Tax credits: refunds have started to be paid

For a certain number of taxpayers, a tax credit is paid from Wednesday July 24 and completes the first tranche of January. The state will therefore reimburse 2.5 billion euros. Journalist Viktor Frédéric explains who is affected by these reimbursements.

6.2 million tax households are affected by the tax credit. It is the French who employ, for example, a household help, a nanny or who have made a donation to an association. “In January, they had received a first deposit of 60%. From July, they will receive the rest: 40% ”, specifies Viktor Frédéric on the France 3 set.

Not all taxpayers will win

When Bercy made its accounts, it was based on data from 2017. But with the withholding tax, the tax authorities must now rectify the situation. “For some taxpayers, that does not change anything, but on the other hand those who have reduced the number of hours worked by their nanny or their household employees for example, have received too much and they will have to reimburse”, explains the journalist. “They are 1.7 million households in this case for a total amount of 600 million euros”, he adds.