Miyagi prefectural brand beef “Sendai beef” sukiyaki is exquisite!

Features of the Sendai beef

Many people will love the steak, sukiyaki, steak, and beef.
Among them, there are beef that are said to be brand beef, high amounts and difficult to buy.
Matsuzaka beef, Kobe beef, Hida beef and Sendai beef are among them.

Most meat rankings are selected based on ratings from the Japan Meat Classification Association.
What kind of beef is the top of the Sendai beef?
Introduction of Sendai beef raised in Miyagi Prefecture, which produces clean water and rice, along with how it is eaten.

Sendai Beef Production Area

Miyagi Prefecture is one of the leading rice producing regions in Japan.
Due to the low and dry rainfall in the autumn, high quality straw such as Sasanishiki and Hitomebore are produced.
In the summer, temperatures are low, even in winter, many areas have little snowfall, creating a pleasant climate.
In some regions, cold in winter is slower in northern Kanto.

Sendai Beef is carefully bred in a comfortable environment with rich nature in harmony with the sea, mountains, rivers and plains.
To keep Sendai beef, good quality straw is required.

Features of Sendai beef

Japanese black hair was bred in Miyagi prefecture.
Beef with a meat quality grade A5 or B5 in the Japanese Meat Classification Association’s carcass business standard is called “Sendai beef”.
Proper management must be carried out by a registered Sendai beef farmer.

Even among the well-known brands, there is a rare variety of beef limited to grade 5, arguably the most premium.
The Law on Beef Traceability guarantees confidence in food safety, quality and labeling.

In order to improve the meat quality of Sendai beef, we were able to lay the foundations for the current Sendai beef by introducing an excellent beef breed called “Shigenami-go” from Hyogo Prefecture.
Through trial and error, we have succeeded in producing the highest quality beef, and now there are breathing cows of the Shigenami line.

Sendai beef flavor

Sendai beef is delicious and characterized by a mellow flavor and rich gravy.
Clean water and good quality straw are indispensable for making beef balls.

The perfect balance between fat and red is Miyagi’s nature nourished flavor.
The Sendai beef that has been raised for about 3 years is a premium beef with little variation in meat quality.
The taste varies depending on the part of the cow.

Depending on each part, there is a suitable way of cooking, knowing it will expand the choices when eating meat.
There are many parts that you want to eat not only the meat but also the organs.
In particular, the “Sendai beef tongue” is chewy and delicious.

5 local authorities returned the beef to Sendai

You can also get “Sendai beef” by paying your hometown tax.
Here are 5 recommended local governments! !!

first.[Thành phố Osaki]Sendai Beef Excellent thick beef tongue + Japanese Osaki Beef Total 1.1kg: 50,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture50,000 yen

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This is a luxurious barbecue set with Japanese Osaki beef and the core is the best thick beef tongue.


・ Tongue has an excellent thick core (salt / miso) 600g
・ Japanese Osaki beef (Sendai beef) 500g for grilled meat
(Raw beef tongue from Australia, etc.)
A luxurious barbecue set with thick beef tongue and Japanese Osaki beef

2.[Thị trấn Kami]Sendai beef hamburger 150g x 6 pieces: 15,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Kami Town, Miyagi Prefecture15,000 yen

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Sendai beef is a super luxury brand beef that cannot be named unless it is rated “5”, the highest quality meat. Each one is carefully and carefully handcrafted. It is fully nutritious with vegetables that enhance the rich flavor of the meat. From the spilled broth, the sweetness blends into the tip of the tongue.


Content / place of production
1 piece 150g x 6 pieces
Production: Kami Town, Miyagi Prefecture
Processing location: Kami Town, Miyagi Prefecture

3.[Thành phố Tomai]Sendai beef tenderloin for shabushabu Approx 600g: 74,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Tomai City, Miyagi Prefecture
* Some gifts are under 30,000 yen.
74,000 yen

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Sashi is delicate and beautiful. The meat melts when gently passed through the pot and brought to the mouth. You might feel a bit extravagant.


Sendai beef tenderloin gives shabushabu about 600g

4.[Thành phố Sendai]Sendai Finest A5 sirloin steak 200-220g x 2 plates: 100,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
* Some gifts are under 30,000 yen.
100,000 yen

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The tenderloin is the best part for a steak, if you chew it, the taste is rich and delicate. “Sendai Beef”, raised with the clean water of Miyagi Prefecture, is one of the best rice fields in Japan and Sasanishiki’s rice, and nutritious straw rice, has a bright red color and moderate fat, and floats. The reputation is well structured. ..


Sendai beef tenderloin 200-220g x 2

5.[Thành phố Ishimaki]Luxury Sendai beef / comparison set Total approx. 2.6 kg: 300,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Ishimaki City, Miyagi Prefecture
* Some gifts are under 30,000 yen.
300,000 yen

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Only beef that has met the rigorous standards such as balance of lean meat and fat, texture fineness, and the highest rating can receive the title “Sendai beef”. It’s a set where you can eat and compare such luxurious Sendai beef. You can choose to ship this product 3 times a month or 3 times at a time. It is a gem that you can enjoy differences in parts.


Sendai beef tenderloin 250g x 3
Sendai shabu shabu beef sirloin 400g
Sendai beef rib eye with sukiyaki sauce 400g
Sendai peach beef Sukiyaki 400g
Sendai beef shoulder loin 400g
Sendai beef with grilled pork 390g

How to eat good Sendai beef

Great to be made into sukiyaki

The midrib tenderloin is used for sukiyaki. You can also use peaches.
Once eaten, you will never forget the rich taste that sashimi is so easy to take. One thing to keep in mind when cooking sukiyaki is not to overcook it.
When the red meat disappears to some degree, move it to the edge of the pot.

If you eat it with your favorite vegetables such as long onion, roasted tofu, and chrysanthemum, the gravy will definitely make the other ingredients and delicious.
It would be special if you rolled it with eggs and eaten with rice.
It is recommended to cook as soon as possible after opening so as not to degrade the meat.

Eating with wasabi soy sauce is very delicious

The tenderloin and fins of the Sendai beef are just fat enough. The tenderloin is the tenderloin closest to the bottom. The fin is precious meat that can only be obtained from one to two, about 5 kg. Light red meat, tender, less sashimi and fat.
Both are suitable to eat like steak. Rare grilled and eaten with wasabi soy sauce.

When making wasabi soy sauce with roast meat, kainomi is often called tomobara or the best calvi.
Take care not to overcook.

The delicious cooking example of Sendai beef

The quality of Sendai beef is delicious, so when you make a steak or grill you can see the delicious taste of the meat.
According to the instructions, the steak grill level is 1 to 2 minutes for the rare, 2 to 3 minutes for the medium, and 3 to 4 minutes for the well done.
First, let’s bake at high heat to preserve flavor. When the sticky rice is ripe, reduce the heat to prevent it from burning.

Once placed on the pan, it can only be flipped once. When the red gravy rises to the top of the meat, it’s time to turn it over.
Bake on low to medium heat until you reach the desired amount of baking.


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