5 kinds of delicious beef brand “Saga beef” proposed from Saga Prefecture

Features of Saga Beef

Many people will want to eat delicious beef at least once.
High quality Saga beef has met the strict requirements for Japanese black beef raised in Saga Prefecture.
So you can enjoy an elegant taste with a good balance of lean and fat.

If you want a taste of quality, you can get the original taste of Saga beef by making a steak.
If you want to feel juicy, a hamburger is also recommended. You can enjoy Saga beef even more by eating it in a way that suits you.

Saga beef production area

Saga beef, a black Japanese beef, is produced in Saga Prefecture. There is Mount Taradake in the southwest, and you can see Mt.
The wild grasses are also plentiful and have plenty of high quality water such as Ryumon’s Shimizu and the Shimizu River, so it is a comfortable environment for Saga beef.

By growing in such an excellent environment, good quality meat can be produced.
However, not all Japanese black beef raised in Saga Prefecture is adopted. Only selected Japanese black beef from Saga prefecture can be named Saga beef.

Features of Saga beef

Those approved by the meat rating may be called Saga beef. What is important in the assessment is what is called the meat quality grade.
This is divided into four factors: color and quality of fat, color of meat, firmness and fat sugar.

In Saga beef, the grades are 5 and 4, and only those recognized as 7 or more out of the 12 stages of the ice process are called crossbreeding. This standard is ranked high by many branded cows across the country.
It is managed by professionals with rich knowledge and cutting-edge technology, and is carefully upgraded in various things such as health management and feeding methods.

Taste of Saga beef

Saga beef is a domestic black Japanese beef that has passed strict standards and is ranked the highest. Therefore, it can be said that it has a high flavor.
Lean meat is very soft, fat and smooth. The outstanding feature is the beautiful and well proportioned camber.

This marble is also known as gloss. The fat is not chewy and can taste sweet so it’s easy to eat. One of the attractions is that it has a rich consistency and a very rich flavor.
You should feel a melting sensation when you put it in your mouth. Growing up in a place rich in nature gives it a higher quality taste.

5 local authorities returned Saga beef

You can also get “Saga beef” by paying your hometown tax.
Here are 5 recommended local governments! !!

first.[Thành phố Karatsu]12 very old hamburgers 1.8 kg: 10,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture10,000 yen

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We offer a luxurious hamburger using Saga beef with Dawn and 1.8kg (150g x 12)!

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・ Saga beef hamburger 1,8kg (150g x 12 pieces) / Saga prefecture

2.[Thành phố Kanzaki]Tenderloin 500g and set of 500g Momoros: 60,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Kanzaki City, Saga Prefecture60,000 yen

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It is the loin and peach slices of “Saga beef”, a Japanese black beef from Saga, one of the top famous brands in Japan. Smoothness and softness. Enjoy with sukiyaki and shabushabu.

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・ Japanese beef rib eye Saga 500g
・ Japanese beef sizzle saga 500g

3.[Thị trấn Shiraishi]For Saga beef sirloin steak 200g x 5 plates: 87,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Shiraishi Town, Saga Prefecture
* Some gifts are under 30,000 yen.
87,000 yen

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This gift is a set of 5 pieces “Saga beef” cut 200g used for steak. JA, which also has a store in Tokyo Ginza, will receive delicious authentic Saga beef from its directly-managed store.

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・ 200g x 5 for Saga beef back sirloin steak

4.[Thành phố Saga]Rare portion Saga beef fin steak 180g x 4 plates: 100,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Saga City, Saga Prefecture100,000 yen

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Of course, cutting frozen meat will be easier, but raw meat is cut with and then frozen. By doing so, the dripping point at thawing is reduced and the flavor is not missed.
It is the commitment of the long-time butcher to bring delicious cuts of meat to customers. In addition, we will provide each type in a vacuum package so you can easily use as much as you eat.
You are invited to enjoy the premium Saga beef that has taken a lot of effort.

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・ Saga beefsteak steak 180g x 4

5.[Genkai-cho]Saga beef tenderloin and fillet carefully selected About 1.2 kg x 12 regular trips: 1,700,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Genkai Town, Saga Prefecture
* Some gifts are under 30,000 yen.
1,700,000 yen

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We deliver the best meat every month from Listedei! !!
It’s a dream regular flight where you can enjoy rare steak fillets and tenderloin for a total of 12 deliveries per month.
How about a celebration or monthly reward?

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Content: 1 time
・ A fillet steak approx 180g x 3
・ Tenderloin steak approx.200g x 3 (total 12 times)

How to eat delicious Saga beef

We recommend a steak where you can clearly feel the quality

If you want to experience the high quality of Saga beef, you should use steak.
You can feel the right texture even when it’s soft. When making a steak, first lightly grill the surface and cover with a coat.

Should bake on high heat for about 20 seconds. This will prevent the gravy from leaking out.
When the cake turns brown, cook slowly so it can cook inside. Try to adjust the time as you like.

The gravy hamburger is also delicious

By turning it into a hamburger, you can keep the high-quality Saga beef broth inside. It is soft and easy to eat, so it is recommended for people of all ages.
The note of baking is that you must first grill the surface firmly and hard on the surface so that the broth does not leak out.

Saga beef also produces a decent amount of fat when grilled, so it’s a good idea to start with a small amount of oil.
After baking, the surface is steamed and cooked slowly so that the surface is golden brown inside.

What is the best way to eat?

The most recommended way to eat is sukiyaki.
The lean portion of Saga beef is soft, the fat is finely textured and the texture is great, so even if you eat sukiyaki, you can eat it deliciously.

Served with vegetables will taste better and richer. I will season it with a subtle cup of sweet and spicy.
For Kanto-style sukiyaki, you should bake the surface a little for the flavor. It will be even more delicious if you put it in the beaten raw egg.


Did you find the introduction to this Saga beef helpful?
Let’s enjoy “Saga beef” by taking advantage of your hometown tax payment!

Tax payment list in the homeland of “Beef Saga”