Miyazaki is not the only sweet mango! 5 gifts

Apple Mango ranked No. 1 in domestic production

The Irwin variety, also known as “Mango Apple”, is the number one variety produced in Japan because it has a red skin like an apple.
The pulp is orange in color, has a deep sweet taste, is characterized by a rich taste including moderate acidity, plenty of juice, and less fiber so you can enjoy it smoothly. It is truly a delicate natural dessert.

It is said that mango is weird, but it can be said that this Irwin mango has little habit and easy to eat, this is also a major reason leading to number one output.
In recent years, mangoes in mid-winter have been shipped to Hokkaido and mangos, the staple fruit of summer, can now be eaten with kotatsu.

Mango Attraction! 5 recommended gifts

Recommend that you get the charming package gifts of “Mango” when paying your homeland tax.
Introducing 5 carefully selected local governments! !!

first.[Yoroncho, tỉnh Kagoshima]Amami Islands premium mango “Sun King Mango”: 16,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Yoron Town, Kagoshima Prefecture16,000 yen

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The first one I would recommend is Amami Islands Premium Mango “Taiyo Ou Mango”, a gift from Yoron Town, Kagoshima Prefecture.
The sun king (Tidaou) was raised in the sun completely free of moisture. Enjoy the premium mango of Amami Islands “Sun King Mango”.

Overview / Messages

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・ Ripe mango sauce 2 capsules (large ball) Approximately 1 kg (2 balls) / Made in Shijuku city, Kagoshima Prefecture
This type of mango has won many major awards and many semi-annual awards in Shijuku, where the grand mango award is held in the province.

2.[Thành phố Tosa Shimizu, tỉnh Kochi]Rigucho Keets Mango: 20,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Tosa Shimizu City, Kochi Prefecture20,000 yen

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Next, I would like to introduce a gift from Tosa Shimizu city, Kochi prefecture, a ripe mango.
“Rigucho” in “Rigucho Keets Mango” is a dialect that means we are special about it. To maximize the deliciousness of each ball, we carefully select each ball at each stage until harvest, and carefully plant them leaving only the tastier ones.
Enjoy the sweet and rich aroma of “Keets Mango”, also known as “ma mango” because of its low yield.

Overview / Messages

・ Total quantity (about 1 kg) 2-4

3.[Thị trấn Shintomi, tỉnh Miyazaki]2 sun eggs Most premium ripe mango Big ball Size: 32,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Shintomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture32,000 yen

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Next, I would like to introduce the highest quality ripe mango, the size of a big ball in a cosmetic box of 2 sun eggs from Miyazaki prefecture.
Among Miyazaki’s ripe mangoes, ripe mangoes that have passed the sugar content standard of 15 degrees or more are of the highest quality. Please enjoy the appropriate gem to be the king of fruits.

Overview / Messages

・ Large ball size (3L) 2 balls

4.[Urausu-cho, Hokkaido]Mango Kamiuchi specials 350g or more 2 capsules: 50,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Urasu town, Hokkaido50,000 yen

Finally, there are 2 or more 350g capsules of Kamiuchi Mango Specials in Urasu-cho, Hokkaido.
High quality sweet mango with average sugar level of 15.5 degrees or more. Enjoy the highest-rated dish with its amazing appearance and sugar content among the Kamiuchi mangoes.

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5.[Thành phố Itoman, tỉnh Okinawa]Ripe Okinawa Itoman Mango About 2 kg: 31,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture31,000 yen

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The next gift is about 2kg of ripe mango from Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture.
By anyway! Make a great time with your family, friends and loved ones with our ripe mango.

Overview / Messages

・ Ripe mango about 2kg (5-7 balls)


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