Ideal for rice cooked with “Hitomebore” born in Miyagi Prefecture!

Introducing the features of Hitomebore

Hitomebore rice brand, which has the second largest growing acreage and distribution volume after Koshihikari in Japan.
As the name “Look, see beautiful, and eat it like” comes from its beautiful gloss and palate, soft and delicious feeling which is favored by many people.

In addition, due to the moderate adhesion, it is easy to eat for many ages, from young children to the elderly.
Because of this good balance, it suits any dish and tastes good even when cold.

Hitomebore’s production area

Hitomebore is rice born in Miyagi.
It is suitable for the climate of Miyagi and is grown mainly in the Tohoku region, but it is widely cultivated nationwide and can be harvested in many lands from the Tohoku region to the Okinawa region.

In Tohoku, it is usually found in Yamagata, Iwate and Fukushima prefectures in addition to Miyagi. You can see that it is a strong rice that can be cultivated regardless of the location and weather.
This is the second most cultivated rice after Koshihikari.

Features of Hitomebore

Rice is the mother of the first star including Koshihikari and the first star.
Hitomebore, born by inheriting the good taste of Koshihikari, was able to be grown even in cold regions without damage from the cold, and the amount of distribution increased steadily across the country.

In addition, because the first star was powerful and easy to use, cultivation in the nation’s guild increased.

Taste of a look

It has the sweet taste of Koshihikari.
The more you chew it, the sweeter it is, and the chopsticks will go forward even after you have solder it.
When the rice is fluffy and cooked, the grains expand and the rice appears to be alive in the steam.

It is also glossy, slightly sweet and light.
It is popular because it is pliable and chewable and easy to eat by the elderly.
It is famously smooth to the touch and easy to eat.
Hitomebore are moderately omnipotent and favored and supported by men and women of all ages.

5 local governments look back

Reservations for “Hitomebore no Shinmai” have thus begun to pay hometown taxes.
Here are 5 recommended local governments! !!

first.[Thị trấn Zao]Hitomebore from Zao (milling rice) 10kg: 12,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Zao Town, Miyagi Prefecture12,000 yen

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The first item I would recommend is a gift from Zao Town, Miyagi Prefecture, 5kg x 2 bags of Hitomebore (milled rice) from Zao.
This Hitomebore rice is a type of rice that grows in a clear natural-rich spring at the foot of Mount Zao, and has a toughness and toughness that you will never get bored.


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・ Hitomebore (rice milling) 5kg x 2
Origin: Zao Town, Miyagi Prefecture
Delicious rice specialties of Zao.

2.[Thị trấn Yamamoto]Hitomebore 6kg & 25 eggs: 15,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Yamamoto Town, Miyagi Prefecture15,000 yen

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Next, I would like to introduce the egg-cooked rice set from Yamamoto Town, Miyagi Prefecture.
This bonus egg is raised into high quality eggs by adding oak resin and zeolite to the food. Enjoy delicious eggs, low in egg smell and richness with a sip of eco-friendly rice grown with little pesticides and organic fertilizers.


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・ Hitomebore (Eco-Rice / Milled Rice) 6kg
・ 25 high quality eggs
Origin: All Yamamoto Town

3.[Yamato-cho]Hitomebore / Sasanishiki 5-month regular flight 35kg: 50,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Yamato Town, Miyagi Prefecture50,000 yen

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The next gift that I would recommend is a regular 5-month flight, Hitomebore / Sasanishiki, 35 kg in Yamato Town, Miyagi Prefecture. The rice “Sasanishiki” and “Hitomebore” produced in Miyagi Prefecture received the highest “Special A” score of 2018 in the taste rankings of the Japan Cereal Certification Association.

The 5-month-monthly flight can transfer 7 kg of rice in 5 months, so stay with two people.


[Giao hàng thường xuyên trong 5 tháng]
・ Hitomebore specialty rice (5kg x 1 bag, 2kg x 1 bag) for 3 months
・ Sasanishiki specialty rice (5kg x 1 bag, 2kg x 1 bag) for 2 months

4.[Thành phố Kurihara]Hitomebore first class rice restriction 5kg x 6 months: 50,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture50,000 yen

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Next, I would like to introduce a gift from Kurihara city, Miyagi prefecture, which is a limited 6-month recurring flight for first class rice “Hitomebore” from Kurihara, Miyagi Prefecture.
Hitomebore, a well-balanced honor student rice variety, is a type of rice that has a mild flavor rather than a strong and strong flavor, while preserving the flavor and texture of Koshihikari. You can enjoy a fresh look for half a year.


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[Chuyến bay thông thường]total 5kg x 6 times
[Tổng cộng]30kg
* We will deliver 5kg per month for 6 months!

5.[Thành phố Osaki]Narukokyo Clear Stream Rice Hitomebore Wash-free Rice 10kg x 6 times: 120,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture120,000 yen

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The last gift I would like to recommend is waterless rice mixed with rice 10kg x 6 times of spring rice in Narukokyo Hitomebore from Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture.
“Hitomebore” is grown in the crystal clear stream of Narukokyo in the mountainous region of Naruko Onsenkyo, and is polished by the rice reviewer “Rice and Taste Appraiser”. The rice is shiny and has a moderately sticky texture and has a cool taste. It is a beautiful and delicious rice that can be “loved” by its deliciousness.


・ Hitomebore uncoated rice 1 bag 10kg x 6 times

How to eat delicious at first sight

Suitable for all dishes

Rice has a well-balanced ductility, texture, sweetness and elasticity, suitable for any dish.
At hotels, restaurants, and motels where a lot of people go, we often give a glimpse.
Since it can be used for omnipotence, it fits comfortably in any dish.

It is the rice that makes two people feel the best, eating together without disturbing the side dishes, without playing a supporting role.
Because it is easy to grow and inexpensive, it is also very useful in restaurants and eateries.

Recommended for Japanese

It is said that the rice is soft and smooth so it goes well with Japanese food. It has a moderately sticky consistency that should be eaten with sashimi or grilled fish.
Even though the rice is crushed, the rice grains are still not crushed and keep the shape so the rice is cooked beautifully.

Also, because it’s so smooth and refreshing, it goes well with seasoned foods, and even when it’s cooked together, it won’t stick and will seep into the soup.
When combining grilled ginger, it is both easy and delicious.

How to cook deliciously at first sight

Rice cooking method starts with washing with water.
After adding the rice to the bowl, add water until the rice is completely submerged and rinse the rice by kneading it from below.
After that, the water was poured out, but at this time it should be added to the bowl and poured away to make the water flow more firmly.

Repeat this operation 2-3 times to add water to the specified mark, but leave it on for a while without pressing the cooking switch.
This will make it easier for the rice to heat up and retain its original sweetness.


Did you find this Hitomebore’s introduction helpful?
Enjoy “Hitomebore” by taking advantage of your hometown tax money!

List of tax payments in the home country for “Hitomebore”