How to eat the best beef “Matsusaka beef” in Mie prefecture?

An introduction to the characteristics of Matsusaka beef

Marbled Japanese beef is a hydrangea flower that melts as soon as you put it in your mouth, and is a perfect premium ingredient for sukiyaki and steak.
What do you think when it comes to high quality beef with a solid vein? Kobe beef is perhaps the best known premium Japanese domestic beef.

Matsusaka beef is a famous Japanese beef that rivals Kobe beef, and is one of the most popular Japanese beef varieties not only in Japan but also overseas.
This time, we will introduce the production area, characteristics and flavor of Matsusaka beef, and suitable cooking methods.

Matsusaka beef production area

Matsusaka beef is produced in 22 cities concentrated in the Chusei region of Mie prefecture.
It is mainly in Matsusaka city, Mie prefecture, but it refers to meat made from cows originally raised in Tajima, in Hyogo Prefecture.

Not all cattle raised in the area are certified as Matsusaka, only for the meat of cows that have never laid black Japanese hair.
The only type of meat distributed under the Matsusaka beef brand name is beef that has been registered in the Matsusaka beef identity management system.

Matsusaka beef features

When raising Matsusaka beef, for high-quality meat, the farmer drinks beer to increase the cow’s appetite so that the fat is firm and distributed evenly throughout the body.
In addition, we will carefully massage each cow to increase appetite and properly disperse the stored fat.

To make high quality Japanese beef, stress for each cow has the negative effect, so we give each cow its own room and keep it to thrive without stress.
With the unique breeding method that has been raised for many years, the finest marbled Japanese beef steaks with fat spread throughout the meat are finished.

Matsusaka beef flavor

The characteristic flavor of Matsusaka beef is sweet, rich and elegant. Since each animal is carefully nurtured, Matsusaka beef is the finest marble with a smooth texture and rich sashimi.
Hence, it is characterized by the smoothness and melt that is characteristic of fine marble cows.

Depending on how greasy the meat is, it is rated A5 or A4, based on the degree of fatness and texture fineness, but the taste of the highest grade A5 Matsusaka beef is It is recognized in the world. .
The meat melts without chewing right into the mouth, a texture that only premium Japanese beef can enjoy, and has been well received by many.

5 local governments reward Matsusaka beef

You can also purchase “Matsusaka beef” by paying your hometown tax.
Here are 5 recommended local governments! !!

first.[Thành phố Matsusaka]Matsusaka beef sukiyaki (peaches, persimmon) 400g: 20,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture20,000 yen

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This is a type of Matsusaka beef raised in Iinan-cho, the birthplace of Matsusaka beef.
With clean water, air, and greenery, we keep one square per square to relieve stress.


Content / place of origin
Matsusaka beef sukiyaki (peach, persimmon) 400g

2.[Thành phố Matsusaka]Beef hamburger & Matsusaka beef croquette with 15 pieces each: 50,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture50,000 yen

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We use Matsusaka beef that has been carefully raised on our own farm.
A set with many popular burgers and a set of minced burgers and minced meat sold directly at the store over 200,000.


・ Hamburg beef Matsusaka 150g x 15 pieces
・ 15 pieces of Matsusaka beef croquette
・ Matsusaka beef cutlet 15 pieces

3.[Thành phố Matsusaka]Matsusaka beef rib eye weight 2kg: 1,000,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture
* Some gifts are under 30,000 yen.
220,000 yen

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Matsusaka grade A5 beefsteak is kept under freezing for 20-40 days to achieve maximum flavor. You can enjoy it not only in the form of a lump, but also as a cut and cut to your choice.
Ribulose is the thick part in the center of beef tenderloin. It is a general term for the part between the scapula and the inner lobe. We invite you to enjoy the old Matsuzaka beef.


・ 2kg Matsusaka beef backloin, grade A5

4.[Thành phố Matsusaka]Matsusaka grilled beef Hand-cooked beef “frost versus lean meat comparison”: 300,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture
* Some gifts are under 30,000 yen.
300,000 yen

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Introduction of handmade grilled beef Matsusaka “Comparison between eating and eating lean meat”.
Fully handcrafted roast beef by a shop specializing in handcrafted pasta sauce.
This is a fully handcrafted roast beef that is grilled at a low temperature in an oven after the surface of Matsusaka beef is incubated with salt and the herbs have been thoroughly roasted. When the meat is grilled over time, the broth is pervasive, the flavor is clearly enhanced, the meat is moist, soft and juicy.
You can enjoy the original taste of Matsusaka beef that will make meat lovers irresistible.


・ Matsusaka beef tenderloin 500g × 2
・ Grilled beef Matsusaka Shinshin 500g × 2
・ Homemade onion sauce 30g x 8
・ Homemade olive oil sauce 30g x 4
・ Homemade cheese mustard sauce 30g x 4
・ Contrno Onion (attached) 2kg
* Three sauces are divided and put in a bag with roast beef.

5.[Thành phố Kuwana]Matsusaka tenderloin steak specialties: 330,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Kuwana City, Mie Province
* Some gifts are under 30,000 yen.
330,000 yen

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Here is an introduction to Matsusaka’s famous back-lobe steak. It has the characteristic mellow aroma of the Matsusaka tenderloin and melts in the mouth. Each 300g steak has excellent dining quality and has an overflowing presence, ideal for a party main dish. Enjoy it on anniversaries.


・ Matsusaka rib eye steak 300g x 5 pieces x 2 boxes (total 10 pieces) in a paulownia

How to eat delicious Matsusaka beef

Steak is simply the royal road

Steak is the most royal way to enjoy the melted texture while enjoying the original taste of Matsusaka beef.
Tenderloin is part of the royal road where you can enjoy the best steak.
You should bake the thick tenderloin slices on an iron plate carefully and eat with moderate baking.

The quality of the meat is high, so you can taste it with salt and pepper, or lightly season with a special sauce or mustard.
If using bacon will only be fat and heavy so you should enjoy it with vegetables.

Luxurious eating with sukiyaki is also delicious

Sukiyaki, a typical hotpot that the Japanese love, is also one of the recommended ways to eat it.
The tender meat, soaked in sukiyaki sauce, is the perfect dish to line up on a special occasion banquet table.
The meat that meets the sukiyaki is usually the tenderloin or the ham.

If you use the tenderloin, it will be a striated meat with firm fat, so if you want to enjoy the meat with a melted texture this is recommended.
The thigh meat is low in fat and somewhat reddish, so you can enjoy its original taste.

The delicious cooking example of Matsusaka beef

Because it is a high quality meat, you want to enjoy the dish that brings the full taste of the original, you must also pay attention to how to cook.
In order to maximize the taste of the meat, it is important to control the heat when cooking the meat.

To cook it well, it needs to be grilled over high heat immediately, but when you start grilling, always pay attention to the degree of baking, turn it at the right time or turn off the heat.
Proper cooking can be difficult at first, so check out the baking method on a video website.


Did you find this introduction to Matsusaka beef helpful?
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