Delicious way to eat Yamagata prefectural brand rice, Tsuyahime

Introducing the features of Tsuyahime

The Japanese eat rice so often that it is said to be the country of rice. It is also a staple food and has a variety of rice varieties.
Koshihikari, known as the king of rice varieties, and the traditional Sasanishiki are famous all over the world, but in Japan there are many different brands of rice and each has a different value.

There is a brand of rice called Tsuyahime in Yamagata, which is the place of rice production, and Tsuyahime is also one of the known varieties of rice in Japan.
What is the Tsuyahime system and what are its characteristics?

Princess production area

Tsuyahime is a type of rice grown in Yamagata Prefecture.
Rice named Yamagata No. 70 and Tohoku No. 164 are bred, but if you trace the roots you will find parent varieties called Koshihikari and Kamenoo.
Historically, it has been in research since 1998 and has been developed for the next 10 years.

Since it is raised to special standards, a special A grade can be maintained.
In Japan, there are many other production areas in Shimane prefecture, but cultivation began in 2012 in Shimane prefecture.
Tsuyahime is a relatively new brand of rice.

Features of princess silhouette

Tsuyahime has a taste equivalent to that of Koshihikari. The rice grain is a bit large, has a clear white characteristic, and when cooked it is very glossy.
There is also a delicious, sweet, mild snack without the smell of rice is very unique.

One of the characteristics is that it has a smooth feel, and it has been prized for its taste, aroma, stickyness and hardness, luster and appearance, all of which remove Koshihikari.
If you are tired of the rice that you have used so far, then this rice dish is so easy to eat that you will be captivated by eating Tsuyahime, and you will never get tired of it.
Since it is sticky, it is a satisfying type of rice even in small amounts.

Taste of princess silhouette

The taste is similar to Koshihikari, but it is characterized by lighter weight than Koshihikari.
Xoi is sticky but very easy to eat and although it has a very strong flavor and aroma, it is not unpleasant, so it is not boring.
The cooked food is also shiny, so just looking at the rice seeds will make you satisfied.

Tsuyahime has more delicious ingredients like glutamic acid and aspartic acid than other types of rice, you can feel the sweetness when cooked and the deliciousness when cooled a bit.
Tsuyahime is very chewy so self-catering is enough.

5 local governments return the shiny princess

You should get gifts packed with the charm of “Tsuyahime” by paying your hometown tax.
Here are 5 recommended local governments! !!

first.[Thành phố Kangawae]Specially grown rice, carefully selected Tsuyahime 5kg: 10,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Kangawae City, Yamagata Prefecture10,000 yen

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Specially grown rice from the Kangawa River, carefully selected by Tsuyahime, who produced the provincial governor’s top award and award-winning producer for four consecutive years !!


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The specially grown rice, 5kg Tsuyahime, is carefully selected
Made in Yamagata Prefecture

2.[Thành phố Murayama]Gloss Princess 5kg & Haenuki 4kg Meal and set comparison: 12,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Murayama City, Yamagata Prefecture12,000 yen

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30 years of production! It is a set of eating and rice comparison representatives of Yamagata, Tsuyahime and Haenuki.
We will polish the rice one day before shipping and delivery. It tastes great not only when cooked but also when cooled.


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Shiny Princess 5kg x 1 Bag Polished Rice
Haenuki 4kg (2kg x 2 bags), milled rice
Origin: All Murayama city

3.[Thị trấn Shonai]The shiny rice princess is specially grown from Ishigaki Farm 10kg: 20,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Shonai Town, Yamagata Prefecture20,000 yen

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We will deliver as much as 10 kg of monarch rice, specially grown from Ishigaki Farm, grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, with the importance of soil preparation for delicious rice.


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Princess special rice 5kg x 2 bags

4.[Thành phố Yamagata]Tsuyahime from Yamagata Milling 10kg of rice x 3 times: 50,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture50,000 yen

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“Rice can be very good.” Yamagata’s highest quality rice, “Tsuyahime”. Rice is not only delicious, but also safer and more secure when grown with as little chemical fertilizers and pesticides as possible.


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Delivered for 3 consecutive months Yamagata Tsuyahime 10kg x 3 times

5.[Thành phố Nanyo]Specially grown rice varieties are produced during the first year of the Regular Flight Reiwa[6 kg x 6 tháng]: 60,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Nanyo City, Yamagata Prefecture 60,000 yen

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New rice is produced in Reiwa’s first year! Introducing a special rice grown regularly[6 kg x 6 tháng]. This is a regular flight of specially grown rice that helps reduce 80% of pesticides from tillage.
We will deliver 2kg queen ball, 2kg Koshihikari, 2kg milk queen, total 6kg per month. Enjoy and compare the Tsuyahime blind rice of Yamagata Prefecture to other types of rice.


・ Princess ball 2kg
・ Koshihikari 2kg
・ Milky Queen 2kg
Total 6kg x 6 times

How to Eat Delicious Princess Ball

Suitable for mild seasoning

Tsuyahime is a delicious, sweet and chewy rice. Therefore, the rice itself is very assertive, the side dishes are light.
On the contrary, it is very pliable so it is not suitable as a seasoning for dishes such as fried rice, burnt rice, fried rice, and burned rice.

It would be safer not to use princess gloss as it creates a cotton texture.
Since this is very delicious rice, you can enjoy the original taste of rice with a snack and you can eat more.

Recommended for Japanese dishes and set meals

To enjoy the original taste of rice, we recommend Japanese dishes and meals according to the menu.
Japanese food is basically a soup and three vegetables, but by adding miso soup, the perfect balance between rice and miso spreads in your mouth, making the dish even better.

The set meal goes well with not only Japanese food but also Western style dishes like cutlets and fried shrimp, and despite the requirement of rice it complements side dishes.
Simple dishes such as salt rice balls are recommended as you can enjoy the original Tsuyahime dishes.

How to cook delicious princess balls

Generally, rice is thrown away immediately after adding water.
The same is true for Tsuyahime, so gently stir to wash away dust and dirt.
Then, stir about 20 times and when the water becomes transparent washing is finished.

You can cook rice right after, but the best way to cook is to soak it in clean water for about 30 minutes in summer and about an hour in winter.
In the case of Tsuyahime, you can enjoy the moderate consistency of the rice by adjusting the amount of water a bit less than the scale.


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Tax payment list in the homeland of “Tsuyahime”