Luxurious strawberry, Amaou! 8 options proposed for 2020

Strawberry luxury brand of Fukuoka Prefecture “Amaou”


“Amaou”, known as a premium strawberry for its size, freshness and deliciousness, was registered as a strawberry variety in 2005.
The fact that it is only made in Fukuoka prefecture also gives a sense of premium. The name “Amaou” was given by a public recruitment in the province. It is a combination of the acronyms “red”, “round”, “big” and “delicious”, and it also means “to become the king of sweet strawberries”.

how to eat

Strawberry smoothies are easy to dissolve in water, so before taking out, wash and wipe thoroughly before taking out.
It is best to eat a rich flavored “Amaou” without adding anything. The bright red flesh becomes a very beautiful crimson color when jammed.
It is moderately acidic, making it great for pastries and smoothies. Alternatively, if you crush it and let it freeze, you can use it for strawberry milk or yogurt.

Storage method

Not just limited to “Amaou”, strawberries are a fruit with a lot of water, so the water and vitamins are lost over time. It stays for a few days in the refrigerator vegetable drawer, but it’s best to eat it that day.
If you cannot eat, rinse with water, drain, remove fiber shavings, put in a sealed box like Ziplock, put in the freezer. Sprinkle with sugar makes it difficult for strawberries to stick together. If it is frozen, it can eat well in about a month.

Introducing 10 local governments in Fukuoka Prefecture

“Amaou” has become popular as you can easily enjoy it with paying taxes in your hometown. This time, I have selected 10 places to receive “Amaou” related gifts that you can get from paying taxes in your hometown of Fukuoka Prefecture with recommendation from the local government.
Not only “Amaou” but also a wide variety of ice creams, candies, jams and soft drinks.
Take this opportunity to enjoy “Amaou” in Fukuoka Prefecture with tax payment in your home country.
As of June 2020, raw Amaou cannot be purchased as the season is over. Please wait for the next update.

1. “Amaou” in Kasuga City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Product’s nameContribution amount
Strawberry Amaou frozen 2kg15,000 yen
The rich “King of Strawberries Amaou Strawberry” ice cream made by Fruit Sommelier14,000 yen

≪From the local government≫
Kasuga City, located in the north of Kyushu and the central part of the Fukuoka metropolitan area, is a city of water and lush greenery with two large parks and many ponds within the city.
In addition, it is a residential city that has a history of excavating many Yayoi ruins, centered on the Suku Okamoto Historical Site designated by the country.
In the future, we will continue to promote initiatives for “community schools” where schools, families and communities, highly recognized across the country, work together to raise children. you and create a cooperative town where people and government support each other. ..

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2. “Amaou” in Sozo City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Product’s nameContribution amount
“Hakata Amaou” frozen 1.6kg9,000 yen
Munakata regular flights Seasonal fruit (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 4 times a year) 55,000 yen

≪From the local government≫
[Munezo, một thị trấn nơi thiên nhiên phong phú và lịch sử cùng tồn tại]
Motoichi is located between Kitakyushu City and Fukuoka City, surrounded by mountains and there are four remote islands in Genkai Nada.
Agriculture and fisheries are thriving due to the rich natural environment, and many marine products are exploited, especially from Genkai Nada.
In addition, from the 4th to the 9th centuries, there is a history of active interaction with the continent and ritual praying for safety of the trip. It has been registered as World Cultural Heritage.

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3. “Amaou” in Onojo City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Product’s nameContribution amount
Frozen amaou from Fukuoka Prefecture (500g x 4 bags)13,000 yen

≪From the local government≫
Onojo City is a lush town with a long history and rich nature, named after “Onojo”, the oldest mountain castle in Japan built in AD 665.
This gift was a glass of quickly frozen Amaou from Fukuoka prefecture while it was fresh. Since it has no additives and no sugar, you can enjoy the original sweetness and aroma of strawberries.

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4. “Amaou” in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Product’s nameContribution amount
“Frozen dark” 1600g (200g x 8 bags) 27,500 yen
Takeshita-san Chi no Amaou Gelato Value 2L25,000 yen

≪From the local government≫
Be Amaou King among the strawberries! Among them, a large strawberry made from the first flower appeared.
It was a strawberry as big as a king. With a big mouth! Not to mention the taste is delicious.

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5. “Amaou” in Shingu Town, Fukuoka Prefecture

Product’s nameContribution amount
Amaou Premium (with a box of paulownia)25,000 yen
Frozen amaou (strawberries) about 1.8 kg10,000 yen
Big value! Regularly seasonal flights Fukuoka / Hakata (5 flights / year)50,000 yen

≪From the local government≫
“Umakamon” fosters marine, island, mountain and creator skills
If you drive north on Line 3 from Fukuoka City, you will reach Shingu Town soon.
While many companies and businesses line up and bustle passersby, it is blessed with nature just like Mt. We will deliver “Umakamon” of seas, islands and mountains where wonderful nature and the love and skills of nature are nurtured.

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6. “Amaou” in Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Product’s nameContribution amount
Frozen amaou (strawberry) about 1.8 kg10,000 yen
Kogashi Claim Brulee (Amaou)26,000 yen

≪From the local government≫
Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture, is close to Kyushu’s largest city, Fukuoka city, and is blessed by nature surrounded by lush mountains and seas with a beautiful coastline.
In the city, you can spend time relaxing with the park, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature, as well as spots where you can enjoy seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms, autumn leaves and flowering balconies.
In addition, we pride ourselves on a wide variety of “foods” such as the direct sales office at the factories of the companies in the city, the direct sales office where the local produce is gathered, and the field cuisine. Torisuki (chicken sukiyaki).

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7. “Amaou” in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Product’s nameContribution amount
Newly picked! Frozen Amaou (2kg !!)10,000 yen

≪From the local government≫
Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture is located in the south of Fukuoka prefecture. This gift will be “Amaou” in limited quantities, a strawberry carefully grown in Kurume City, especially in soil. This is an amazing strawberry that is sweeter than usual and has a moderate acidity.

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8. “Amaou” in Kurate Town, Fukuoka Prefecture

Product’s nameContribution amount
Ichigo Kurate10,000 yen

≪From the local government≫
Kurate-cho is a town in the north of Fukuoka prefecture, located between the cities of Fukuoka and Kitakyushu. It is a sweet and fresh “Amaou” grown in Kurate-cho, where there is plenty of nature.

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