”Hinohikari” born in Miyazaki prefecture is a bowl!

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Introducing Hinohikari’s features and how to eat well

There are different types of rice. Breeds like Koshihikari and Sasanishiki are very famous, and especially in the case of Koshihikari, many varieties have been bred.
And each has its own characteristics, the shape and smell of rice are also different, so the difference becomes even more pronounced when you compare them.
There are many hybrid species, but among them, Hinohikari has been attracting attention in recent years.
Even if you’ve heard the name Hinohikari, you may not know what kind of rice it really is.
What is Hino Hikari?

Hinohikari production area

Hinohikari is also a hybrid of Koshihikari and crossbred with rice called Koganeharu.
Cultivation started in Miyazaki prefecture, and it was named Hinohikari since this day means Kyushu and wished for the rice to shine.
Since planting in Miyazaki prefecture, the main production areas have been Kansai, Shikoku and Kyushu, and it is also a very popular rice variety in western Japan.

Characteristics of Hino Hikari

First and foremost, Hinohikari has small seeds.
When crossed with Koshihikari, it usually feels firm and elastic, but in the case of Hinohikari, it is quite light and the thickness of the rice makes the eaters feel satisfied.
And even though it has a moderate elasticity, it won’t stick, so even if you add the wrong water, it doesn’t matter much.
However, over time, the water will be removed and the texture will be brittle.
The grain is oval in shape and has a distinctive grain that is easy to see when compared to other rice varieties.

Hinohikari flavor

As for the taste, it’s light as it is also a trait.
Since this is a light night, you can enjoy it with many different things regardless of the food is a good point.
It is light but not unsatisfactory because it has a sweetness that is both firm and delicious, but if you want to pursue deliciousness, it may feel a bit unsatisfactory.
However, since the unique taste of the rice is not too bad, it is comfortable to eat even with sensitive taste and smell, such as when sick.
Also, it doesn’t have a unique sticky consistency when you put it in your mouth, so you can recommend it even if you’re not good at rice.

The five local governments rewarded Hinohikari

The “new Hinohikari” is thus available for pre-order even if you pay your hometown tax.
Here are 5 recommended local governments! !!

first.[Ebi no Ichi]Ebi no Hinohikari Mayuki rice 5kg: 10,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Ebino City, Miyazaki Prefecture10,000 yen

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The first item I would recommend is the Ebi Hinohikari 5kg 2018> Mayuki rice from Ebi city, Miyazaki prefecture.
Mayuki prefecture is a city with a favorable climate and rich nature. The limited edition Hinohikari grown here is “Masakimai”. It’s rice filled with the blessings of nature in Ebi city.

Overview / Messages

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・ Hinohikari from shrimp 5 kg Masaki rice (made in shrimp city, Miyazaki prefecture)
Hinohikari limited edition shrimp “Masakimai” is grown in abundant soil environment, clean water and natural conditions surrounded by climate.[香り・艶・粘り]It’s a delicious rice with all three beats.

2,[Thị trấn Kawanami]Unwashed rice from Miyazaki Hikari prefecture 10kg: 17,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Kawanami Town, Miyazaki Prefecture17,000 yen

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Next, I would like to introduce 10 kg of 2018 rice produced from Kawanami town, Miyazaki prefecture, and unwashed Hikari rice from Miyazaki prefecture.
Hinohikari, bathed in the Miyazaki sunshine, came without washing the rice. The cultivation and quality improvement in Miyazaki prefecture is remarkable, and it is being highly regarded in the taste rankings. Try this Hinohikari once.

Overview / Messages

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・ Hikari rice 5kg x 2 bags (10kg) / Miyazaki prefecture
Hinohikari is an improved breed whose father is Koshihikari. Although the seeds are small but thick and easy to eat, this is a familiar flavor in Kyushu.

3,[Thành phố Nobuoka]Tenkaichi “Kuradashi Rice” 4,5kg x 4 bags: 30,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Nobuoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture30,000 yen

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The following are gifts from Nobuoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Tenkaichi “Kuradashi Rice” 4.5kg x 4 bags.
This Hinohikari is said to only mill grade 1 during the agricultural inspection. Quality is maintained by preserving at low temperatures, reducing freshness so you can enjoy it well.

Overview / Messages

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・ Nobuoka rice “Hinohikari” 4.5kg (ground) x 4 bags
This is a product that is milled using Hinohikari only of the seasonal rice commonly produced in the area managed by Nobuoka City, ranked 1st in the agricultural product test.

4,[Kadokawa-cho]Regular Hinohikari flights from Kadokawa-cho 10kg x 3 months: 42,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Kadokawa Town, Miyazaki Prefecture42,000 yen

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The next gift is 10kg Hinohikari from Kadokawa-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture (regular delivery 3 months).
You can get 10kg of Hinohikari grown in Kadokawa-cho with lots of love by regular flights. The strength of the flavor is just right, so it goes well with any side dish.

Overview / Messages

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・ Hinohikari from Kadokawa Town 5kg x 2 bags delivered continuously for 3 months (total quantity 30kg)

5,[Thị trấn Takanabe]Reiwa First year production Miyazaki Hinohikari (uncoated rice) 20kg Regular flights 3 months: 77,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Takanabe Town, Miyazaki Prefecture77,000 yen

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Finally, I would like to recommend Hinohikari (rice without rice) regular 20kg 3 month flight from Miyazaki prefecture.
Enjoy the Hinohikari carefully selected from Miyazaki prefecture, produced in Reiwa’s first year, for 3 months each month.

Overview / Messages

・ 5kg x 12 bags

How to eat Hino Hikari delicious

Suitable for all side dishes

It’s very refreshing, so you can make the most of your food and it goes well with any side dish.
If you want to enjoy Hinohikari, you should choose a side dish like sliced ​​hydrangeas or pickles.
Furthermore, it can be used to fry rice like fried rice, tomato sauce rice, and paella rice thanks to its non-stick properties.
When it is finished smoothly, you can fully enjoy the texture.
If you use fried rice, you can eat well over time.

Recommended for beef bowl and curry rice

Hinohikari is small but refreshing, so it’s perfect as a side dish to dipping with rice such as beef bowl, curry, parent and baby bowl, and tianjin rice.
Because the grains are firm, it won’t stick even if you add such a large amount of juice, and it has the feature of being able to hold the shape of the rice firmly.
If you want to put it in the lunch box, you should place a side dish over rice like steak and soak in Hinohikari.
It’s a good point that the seeds don’t flatten even when you put it on rice.

How to cook delicious Hino Hikari

Hinohikari is rice in which you can enjoy different textures by adjusting the amount of water.
If you want to feel the rice has a special weight, add a little more water than usual, and if you want lighter, add less water.
The delicious way to cook is to rinse the rice quickly to remove dirt.
Change the water about 3 times, but the rice bran may have settled, so mix it gently before pouring the water.
Soak for 30 minutes in summer and 1 hour in winter will taste better.


Did you find this Hinohikari’s introduction helpful?
Enjoy “Hinohikari” by taking advantage of your hometown tax money!

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