Taxes: taxpayers worried about this return to school

Public finance centers are sometimes stormed by worried taxpayers following receipt of the first tax notice since the implementation of the withholding tax.

With the return from vacation, the French have discovered their tax notice, the first since the implementation of the withholding tax. Result: the tax offices have been taken by storm in recent days. In Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), it took 30 minutes to wait before even being able to enter the premises and seek advice. A grandmother even came to queue for her grandson who lives in Paris.

“Taxation is still as complex”

I went, at the beginning of January, three days without an address so they put me out of the system“, Explains a taxpayer. But the most recurring question concerns the withholding tax, which has created new questions. “Taxation is still as complex as ever. And it has become even more complex because of the withholding tax“, Assures Christophe Choveau, of the Solidaires finances publics union.