Miyazaki prefectural brand beef “Miyazaki beef” is a delicacy of rice wrapped in meat!

Features of Miyazaki beef

Eating delicious meat itself has become popular, and branded beef from all over Japan is gaining popularity.
Miyazaki beef, a brand of beef that Miyazaki is proud of, has recently attracted the attention of meat lovers and premium Japanese beef eaters.

Miyazaki beef is Japan’s best black beef with very good meat quality and texture, smooth and juicy, rich, delicious but not chewy.
We will cover production regions and characteristics of Miyazaki beef, how to eat it well, … so why not try Miyazaki beef?

Miyazaki Beef Production Area

The conditions for being able to call itself Miyazaki beef are very strict, and that is the Japanese black beef produced in Miyazaki prefecture.
The condition is that the beef is carefully bred in the rich nature of Miyazaki, but it must be the beefy Japanese black beef that is said to be the highest in the world as well as the Miyazaki prefecture as the production area. In addition, meat quality grade is defined as level 4 or higher.
Only those that meet the strictest standards such as meat tightness and texture, color of meat and fat can be called Miyazaki beef.

Features of Miyazaki beef

Miyazaki beef is characterized by a softness and richness that other brand beef does not have, the gravy is sweet and elegant, and the balance of lean meat is delicious and fatty.
It is known all over the world as a premium brand beef because it doesn’t have the habit and special smells of regular beef and the sashimi is delicious.

Miyazaki beef also contains oleic acid, which is known as the main ingredient of olive oil, and is one of the properties that can be expected to be effective in preventing lifestyle diseases.
Miyazaki prefecture is the second largest Japanese beef producer in Japan, and we are promoting a production system that operates consistently from production to sponsorship as a beef brand.

Miyazaki beef flavor

Miyazaki Beef is a delicious brand of beef because of its beautiful marble appearance and characteristic rich flavor and tender meat quality.
Sweet and luscious taste has a balance between fat and lean, when put into the mouth, the melted fat will feel the sweetness, the more you chew it, the more spread the meat taste in the mouth.

The smooth sashimi and good quality lean meat are very soft and feels like it can be removed in the mouth.
The delicious and sweet taste of fat is the best taste only found in branded beef, not chewy, but the feeling is rich, sweet, and fresh, so all ages from children to the elderly eat deliciously.

5 local governments reward Miyazaki beef

You can also buy “Miyazaki beef” by paying your hometown tax.
Here are 5 recommended local governments! !!

first.[Thị trấn Mimata]Miyazaki beef pieces 1kg: 10,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Mitsumata Town, Miyazaki Prefecture10,000 yen

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Miyazaki beef thighs have been cut into the mixture. We will deliver 500g in 2pm. Suitable for stews like beef bowl, sukiyaki and potato meat. Please use it for different dishes.


・ Miyazaki beef cut into pieces (a mix of thigh and kata)[1kg / quận Miyazaki]

2.[Ebinoichi]Miyazaki grilled beef set with 2 pieces 360g total: 14,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Ebino City, Miyazaki Prefecture14,000 yen

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Miyazaki Beef won the third consecutive victory in Japan at the joint promotion of the national Japanese beef competency, also known as the Japan Beef Olympics. We invite you to enjoy the Miyazaki beef dish with a rich and delicious flavor.


・ Roasted thigh meat[200g]tenderloin[160g]

3.[Tỉnh Miyazaki]Miyazaki beef / Miyazaki brand pork set 3.1kg: 50,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Miyazaki Prefecture50,000 yen

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A set of Miyazaki Ude beef, each with 750g increments, Miyazaki brand pork loin, 800g each, won the Prime Minister’s Award in three consecutive tournaments at the Wagyu Ability Promotion Association. nation
* You can choose to cut from barbecue or shabushabu.


・ Miyazaki beef ude 750g
・ Miyazaki beef increases 750g
・ Miyazaki brand pork shoulder loin 800g
・ Miyazaki brand pink pork 800g

4.[Thịt bò Miyazaki]Miyazaki beef flies steadily for 3 months, winning the Prime Minister’s award Total weight 7.4kg: 170,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Miyazaki Prefecture Town Farm Capital170,000 yen

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Total weight 7.4kg !!
At the end of each month, as the “Miyazaki beef selection set”, we will deliver the selected “Miyazaki beef” as a “regular flight” for 3 months !!
Barbecue, hot pot, shabushabu, hamburger, etc. You can enjoy different dishes every month.
All of them are carefully selected specials, so enjoy them as a daily reward.


《3kg total first time》
・ Grilled Miyazaki Ude beef 500g x 2 packs
・ Miyazaki beef steak 500g x 2 packs
・ Hormone beef mixture 300g x 2 packs
・ Pork hamburger 100g x 4
《Second time 2.5kg total》
・ Miyazaki beef rose cut 500g x 1 pack
・ Miyazaki beef rib eye 500g x 2 packs
・ Hormone beef mixture 300g x 2 packs
・ Beef hamburger 100g x 4
《Third time total 1.9kg》
・ Miyazaki beef fin steak 100g x 4
・ Miyazaki beef steak steak 250g x 2
・ Beef with hormone mixture 300g x 2 packs
・ Miyazaki pepper beef hamburger 100g x 4

5.[Shintomicho]Premium Miyazaki beef special set 3.4kg total: 200,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Shintomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture200,000 yen

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Enjoy “Miyazaki beef” used as Miyazaki beef at the celebration following the 90th Academy Awards in 2018.


・ Miyazaki beef steak set with 3 pieces
・ Miyazaki beef steak steak 200g x 5
・ Miyazaki beef tenderloin slices 600g x 2
・ Miyazaki beef tenderloin Shabushabu 600g x 2

How to eat delicious Miyazaki beef

The more you chew, the more delicious shabu shabu is

Shabushabu, which melts sashimi and latches onto lean meat as it passes through the hot soup, and you can feel the sweetness of the sweetness, is the recommended way to eat Miyazaki beef.
Not only enjoy the soft sweetness, but the more you chew it, the more flavor spreads and blends well with the rice, so even if you eat a lot, you won’t get sick.

The taste of the meat seeps into a wide variety of vegetables, and you can enjoy it until the end.
Shabushabu Yasukiyaki is recommended as you can enjoy the delicious taste of Miyazaki beef.

Beef steak has a sweet, fatty taste

The steak, where you can taste the Miyazaki steak itself and taste the sweetness of the fat, is great because it has good meat quality and doesn’t smell bad.
The deliciousness of lean meat and the sweetness of the fat have the effect of synthesizing, not boring.

The steak is grilled at a high temperature on the surface and has a rare inner filling that you can taste by simply seasoning with salt and pepper.
The refreshing taste that even those who do not have good fat can deliciously eat is popular with many people.

The delicious cooking example of Miyazaki beef

For Miyazaki beef, shabushabu, sukiyaki, steak, etc. are popular cooking methods, but we also recommend a meatball rice ball wrapped in sauce and browned.
You can also cook at home like roll potatoes and vegetables and bake them, or turn minced meat into burgers.

The meat itself is delicious and rich, so you should enjoy the deliciousness of the ingredients with simple cooking.
It goes well with vegetables produced in Miyazaki prefecture, so why not come to Miyazaki prefecture?


Did you find this introduction to Miyazaki beef helpful?
Enjoy “Miyazaki beef” by taking advantage of tax payments in your home country!

Tax payment list in the hometown of “Miyazaki beef”