What is the recommended way to eat the “Maesawa” beef of Iwate Prefecture?

Features of Maesawa beef

Maesawa beef is the representative of Iwate prefecture and is famous for its delicious taste that can be consumed nationwide.
If you open the Iwate prefecture’s guidebook, you will find all the fine restaurants about Maesawa beef for lunch and dinner.

It’s often featured on TV, and its popularity has grown nationwide and enjoyed locally for a long time.
Let’s make Maesawa beef better by knowing why it is so popular and so delicious, what its features are, how it is cooked and the ingredients that come with it.

Maesawa beef production area

As the name suggests, Maesawa beef is a branded beef raised in the Oshu Maesawa area of ​​Iwate Prefecture.
Rice cultivation is plentiful due to the favorable weather, temperature and soil conditions.
As a result, the number of cattle raised has increased by combining the transport of cattle to efficiently carry out the rice planting.

Cows bred for transport will gradually switch to beef cattle with many improvements.
As well as making improvements, we exchange information at exchange meetings between producers and improve the level of cattle herds throughout the region.

Features of Maesawa beef

There are strict conditions to be certified as Maesawa beef.
First of all, it is the main premise that they will be bred in the Maesawa area, and the last propagation must also be in the Maesawa area.
The producer is also limited, and they need to be bred for at least a year and grow for the longest period of time.

It is regulated that calves are born with Japanese black hair, and it is because of these strict conditions that we continue to protect the Maesawa beef brand.
Through community-based farming, information can be smoothly exchanged between producers and it is the best way for cows to produce high-quality meat with less environmental change and less stress.

Maesawa beef flavor

Because rice cultivation is popular in Iwate Prefecture, fertilizer and grain are plentiful. By using them as fertilizer, it becomes delicious meat.
Meat was bred with cows that were noted for their high quality and moisture, helping to reduce environmental changes and reduce stress as much as possible.
The marble is smooth and smooth when you put it in your mouth, melts in the mouth very soft so you don’t need to chew.

The fish meat is sweet and juicy, and when grilled, it is also delicious. Greasy but delicate and not too heavy, when swallowed, it will become mellow and have a refreshing aftertaste.
Anyway, the characteristic is that the meat is tender and tastes as good as swallowed.

5 local governments reward Maesawa beef

You can also purchase “Maesawa beef” by paying your hometown tax.
Here are 5 recommended local governments! !!

first.[Yawachi]100% Maesawa beef / salt hamburger 140g x 6 pieces: 17,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Yabuki Town, Iwate Prefecture17,000 yen

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The highest peak of Iwate’s proud beef brand, Kuroge Wagyu. “Goku Shio Hamburg” uses 100% Maesawa beef Enjoy the exquisite collaboration with the taste of high quality Maesawa beef and attention to salt, spices and vegetables from the Alps.
From the day before serving, refrigerate and thaw slowly. Spread a little oil on a pan that is fully heated (no oil needed for a Teflon coated pan) and bake over medium heat for about 2 minutes on each side. Cover with low heat and bake for about 3 minutes. Stick a bamboo stick in the center of the hamburger, when the clear juices run out, you’re done.


Content / place of origin
Kazuki grill iron plate, 100% beef Maesawa salt beef (set 6) 140g x 6 / domestic

2.[Thành phố Oshu]Maesawa beef hamburger 150g x 5 & steak 500g: 35,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture35,000 yen

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A kind of burgers and kebabs using Iwate’s proud Japanese brand Maesawa beef.


・ Maesawa beef hamburger 150g x 5 pcs
・ Maesawa grilled beef 500g

3.[Thành phố Oshu]Maesawa beef Gokuriburo Sukiyaki / Shabushabu 500g: 41,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Yabuki Town, Iwate Prefecture30,000 yen

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Maesawa beef steak 500g is used for sukiyaki and shabushabu.
Maesawa beef, nourished with the endowed nature of the Maesawa region of Oshu city and very popular, is an indisputable delicacy with bright marble meat, melted texture and fusion perfect taste.

Maesawa beef sirloin, also known as turmeric meat has a beautiful vein, eating it can feel the soft fat taste.


・ 500g

4.[Thành phố Oshu]Maesawa beef tenderloin steak 200g x 2 pieces: 39,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture39,000 yen

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Maesawa beef is raised by a lot of love and endowed nature in Maesawa ward, Oshu city.
Bright marble meat, pliable texture and flavor. Maesawa beef is the best-of-breed and there’s no complaint that this treble is perfectly aligned.
The tenderloin is soft, sweet and has a lot of juicy marbles.
Just season with salt and pepper.


Maesawa beef tenderloin: 200g x 2

5.[Thành phố Oshu]Maesawa beef sirloin 1.3kg: 98,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture 98,000 yen

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Please choose 1.3kg Maesawa beef back sirloin for sukiyaki, shabushabu, steak (thickness can be specified), calvi cut, dice cut (dice steak). We invite you to enjoy the delicious Maesawa beef.


・ 1.3kg

How to eat delicious Maesawa beef

Maesawa beef sandwiches are popular

Maesawa beef is produced in Iwate Prefecture. It is very suitable for rice grown in the same land and climate. High quality meat and plump rice grains fuse and melt softly in the mouth.
It has a beautiful and smooth texture like sashimi, so making sushi is one of the popular menus.

It is as smooth as tuna but its thick and greasy, the sweet, fatty characteristic of Maesawa beef.
The feature is that you can simply enjoy delicious rice and soy sauce.
Since I don’t have a chance to eat or drink, the shops have a handful of locals and tourists always lining up.

Recommend any cooking method for good taste

A simple recipe that stands out when eating good quality meat.
It is also recommended for those who want to experience Maesawa beef for the first time as you can eat the meat like a steak.

Since it’s fine and has less streaks, you can enjoy ingredients with less spice for steak, shabu shabu and roast beef.
Despite its delicious taste, it doesn’t mix with other ingredients, it goes well with any ingredient, and can cook a wide variety of Japanese and Western dishes, making it easy to cook at home.

How to enjoy Maesawa beef?

For example, the neck is difficult to handle when cooking meat, but for Maesawa beef, you should eat it like a cabbage roll.
It is difficult to cook because it is hard and pale, but it is very suitable for stews, not crushed, leaving behind the flavor that does not let out.

When you pull the cabbage, the gravy comes out and you drink the last remaining broth.
Maesawa beef extract dissolves in soups, and you should simplify the ingredients and spices so you can feel the depth.


Did you find this introduction to Maesawa beef helpful?
Let’s enjoy the “Maesawa beef” by taking advantage of your hometown tax payment!

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