Latest Recommended List of Gunma Prefectural Brand Beef “Kamishu Beef”

“Kamishu beef”

Joshu beef is raised in the rich nature of Gunma Prefecture and has been known for its rich flavor since ancient times.
By meeting high hygiene standards, it is exported to the United States and has gained popularity.

Did you know that you can enjoy Joshu beef at a great price by paying taxes back home?
The donation amount is relatively easy to use, starting at 10,000 yen, and can be said to be perfect for luxury items in everyday life.

What is Joshu Beef in Gunma Province?

Gunma prefecture is blessed with the water of the Tone River system, and is surrounded by three mountains Kamige (Mount Akagi, Mount Haruna and Mount Myogi), and is an area where livestock husbandry is thriving. .
Beef cattle raised in the favorable natural environment at the foot of the mountain have long been known as flavored beef and known as “Kamishu beef”.
In which, “Kamishu beef (hybrid)” is a breed born by crossing excellent quality Japanese beef with dairy cows. Not only does it have the tough, tough qualities that result from raindrops, but the excellent fattening technique also harmonizes the taste of lean meat and the flavor of fat.

5 local governments rewarded with “Kamishu beef”

You can also purchase “Kamishu beef” by paying your hometown tax.
Why don’t you use your hometown tax money to eat “Kamishu”, which is fed by the plentiful water of the Tone River system? Here are 5 recommended local governments! !!

first.[Thị trấn Tamamura]Joshu beef rib eye 750g: Sukiyaki: 20,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Tamamura Town, Gunma Province 20,000 yen

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This is a tender meat with a characteristic sweet and fatty taste only found in Joshu beef.
For “Kamishu beef”, enjoy the unified branding of Joshu brand beef with sukiyaki.


・ 750g: For sukiyaki

2.[Thành phố Anchu]Joshu beef fin steak 150g x 3 plates: 20,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Anchu City, Gunma Province20,000 yen

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Gunma prefecture is a thriving area for livestock farming, surrounded by the abundant water resources of the Tone river system and three Kamige mountains (Mount Akagi, Mount Haruna, Mount Myogi). The Gunma beef cattle raised in this wonderful environment have long been known as the delicious beef.
In Gunma prefecture, where dairy farming is thriving, breeds of high quality Japanese and hybrid dairy cows are produced. In addition to the healthy, robust qualities of the hybrid, you can enjoy the fatty flavors and flavors of lean meat, harmoniously combined with exceptional fattening and feeding technology.


・ Beef fin steak 150g x 3 (total 450g)
Origin: Gunma Prefecture

3.[Thị trấn Tamamura]Joshu Wagyu Sirloin 600g: For steak (3 plates): 30,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Tamamura Town, Gunma Prefecture30,000 yen

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Joshu Wagyu Sirloin 600g: Introduction to the steak (3 sheets).
“Kamishu Wagyu” has a good balance of lean meat and fat, and enjoy delicious meat with a thick steak.


・ 600g: For steak (3 sheets)

4.[Thành phố Tomioka]Joshu Wagyu Shiogama-yaki grilled beef: 40,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture 40,000 yen

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That is introducing Joshu Japanese grilled beef with salt and chili. Shiogama-yaki only hardens with the white color of fertilized flat eggs, and can be broken just enough with your hands. Salt is extracted from deep sea water and is rich in minerals due to the addition of German rock salt.


・ Grilled beef using Japanese Joshu beef thigh
Finishing Shiogama-yaki 450g

5.[Thị trấn Yoshioka]Catalose / Joshu beef tenderloin for sukiyaki Total 2.4kg: 100,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Yoshioka Town, Gunma Prefecture100,000 yen

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Yoshioka town is located almost in the center of the prefecture. In this town, a total of 2.4 kilograms of high-volume Joshu beef is awarded.
A set of “catalose” and “loin” allow you to fully enjoy the flavor of the lean meat. This is an ideal slice of sukiyaki where you can enjoy the taste of the meat of carefully selected portions.


・ Joshu beef Catalose for Gunma prefecture’s sukiyaki 600g x 2
・ Give Joshu beef tenderloin sukiyaki from Gunma prefecture 600g x 2


Did you find this introduction to Joshu beef helpful?
Let’s enjoy the “Kamishu beef” by taking advantage of your hometown tax payment!

Tax payment list in the hometown of “Kamishu beef”