Taxes: 60% of members of the government were subject to “tax adjustments” in 2018

At a time when the French are finalizing their income tax return, the information may not go unnoticed. According to the latest report from the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life, 21 members of the government out of 35 had a tax adjustment in 2018. Information noted by the Canard enchaîné this week. “Of the 35 closed files, 21 gave rise to rectifications”, thus indicates the report of the HATVP, one of the missions of which is “to supervise the tax audit of members of the government”. Checks covering the three years before their appointment. The institution specifies, however, that “with the exception of one case, all the taxpayers concerned were in good faith”.

The amount of tax reminders for these 21 cases is in any case far from trivial. It amounts to 10,788 euros on average per case. And the average penalties were 11,930 euros. Another point clarified by the institution: one of the members of the government did not respect his tax obligations. Information which she had communicated to the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister, as planned. The Mediapart site had indeed revealed, last September, that the tax authorities seized the commission of tax offenses on the case of Laura Flessel, Minister of Sports, who then had to leave office. The administration would have discovered reporting breaches of the former minister concerning an image rights company. One positive point remains: three ministers have benefited from a refund from the tax administration of 7,740 euros.