Full of gravy and delicious! Best5 ham and sausage

1. 1. Ise Shima Pearl Pork Sausage 10,000 yen (Shima city, Mie province)

areaContribution amount
Shima City, Mie Province10,000 yen

“Ise Shima Pearl Pork Arabiki Wiener” is certified as “Shima Brand” by Shima City, Mie Prefecture. Ise Shima Pearl Pork is an original pig produced in-house by crossing three breeds of pigs with an emphasis on meat quality. It is named “Pearl Pork” because it is raised by adding the dough of Akoya clams (pearl clams) to food.

When the sausage is heated, the skin is crispy and the gravy comes out. You can also bake or boil it and use it for cooking.

The gift is a set of 120 grams of Ise Shima Pearl Pork Arabiki Wiener and 120 grams of Ise Shima Pearl Pork Arabiki Wiener with Aosa. It will be shipped in cold state about 2 weeks after payment is confirmed. The expiration date is 20 days from the date of shipment. It also supports gift packaging and distribution with stickers, making it ideal as a gift.

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2. Hokkaido Ishikari Burger FC 15,000 yen (Ishikari City, Hokkaido)

areaContribution amount
Ishikari City, Hokkaido15,000 yen

Ishikari City, Hokkaido is adjacent to the northern part of Sapporo city and has an environment blessed with views of Ishikari Bay. It is also one of the warmest cities in Hokkaido and has many seasonal changes.

“Hokkaido Ishikari Burger FC Original Hamburger” is a beef hamburger made at Hokkaido’s HACCP certified factory in Ishikari city, Hokkaido. It is done with special attention to ingredients produced in Hokkaido, and is registered as “Dosan Food” by the Hokkaido Government.

Because the surface of the hamburger had tiny holes all over it, it was designed so that a fire could burn out intensely in a short period of time. It is soft enough to eat with chopsticks and is recommended for a variety of age groups from children to the elderly. Do not use chemical seasoning or preservatives.

Eight 150g hamburgers are included in each package and sent frozen, so you can defrost and eat as much as you want. Applications can be carried out year round and shipping is also possible with a sticker.

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3. 3. Japanese grilled beef and grilled black pork & pork tenderloin 20,000 yen (Tarumizu City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

areaContribution amount
Tarumizu City, Kagoshima Prefecture20,000 yen

A set of 200 grams of roast beef made from Japanese black beef from Kagoshima prefecture (with 2 bags of sauce), 250 grams of charcoal grilled black pork from Kagoshima prefecture and 200 grams of black pork ribs from Kagoshima prefecture.

Grilled beef is made by carefully baking A4 grade Japanese black beef from Kagoshima prefecture for a delicious, luxurious taste. When you put the tender lean meat in your mouth, the delicious fat melts and you can enjoy the unique flavor.

Grilled pork is seasoned by steeping carefully selected black pork in a separate sauce. Charcoal-grilled pork meat is carefully grilled with fragrant oak charcoal and delicious. The sirloin is salted to preserve the deliciousness of the loin, and the raw fat blends into the lean meat to create a unique richness and aroma.

You can apply for it year round and it will be delivered frozen. The expiration date is 90 days from the date of handling in the frozen state.

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4. Nannu Sausage & Pork Gift Set 20,000 yen (Oyomi Village, Okinawa Prefecture)

areaContribution amount
Oyomi Village, Okinawa Prefecture20,000 yen

“Painubuta” is grown by eating food mixed with bran (animal feed) and carefully made pressed pineapple residue on the farm of “Yaeyama Farm” on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture. Focus on making good meat with time and effort rather than productivity to make pork healthy and tasty.

“Nannu Sausage and Pork Gift Set” is made with Nannu pork. Set of 140 grams of raw sausages, 140 grams of ground silk sausages, 350 grams of pastorami blocks and 250 grams of bacon.

There are two types of sausages, the raw sausage type, which allows you to enjoy the firm texture of the meat and silk sausage, characterized by moisture and smoothness. Pastorami blocks use high quality meat and proper seasoning. You can enjoy the smoked aroma and the flavor that flows out as you chew.

The bacon is handcrafted by choosing the persimmon meat of Nannu pork, salted and cooked so you can enjoy the sweet and rich taste of the meat itself. You can apply for the whole year and it will be delivered frozen.

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5. Tonden Farms of all kinds 26,000 yen (Iitate Village, Fukushima Prefecture)

areaContribution amount
Iitate Village, Fukushima Prefecture26,000 yen

Iikan village in Fukushima prefecture is endowed with rich nature such as the plateau in the north of the Abukuma mountain range, about 75% of the village’s area is forest, with the Mano River in the north, the Nitta River and the Iihi River in the middle. center, and the river Hiso to the south. Arable land was opened.

“Tonden Farm Assortment” is 180 grams of bone sausage x 3, 80 grams of charcoal grilled bacon (sliced), 100 grams of arabiki wiener (5), 150 g of arabiki rib x 3, 110 g of krakou x 4, a variety Set of 200 grams of charcoal grilled pork (loin loin) and 500 grams of tenderloin.

Smoked with chips mostly made of birch, it has a fragrant finish. “Tonden Farm” attaches great importance to the flavor of ingredients, regardless of the machine, taking care to create each dish with love, so the flavor of ingredients is concentrated in each sausage and ham. The gift will be delivered to the refrigerator.

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Processed products have a long shelf life and have the advantage of being usable in a variety of dishes. Either way, enjoy burgers and ham from all over the country that you normally wouldn’t be able to eat when paying taxes back home.

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