Not to be missed for wine lovers 5 of the best wines from all over Japan

Osako Edel Wine Monthly Serenade set of 2 bottles (white / white) 8,000 yen (Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture)

Osako Edel wine is produced at the winery “Edel Wine Co., Ltd.” in Osako Town, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture. We use grapes from Iwate prefecture harvested in the blessed land at the foot of Hayaike to make wine.

Osako-cho started to grow grapes because it has a lot of slopes, low annual rainfall and a lot of lime geology, making it very suitable for vine growing. A unique wine with a strong mineral and acid feel is produced.

The reward is a set of 2 bottles of “Moon Serenade” by Osako Edel Wine. A sweet white wine with a fruity aroma made from white grapes. The apps are available year round and ship year round.

Recommended wine from 2 bottles of Yamanashi prefecture for 15,000 yen (Fujikawa Town, Yamanashi Prefecture)

“2 Recommended Bottles of Wine from Yamanashi Prefecture” is a set where you can choose 2 out of 4 bottles of wine from Yamanashi prefecture recommended by the staff of Michi-no-Eki Fujikawa. There are four wines to choose from: Koshu Surley, Owner’s Desert Wine, Cellar Master Koshu and Haramo Aziron 2016.

“Koshu Surley (white / dry)” uses 100% grapes from Yamanashi prefecture, filled with minerals and has a moderately strong taste while still remaining fresh. “Owner’s Desert Wine (Red / Sweet)” impresses with the tightness, richness, sweetness and sharp aftertaste of red wine.

“Cellar Master Koshu (white / slightly sweet)” is a carefully brewed local wine made from Koshu varieties produced in Yamanashi Prefecture, and characterized by a fruity and slightly sweet flavor. “Haramo Aziron 2016 (Red / Slightly Sweet)” is a wine with a refreshing acidity, color and fruit aroma of Aziron, with a refreshing taste.

Applications can be made year round and will be sent within one month of payment confirmation.

Tachibana Wine Set (Amaou / Blueberry / Kiwi) 15,000 yen (Tara Town, Saga Prefecture)

Tachibana is a stylish ripe fruit wine using rich agricultural products from the Yame region of Fukuoka Prefecture. As a bonus, Hakata Amaou Wine, Blueberry Wine and Kiwi are included in a set of 3 bottles (500 ml each).

“Hakata Amaou” is a wine produced by fermenting ripe Amaou from Fukuoka for about 20 days. The alcohol content is reduced to 6% and the original sweetness of the strawberry is used as it is. It is a fruity wine with a sweet aroma with a refreshing aftertaste, and is also recommended as a dessert wine.

“Blueberry Wine” uses blueberries from the Yame region. It has a mellow taste with less astringent astringent and a refreshing aftertaste while retaining the flavor of blueberries.

“Kiwi wine” has a refreshing taste and is recommended for meat and fish dishes. The refreshing aroma and sweetness can match brunch and desserts, and it’s an addictive taste.

The app is available year round, and delivery is available year round.

Shinshu Masino mountain wine & Chardonnay 15,000 yen (Matsukawa Town, Nagano Prefecture)

Shinshu Masino Wine is a wine produced by “Shinshu Masino Wine Co., Ltd.” in Matsukawa-cho, Shimoina-gun, Nagano Prefecture. Shinshu Masino Wine Co., Ltd., located on apple fields overlooking the Southern Alps, produces juices and wines from a variety of naturally grown fruits of Shinshu Inaya.
In the Masuno area, we have grown specific wines such as “Chardone”, “Mellow” and “Shinano Riesling”, and are involved in everything from viticulture to wine making, albeit on a small scale.

The gift is a set of “Mountain Wine & Chardonnay Wine (750ml each)”. Mountain grape wine is a wine that should be said to be synonymous with the Masino winery, and the only wild flavor unique to mountain grapes is a unique red wine sometimes described as “like a samurai. wild”.

Chardonnay wine uses Chardonnay from Masuno, Matsukawa-cho. An elegant white wine with a rich flavor and golden shine.
The app is available year round and delivery year round.

Furano set 720,000 yen (Furano City, Hokkaido)

Furano wines are grown in the rich nature of Furano, Hokkaido. The production process is packed with the blessings of nature and craftsmen’s mind.

The reward is a set of “Muller Turgau”, very popular with women, and “Barrel Furano” in red and white, which is a perennial mainstream wine in a barrel (720 ml each). Muller Turgau (white) is a fruit characterized by a green apple-like aroma and a refreshing, refreshing acidity that spreads in the mouth. Barrel Furano (red) is a wine with a mild cask aroma and mellow taste, made by ordering French oak barrels and letting them aged for one year. Barrel Furano (white) is the driest of all white wines, and has a harmonious balance between fresh fruity aromas and mellow barrel aromas.

Applications can be made year round and will be sent at any time after payment confirmation.


Since the taste of grapes varies depending on the land in which they are grown, wines also have different characteristics depending on the method of production. Why don’t you compare the wines of different regions with your home tax payments?

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