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Features of Shine Muscat

[Tính năng 1]Sweet and juicy

The main feature of Shine Muscat is that it has a sweet and delicious taste.

In fact, the sugar content is high between 18 and 20 degrees, and the acidity is low.

In addition, the flesh of the fruit is firm, and the juice is not inferior to other grapes.

Shine Muscat, which has the signature Muscat scent, is said to make many people fall in love once they eat it.

[Đặc điểm 2]You can eat the shell

Second, Shine Muscat’s skin is thin and soft so one of the features is that you can eat the skin.

When you sample it, it has a crunchy texture, and you can enjoy a deliciously sweet, elegant taste and aroma.

You can eat the whole shell so your hands won’t get dirty, and best of all, it’s great because it doesn’t cause discomfort.

[Đặc điểm 3]The best time to eat is from August to early October

Shine Muscat is a good time to eat from August to early October.

However, most of the Shine Muscats have been nearly sold out around August.

So if you are considering buying the Shine Muscat as a bonus item, pre-order early.

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10 local governments rewarded Shine Muscat

Shine Muscat is a popular bonus in “Furusato Tax Payments”. Some local governments have a fixed deadline in the order of application, so it’s a good idea to book in advance.

Shine Muscat of “Furusato Tax Payment” is new because it is sent directly from each local government.

Now, I would like to introduce 10 local governments that reward Shine Muscat.

1. Shine Muscat from Yamanashi Prefecture 600g: 15,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Fujikawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi Prefecture15,000 yen

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Next, we introduce the 600g Shine Muscat Ichibo cosmetic box “Yamanashi prefecture”, which is a gift from Fujikawaguchiko town, Yamanashi prefecture. Enjoy Shine Muscat from Yamanashi Prefecture!

Overview / Messages

・ Shine Muscat (600g x 1)

2. Shine Muscat 3-4 bundles (about 2 kg): 15,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture15,000 yen

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The next introduction is Shinshu Susaka’s famous Shine Muscat, a gift from Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, weighing about 2 kg. Rich aroma, high quality sweetness, clear texture, Shine Muscat is popular.
Shine Muscat is big, sweet and fragrant, served with shell. If you chew on the thin crust, the delicate aroma and sweetness of Muscat juice will spread in your mouth in no time. Please enjoy Shine Muscat from Yamanashi Prefecture, a famous grape-producing region.

Overview / Producer voice

・ Shine Muscat Approximately 2kg (3-4 bundles)

3. The popular Shine Muscat About 2kg: 30,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Susaka City, Nagano Prefecture30,000 yen

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Shine Muscat, a farm grown in the cold spring water of the Sugadaira Plateau called “Japan’s Davos”, is characterized by delicious fruits that gather the blessings of nature. Enjoy a mellow fragrance and flavor that fills your mouth.

Overview / Messages

・ Shine Muscat (refrigerated) 3-4 bundles from Susaka City, Nagano Prefecture Approximately 2.2 kg

4. Shine Muscat 2 bundles: 21,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Tadatsu town, Kagawa prefecture21,000 yen

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The next gift is 2 bunches of Shine Muscat from Tadatsu town, Kagawa prefecture. A grape with a fresh aroma and a deep sweetness. It is a popular grape with a crunchy texture. It will only be delivered from the end of July to the end of September.

Overview / Producer voice

・ 2 bundles of Shine Muscat

5. Grapes (Shine Muscat) 2kg: 20,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture20,000 yen

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The present we are presenting here is 2kg Shine Muscat from Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture. Shine Muscat from Tendo is a jewel that fills your mouth with the soft drink spilling from Muscat’s firm flesh and elegant aroma.

Enjoy Shine Muscat in Yamanashi Prefecture, the fruit kingdom.

Overview / Producer voice

・ 2kg (2-4 bundles of Field)

6. Morning harvest 4kg Shine Muscat in Arita Komine Village: 35,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Aritagawa Town, Wakayama Prefecture35,000 yen

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Next, I would like to introduce 4kg of Shine Muscat, a gift from the river town of Arita, Wakayama prefecture and picked in the morning in the village of Arita Komine. Shine Muscat is the pride of the farmers who strive to make grapes that satisfy everyone in a land suitable for growing grapes and in environments with great temperature differences.

With its crunchy texture, the soft drink and the mellow aroma of meat pervading your mouth cavity, it is delicious and can be eaten with the shell, very easy to eat because there are no seeds. Enjoy Shine Muscat, loved by people of all ages, from children to the elderly.

Overview / Producer voice

・ Approximately 4 kg per box (5 to 10 bundles) / from Arita, Wakayama Prefecture

7. Morning picking Shine Muscat (3-4 bunches): 18,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Ofu City, Aichi Prefecture18,000 yen

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Next, I would like to introduce the morning picking Shine Muscat (3-4 bunches) from Ofu city, Aichi prefecture. The common Shine Muscat is about 2 kg (3-4 bunches). Shine Muscat is popular because it has no seeds from Aichi prefecture and you can eat the peel.

It is harvested early in the morning, delivered directly from the production area and delivered within the same day. We invite you to enjoy the sweet and delicious Shine Muscat.

Overview / Producer voice

・ About 2 kg (3-4 bundles)

8. Shine Muscat 3kg in Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture: 30,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture20,000 yen

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The next gift is Shine Muscat 2kg from Miki Satowaki Kanko Vineyard from Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture. This Satowaki scenic vineyard boasts vast nature, and we do our best to create fresh grapes so that you can feel the sincerity of each bunch.

Enjoy Shine Muscat’s large, delicious and elegant aroma.

Overview / Producer voice

content settings
・ Shine Muscat 2kg
We will supply Shine Muscat with an elegant aroma and rich sweetness that can eat the skin. It will end as soon as the planned number is reached.

9. Shine Muscat 3 bundles: 50,000 yen

areaContribution amount
Takaryo City, Okayama Prefecture50,000 yen

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Next, I would like to introduce 3 bundles of Shine Muscat from Takaryo city, Okayama prefecture. You can enjoy Muscat’s elegant scent. You can eat the whole shell without the seeds and enjoy the crispy sound and elastic texture as soon as you chew.

Overview / Messages

・ 3 bundles of Shine Muscat from Okayama Prefecture

10. Exhausted Shine Muscat: 50,000 yen

areaContribution amount
City of the Southern Alps, Yamanashi Prefecture50,000 yen

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The last gift that I would like to present is JA Southern Alps City Special Shine Muscat in Southern Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture.
You can enjoy the premium grape “Shine Muscat” three times a year.
Starting with the indoor radiant muscat, grown outdoors during the season, and finally valuable low temperature preserved muscat where you can enjoy the delicious flavors of the season in winter. with special low temperature preservation technology!
It is a proud fruit introduced by the city of JA Southern Alps. Enjoy it.

Overview / Producer voice

① Grapes “House Shine Muscat” 1 bundle Approximately 600g: Delivered from early July to end of July 2020
(2) “Outdoor Shine Muscat” grapes 3 bunches Approx.1.8 kg: Shipped from early September to late September 2020
③ Grapes “Shine Muscat low temperature preservation” includes 2 bunches Approximately 1.2 kg: Shipping from early December to mid December 2020


We have introduced the local governments to Shine Muscat as a reward.

Why don’t you try to get it with “Furusato Tax Payment” because it’s something you don’t normally get.

You should receive Shine Muscat as a “Furusato Tax Payment” gift rather than buying it online.

Tax payment list in the homeland of “Shine Muscat”