Tax cuts: who will be affected?

The Prime Minister announced numerous measures on Wednesday June 12, including a tax cut. On set, David Boéri specifies which segments will be affected.

The tax cut will mainly concern the middle classes. “There is in fact only the tax rate of the first bracket of income which will drop from 14 to 11%. Result for the 12 million households which are in this bracket, they will have on average 350 € less to pay, which corresponds on average always to 1/3 of their tax ”, says David Boéri.

98% of French people affected

For the second tranche, the reduction will be more limited to € 180 on average. The richest taxpayers are excluded from the reduction, they will pay the same amount next year. The drop concerns nearly 98% of French people who pay income tax. Édouard Philippe did not give details on the financing of this tax cut. “The financial equation will be unveiled in July as part of the preparation of the state budget for 2020”, adds the journalist.