is a cooking method that allows you to enjoy the moist texture and sweetness and aroma of meat that is rarely roasted, and in this respect, Hida beef is suitable for roast beef. Also cut thick and enjoy as a steak.


Did you find this Hida beef introduction helpful?
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