”Japan’s 10 best sake sake” compares well-known sake wines across the country

1. 1.[Thị trấn Asahi, tỉnh Yamagata]Local wine “Toyoryu” in Asahi Town

areaContribution amount
Asahi town, Yamagata Prefecture10,000 yen

Asahi-cho, Nishimurayama-gun, Yamagata Prefecture is a town located in the center of Yamagata Prefecture. Located at the eastern foot of Daiasahi Mountain, the main peak of the Asahi National Park, a town with a rich natural environment, with primeval forests such as the Mogami River and national park occupying 73% of the town’s land . The riverside hills along the banks of the Mogami River are fertile lands suitable for growing fruit trees and crops, and special products such as apples are grown.

From the single sake brewery “Suzuki Sake Brewery” in such a town, ghost sake “Toyoryu”. Enjoy a local sake drinkable sake.

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The problem here is the master!

・ Sake is produced in small quantities and is rarely shipped outside of town.
・ The only way to shop is to visit Asahimachi or pay this hometown tax!

2.[Thị trấn Yaomotsu, tỉnh Gifu]Junmai Ginjo / Junmai special “Hanazakari”

areaContribution amount
Yaotsu Town, Gifu Prefecture10,000 yen

Yaotsu-cho, Kamo-gun, Gifu Prefecture was located in the middle Kiso River, and prospered as a Minato-cho where various supplies came and went from the Edo period to the Taisho period. The beautiful view of Sanshi Suimei is designated Hida Kisogawa National Monument and is visited by a lot of tourists. Japanese sake is made from the history of Yaotsu Town and high-quality groundwater is the town’s specialty.

“Hanazakari” is a Japanese sake with a round and soft flavor. Junmai Ginjo Hanazaki and Special Junmai Hanazaki 720ml each, one bottle will be delivered. Whether you like Junmai Ginjo or Junmai in particular, why don’t you compare drinks at the moment?

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The problem here is the master!

・ A delicious sake made from high quality low-flowing water.
・ Enjoy pure sake made from rice and koji rice only.
・ Try to find out your favorite wine from two sake wines.

3. 3.[Thành phố Shin-Hatsuda, tỉnh Niigata]The New-Hatsuda brewery’s beverage comparison set

areaContribution amount
Niigata City, Niigata Province14,000 yen

Introducing a set of great value products where you can compare and drink sake recommended by four breweries in Shin-Hatsuda city, Niigata prefecture. We have everything from rich to dry to clean and dry.
Funaguchi Kikusui Ichiban Shibori is a rich person with a smooth throat. It has a fresh fruity aroma and a rich, firm flavor. Twitter Village is a wine brewed with the song of a small bird at dawn, and has a mellow taste and a slight flavor. Ao Label is a wine carefully aged and brewed from rice sake “Gohyakumangoku” produced in Shin-Hita city.

“Yume Junmai Sake” is a genuine Junmai wine made with rice and water only. This is a refreshing, dry and refreshing wine for weight loss especially for regular Junmai. If you are unfamiliar with Japanese sake, why not try to find your favorite flavor?

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The problem here is the master!

・ You can enjoy 4 types of Japanese sake from Niigata.
・ You can enjoy sake in a variety of flavors, from a rich flavor to a refreshing dry taste.

4.[Hokkaido Enbetsucho]Japanese northernmost sticky rice “Junmaishu Kita Fubuki”

areaContribution amount
Enbetsu Town, Hokkaido17,000 yen

1.8 “Junmai Sake Kita Fubuki” made from “Hakucho Mochi”, a type of sticky rice from Enbetsu-cho, a natural-rich town where forests and seas coexist comfortably since ancient times, overlooking the deep sea and Hidemine Rishiri Fuji. Introduce L, 720ml and 300ml. Enjoy 100% glutinous rice wine using only sticky rice produced in Tobetsu, where the climate is cool.

It is clean and dry, and should be taken cold.
You can enjoy sake depending on the purpose and capacity of family gathering, family reunions, unexpected guests, and one person drinking.

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The problem here is the master!

・ You can enjoy it depending on the number of people and drinking scene.
・ Because the ingredients are high and difficult to prepare, only brew with sticky rice, which has been avoided making sake! !!
・ Characterized by a mild aroma and a refreshing taste even when biting

5.[Thành phố Kuji, tỉnh Iwate]Fukurai’s drink comparison kit with liqueur

areaContribution amount
Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture34,000 yen

From Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture, we will present a set of 6 bottles of Daiginjo and Junmai Daiginjo, Junmai Genshu, Special Junmaishu, Special Honjo and Yamabudoshu (liqueur).
It is a wine called “Fukurai” so that “fortune” can “come” to both the drinker, the seller and the bartender. It is also a good gift as a gift, in the sense that “fortune” will “come” to the giver.

Compare five different production methods, Daiginjo, Junmai Daiginjo, Junmai Genshu, Special Junmaishu and Special Honjo, to see which production method you prefer.
You should also enjoy Japanese sake with food. There’s also mountain grape wine, so if you have a large number of people, it’s a set that you can enjoy even if you’re not good at Japanese wine.

