The 10 best pesticide-free vegetables for under 10,000 yen (Part 2)

Wakaba Farm’s pesticide-free natural vegetable set 10,000 yen (Ishii Town, Tokushima Prefecture)

“Wakaba Farm” in Ishii-cho, Naishi-gun, Tokushima Prefecture is a vegetable farm that does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We believe that improved seeds will not do well without pesticides and fertilizers, so we repeat self-seeding from less improved indigenous seeds and growing vegetables from the seeds. there. So delicious vegetables can be grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It is grown using only plant compost, not using animal manure.

“Wakaba Farm’s Pesticide Free Vegetable Set” is a freshly picked vegetable that is said to have the original sweetness of the vegetable. There are 7 to 9 naturally grown vegetables and seasonal vegetables sent to you, so the items will vary depending on the season. You can apply for this year round.

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JAS organic carrot 8 kg 10,000 yen (Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture)

Hasami-cho, Higashi-Kabuchi-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture is located in the center of Nagasaki Prefecture, and is the only town in Nagasaki prefecture without sea. It is also known to be one of the best “ceramic towns” in Japan with 400 years of tradition, and it is said that about 10% of daily tableware used in ordinary households is producer in Hasami Town. .. We are also focusing on agricultural modernization and we are working on provincial agricultural land maintenance projects and comprehensive rural maintenance modeling projects.

In Hasami Town, “Hyakushokai” grows vegetables without using any pesticides or scientific fertilizers. We use rice bran, rice husks, soybeans, … as raw materials to ferment a group of microorganisms, using humus fertilizers to create soil for healthy vegetables. Organic carrots made by Hyakushokai can be eaten with the skin and you can fully enjoy the original sweetness of the vegetables. Applications are accepted by March 31, 2018 and shipping until early April.

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10,000 yen a set of naturally grown vegetables and red rice (Kitsugawa city, Kyoto prefecture)

In Kizugawa city, Kyoto prefecture, “Naturally grown vegetables and red rice set” is a vegetable grown naturally without using fertilizers or pesticides for all crops. It is basically grown from seed, with the main fixed seed. You can enjoy the original taste of vegetables with less bitterness and acrid taste. So it is recommended not only for those who like vegetables but also for those who are not good at vegetables.

“Red rice natural farm” we offer growing vegetables without the use of organic or chemical fertilizers. It is grown with the blessing of the sun and soil microorganisms, and does not use herbicides against weeds. When vegetables grow to a certain extent, we do not do much weeding because they are not defeated by the weeds. It is sophisticatedly grown to take advantage of this natural flow. This set will be delivered for a limited time from May to December.

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Potatoes without pesticides and no chemical fertilizers (Kita Akari) 5 kg 10,000 yen (Shirahama Town, Wakayama Prefecture)

Shirahama-cho, Nishimoku-gun, Wakayama Prefecture, is located in the southwestern part of Wakayama Prefecture, and is a town with a thriving tourism and agriculture industry. There are also beautiful white sand beaches and hot springs. Additionally, Kumano Kodo, registered as a World Heritage Site, is known as a popular tourist destination.

The potato (Kita Akari) from the “Tamana Farm” in Shirahama Town is carefully grown, without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Kita Akari made by crossing “Baron” and “Tsunika” has a deep sweet taste and you can enjoy a chewy texture when heated. It looks more yellow than the baron, has an aroma and a sweet taste so it is sometimes called “Golden Baron” or “Kurijagaimo”. As May is the best season for new potatoes from Wakayama prefecture, applications are from April 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018, and will be shipped from early May 2018 at any time.

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Pesticide-free colorful carrot set 14,000 yen (Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture)

The pesticide-free multicolor carrot set is a set of 4 kg carrots in three colors: orange, purple and cream. Yawata Farm, where these vegetables are grown, is located in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, which is the gateway to Kurobe Dam. We grow organic vegetables in a place overlooking the magnificent Northern Alps. With the goal of eco-friendly agriculture that does not burden the natural environment, we are challenging to grow vegetables without using pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides, and that is. is a carrot that can be safely eaten.

No pesticide-free colorful carrot set will be accepted until March 28, 2018. Depending on the situation of harvest, carrots can have two colors. In addition, if the harvest time is delayed due to the effects of weather, transportation may be delayed. Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture has adopted a points system in which 250 points are awarded to a 5,000 yen donation.

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Since pesticide-free vegetables are popular and production is limited, the quantity is acceptable so it should be applied early. Why don’t you taste the pesticide-free vegetables for this year’s homeland tax?

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