Road transport used to finance transport infrastructure

The road transport sector will be called upon to finance transport infrastructure. The tax advantage on diesel will be reduced.

Road transport is also targeted by the government’s latest environmental measures. Taxation will be increased on heavy goods vehicles. Currently, vehicles over 7.5 tonnes have an advantage over diesel. This is a refund on a tax, the internal consumption tax on energy products. This reimbursement will in the future be reduced by 2 euro cents per liter. This would represent a contribution of 140 million euros for a full year for companies.

“Climate challenge”

According to the National Federation of Road Transporters, the bill would rather be 200 million euros. She denounces “A future asphyxiation of the sector” and announces that demonstrations will be expected at the start of the school year. This sum will be allocated to the financing agency for transport infrastructure in France to “respond to the climate challenge”, according to the government.