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The problem here is the master!

・ You can enjoy 5 kinds of production methods: Daiginjo, Junmai Daiginjo, Junmai Genshu, special Junmaishu and special Honjo.
・ Recommended for those who want to compare drinks
・ As a lucky charm, it is also recommended as a gift

6.[Thành phố Ohanazawa, tỉnh Yamagata]Junmai Daiginjo Sake “Rakushu Rakusui”

areaContribution amount
Ohanazawa City, Yamagata Prefecture16,000 yen

In the cold regions of Tohoku, where the first snow of the season is in, Yamada Nishiki, who was said to be unable to cultivate, tried many attempts and mistakes, and after five years, it finally succeeded. Introduction of Junmai Daiginjo “Rakushu Rakusui”, using 100% Yamada Nishiki from Obanazawa cultivated through trial and error.

As a result of years of trial and error, the IWC (International Wine Challenge) 2018 “SAKE Category” sponsored by William Reed Business Media, UK, won a bronze medal at Junmai Daiginjo.

It is a kind of sake with a good aftertaste, precious aroma and refreshing taste.
Enjoy Junmai Daiginjo made from Yamada Nishiki from Obanazawa when your wishes come true when your work for many years is successful, like a sake making story.

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The problem here is the master!

-Using 100% Yamada Nishiki from Obanazawa, tested and repaired for over 5 years.
・ Sake is produced as a result of trial and error
・ Japanese sake with a great aftertaste

7.[Thành phố Mina, tỉnh Yamaguchi]Omine Junmai Daiginjo “OHminE JunmAi DAiGinJo”

areaContribution amount
Mining city, Yamaguchi prefecture30,000 yen

Introduction of sake made with Yamada Nishiki from Yamaguchi prefecture and “Bentenike no Mizu”, one of the 100 best waters in Japan.
“OH minE JunmAi DAiGinJo” completes the entire brewing process by hand by craftsmen. The flavor is characterized by a mellow aroma and sweetness like a peach.
A pure white ceramic bottle is also recommended as a gift.

Recommended for those who want to drink fashionable Japanese sake and those who want a sweet drink.

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The problem here is the master!

・ Hand-made sake completes the entire brewing process
・ Recommended for women with a mellow and sweet scent like white peach
・ The white ceramic package is also a great gift.

8.[Thành phố Miki, tỉnh Hyogo]Bottle celebrates the birthday of Our Lady of Sake

areaContribution amount
Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture 30,000 yen

Introduction Junmai Daiginjo Sake is produced at a sake brewery in Miki City, using rice to make sake from Miki, Hyogo Prefecture.
Williamco’s special design with sparkling Swarovski (R) crystals is loved by celebrities and royals around the world to commemorate the birth of the “Sake Market” in 2017 (October 1: Japanese Sake Day) and 80th anniversary “Yamada Nishiki” It is a bottle. How about a wine that celebrates your birthdays to celebrate the change from “Heisei” to “Reiwa”?

This is the glass I would like to drink on a special anniversary.

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The problem here is the master!

・ Swarovski (R) ・ Stylishly designed bottle using crystal
・ Special memory!

9.[Thành phố Oshiro, tỉnh Saga]Phantom Sake Tenzan Junmai Daiginjo Aiyama 34

areaContribution amount
Koshiro City, Saga Prefecture 30,000 yen

Introducing the best sake from the Tianshan Sake Brewery, which won the 2017 French Best Presidential Award “Kura Master Contest” and the Emerald “National Sake Appraisal of Japan” .
Junmai Daiginjo made by polishing the sake rice “Aiyama” to 34% has an elegant and full flavor, and the smooth throat tastes like high quality wine.
A limited quantity of sake will be delivered, which is not normally distributed, as a gift of thanks for paying hometown tax, in a wine box. This is your chance to drink as much high quality Japanese sake as you like.
Enjoy a luxurious Japanese sake.

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The problem here is the master!

・ Delivered in limited quantity in a box of paulownia as a thank you gift for home tax.
・ Is a sake wine that tastes like wine.

ten.[Thành phố Nagaoka, tỉnh Niigata]Tsugu (TSUGU) Junmai Daiginjo

areaContribution amount
Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture150,000 yen

Asahi Sake Brewery, best known for Kubota, presents 36 bottles of the finest Junmai Daiginjo Sake, made from raw rice, focusing on all production processes such as rice polishing methods and preparations.
The name of this sake has the meaning of “inheriting this moment” with the desire that every moment that Asahi Sake Brewery connects will become an eternal moment that unites you and your loved one.

It is good to send a “successor” with the thought that the relationship with your loved one will continue forever, or as a special day will last forever by drinking together as proof of love. you and your precious affection. What do you think.

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The problem here is the master!

・ Delivery is limited to 36 pieces.
・ Asahi Sake Brewery, famous for Kubota, is the finest Junmai Daiginjo Sake, especially in terms of the whole process.
・ A gem you want to drink on your important anniversary


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