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Shizuoka “Black Karyu Tea Chai Pet” 2 liters x 18 bottles 10,000 yen (Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture)

Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture, is a city located in the center of Shizuoka Prefecture. It is home to the Makinohara Plateau, which is famous for tea production, and the growing of tea cultivation. The warm climate and long sunny hours are perfect for growing good quality tea leaves. This place is also said to produce the “deep steamed” tea, which has a longer steaming time than normal roasted tea.
In return for your hometown tax payment, you will receive a set of black dragon pet tea bottles using rare tea leaves from Shizuoka prefecture. Most of the tea leaves in pet bottles are made in China, but the gifts made from Karyu tea are made in Shizuoka Prefecture. By roasting over high heat, we created a unique Japanese black dragon tea with its rich aroma and flavor. It has a low bitterness and delicious taste, and a refreshing aftertaste, perfect for any meal. It also contains 365 milligrams polyphenols. Application and delivery are available year round.

Tight tea set 10,000 yen (Kuchitsuki City, Oita Prefecture)

This is a pure Japanese tea produced in the city of Kuchitsuki, the center of tea in Kyushu. In return, 2 bags of cherry blossom scent (12 tea bags), 2 bags of Benifuuki (12 tea bags), 1 bag of Beni Hikari (40 grams of tea leaves), 1 bag of plum blossom bungo (40 grams of tea leaves), herbal lemon (40 grams of tea leaves) You can enjoy a variety of flavors with 1 bag, 1 light bag (40 grams of tea leaf) and 1 bag of Benitachise (40 grams of tea leaves).
Production began in 1957, but it is a replica of “Kitsuki Tea”, which was discontinued and liberalized imports of tea. Tea made by brewing homemade tea leaves has many fans among the teas in the country.
It was provided by the Anan farm in Oita province. All of them are made on our own farms, and we use organic fertilizers and are free of pesticides, and the processing follows the old, formal production methods.

100% Moringa from Nanfuhara Town 10,000 yen (Minamifuhara Town, Okinawa Prefecture)

The gift was moringa tea, a superfood. Moringa is said to be richer than 90 nutrients. It is a species of plant in the Wasabi noki family native to northern India, and is also known as the miracle tree. It is grown in Minamikazehara-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa Prefecture without the use of pesticides, has a characteristic sweet taste, is easy to drink without a bitter taste or strong aroma.
We also supply raw materials to pharmaceutical and health food companies, and you can rest assured that they have passed rigorous testing. In addition, the recommended filter bag tea is not only tea, but also used as a bath agent.
The gift is a set of 30 grams of moringa powder and 30 grams of moringa tea. Applications can be made year round and will be sent out within 2-3 weeks after payment confirmation. The expiration date is 2 years when not opened.

Oku Yamecha Pick eighty-eight nights (type) 10,000 yen (Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture)

Yame city, Fukuoka prefecture is located in the south of Fukuoka prefecture, bordered by Kurume city to the north, Chikugo city to the west, Kumamoto prefecture to the south and Oita prefecture to the east. It is a core city with plains in the center south and forests in the northeast. It has prospered as a rich plateau for a long time and is known for the active cultivation of traditional crafts such as Japanese handmade paper, Buddhist altars and lanterns, and products. agriculture such as tea, electric chrysanthemum and shiitakes.
The gift is a special roasted tea picked around May 2 in the Okuyame region, known for its high quality tea production. It has a refreshing aroma of young green leaves, a sweet and delicious taste unique to Yamecha, and a refreshing taste.
The recommendation is Nakajima Seicha Honpo Co., Ltd., which has a 120-year history in Yame City. Even in the Yame region, which is suitable for growing tea, we produce and sell tea leaves in Kamyocho, a mountainous region with a large temperature difference.
Gift size 100g x 2 bags, expiry date 300 days from the date of manufacture.

Coffee sand (drip type) 16,000 yen (Toritori City, Tottori Prefecture)

Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture, is a city located in the east of Tottori Prefecture. Facing the Sea of ​​Japan, coastal areas include Tottori Sand Dunes and White Rabbit Coast, which are popular tourist spots. In addition, four hot springs are scattered throughout Tottori city and are visited by many tourists.
Sand coffee is roasted at a high temperature of 240 degrees, with the carefully selected beans sandwiched in the sand of the Tottori sand dunes. This is a drip coffee, you can enjoy a moderate bitterness and a mellow taste by the mysterious power of sand, which is a rare method of production. We supply “Fukubemura Honpo specialty products” in Fukube-cho city, Tottori. By creating special products unique to Tottori Sand Dunes, we create a variety of specials with a desire to revive them.
The gift is a set of 150g x 8 pcs of sand coffee, which you can apply all year round. Expiration date is 180 days at room temperature.


All of the presents presented this time use special products that are proud to be harvested in the area. Why don’t you take a break with a high quality drink, especially on the use of your hometown tax money?

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