Recommended for those who want to start farming! The best 5 farming / farm experience

Some local governments offer farming and farming experiences that are hard to come by in everyday life as a reward for paying home taxes.
Here are five plans you can enjoy as if you were a farmer or a rancher, such as things you can experience from growing vegetables to harvesting, experiencing a farm where you can Interact with animals like cows and experience a farmer day.

[Thành phố Iwaki, tỉnh Fukushima]Wonder Farm Farm Experience Ticket with Lunch (Adult Pair)

areaContribution amount
Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture15,000 yen

At the “Wonder Farm” tomato theme park in Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture, you can harvest fresh tomatoes until the bag is full and enjoy a lunch buffet with about 30 dishes on a menu that uses a lot of tomato Fresh sour and local ingredients. , A farming experience with lunch.

Wonder Farm has a large land area of ​​2.5 hectares, tomatoes are grown in a greenhouse according to the latest Dutch technology. There are nine types of tomatoes that can be harvested: Yellow Carol, Campari, Tuscan Violet, Carol 10, Orange Carol, Aiko, Yellow Aiko, Hula Girl and Midori-chan.

Two adults can experience farming and have lunch with this gift. It can be used for 1 adult and 1 child, but the difference is not refundable.

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[Thành phố Ueo, tỉnh Saitama]Farm experience pair ticket with single size gelato

areaContribution amount
Ueo City, Saitama Prefecture20,000 yen

Ueo city, Saitama prefecture, is located in the southeastern part of Saitama prefecture, about 35 km from Tokyo, the main industry is agriculture and industry.

One of the rewards of contributing ¥ 20,000 to Ueo City is a pair ticket for two farm experiences. Two single size gelatos are included in the farm experience such as milking, butter making, milking, grooming, and grazing. Gelato is made by cold sterilizing fresh milk from farm cows so as not to spoil the taste.

The location is farm Enomoto in Ueo City, Saitama Prefecture. At the dairy farm, we also provide a wealth of experience in farming and selling gelato and yogurt. In addition to dairy cows also raise many animals such as donkeys, dogs, cats, small pigs and uzagi, and this is a very lively farm.

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[Thành phố Tono, tỉnh Iwate]Let’s do a lot of farming!

areaContribution amount
Tono City, Iwate Prefecture60,000 yen

Tono City, Iwate Prefecture, is located in the southeastern part of Iwate Prefecture, and is a basin surrounded by lush mountains like Mount Hayaike in the Kitakami Plateau.

The world written in Tono Monogatari is still carefully passed down by the people of Tono even though it is over 100 years old.

This gift starts with a gathering at Tono Station, where you can experience farming for 3 days 2 nights while visiting fields, experiencing local cuisine and harvesting, shipping and processing. You can also receive souvenirs for agricultural products.

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[Nakano-ku, Tokyo]Tateyama A fishing boat rental & farming experience ticket

areaContribution amount
Nakano-ku, Tokyo
* Some gifts are under 30,000 yen.
100,000 yen

If you donate 100,000 yen to Nakano-ku, Tokyo, you will receive a fishing boat charter experience ticket and a farm experience ticket in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture. We are revitalizing the area by introducing specialties from the partner cities and exchanging experiences / tours as part of the reimbursement item for home tax payments.

The fishing boat ride experience can be used for up to 3 people by renting a fishing boat in the afternoon (designer boat). Experience time from 13:00 to 16:30, the ship will depart after lectures at the port. Even beginners can rest assured that they will be carefully taught. You do not need to prepare food or a fishing rod but you can bring the fish you just caught. For 3 or more people, up to 6 people can get up by paying an additional 7,000 yen per person locally.

For the farming experience, up to 4 people can experience seasonal farm work (approximately 2 hours). We will decide on pre-order items such as vegetable harvest and farming experience. Experienced farmers will teach you how to grow more than 10 vegetables at all times. In addition, some of the harvested crops can be brought home.

If both the fishing boat experience and the farming experience are canceled due to bad weather, they will be moved to another date.

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[Thành phố Odawara, tỉnh Kanagawa]Agricultural experiences-Farmer’s one-day experiences-

areaContribution amount
Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
* Some gifts are under 30,000 yen.
150,000 yen

If you donate 100,000 yen to Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, you can experience farming at “Akisawaen”, where you can grow oranges in Odawara city.

For more than 300 years, Akisawaen has operated a farm focused on citrus cultivation while still inheriting the tradition. Odawara city is a suitable land for citrus cultivation due to the warm climate and pleasant sea breeze from the Shonan area. Since each orange is carefully nurtured and loved throughout the year, a large, sweet, and tasty orange will grow. We have also been involved in the production of green plants, blueberries and kiwifruit since the 1970s.

As a bonus, you can experience a day of farming (for one person) at Akisawaen. Perfect for those who are thinking about agriculture or who want to learn about agriculture. You can help farmer’s day and refresh in nature.

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It’s an attractive home tax refund where you can experience things you can’t normally do, such as growing vegetables and fruits in the fields and raising them on the farm. Why don’t you use it with your family and friends?

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