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Susaki’s Pon VER2 Three Vinegar Comparison Set 6,000 yen (Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture)

Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture is a city located in the center of Kochi prefecture. Agricultural fisheries such as kampachi, thailand and hamachi, and cultivated myoga, cucumber, and chili are common.

The reward is a set of 3 types of “Bushukanpon vinegar” made in Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture, “Miso Marukyo, Yuzupon Vinegar Factory” and “Special Prepared Yuzu Pon Vinegar”. “Bushukan pon vinegar” is a pon vinegar that has a rich flavor of kelp and various shavings and a beautiful bushukan aroma. “Bushukan” is a type of mikan cultivating grapes, is a member of yuzu and mikan. It is commonly used for sashimi and grilled fish in Kochi prefecture.

“Marukyo Miso Soy Sauce Brewery Yuzupon Vinegar” is a yuzupon vinegar produced by an old brewery in the city of Susaki, founded in the Taisho period. Yuzu uses Yuzu from Aki, Kochi Prefecture. “Cooking special Yuzu Pon vinegar” is a pon vinegar cooked by a chef made with deep sea water from Muroto. Received the Excellence Award at the 2004 “Discover Tosa’s delicious and delicious dishes” contest.

In addition to vinegar pon, Tosa’s tuna sushi is also included in the set, so you can enjoy it with vinegar pon.

“Ponzu” hometown tax payment list

5 types of Ajiman from a 10,000 yen soy sauce shop (Chikusai City, Ibaraki Prefecture)

A kind of soy sauce is the pride of “Kamiho Soy Sauce”, founded in 1897, right next to the ruins of Kushita Castle in Chikusai City, Ibaraki Prefecture. The current owner is the sixth generation. It is characterized by a dedication to deep flavor and mellow soy sauce using the finest whole soybeans.

At the end of the soy sauce production process, there is a process called “burning”. Usually it is done for a short time by passing steam at a high temperature, but in Kamiho soy sauce, it is burned with hot water. This is a time-consuming and labor-intensive method and cannot be mass produced, but soy sauce made with this method is very popular. In particular, egg manufacturers say that the deliciousness of the eggs stands out in “egg ni soy sauce”, a special soy sauce made for rice with eggs.

The contents of the set include brewed soy sauce, Genta whole soybean sauce, soy sauce expert using dashi, traditional brewery soup, 5 bottles of egg soy sauce, 300 ml each. Applications can be made year round and the expiration date is one year from the date of manufacture.

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Soy sauce of all kinds 10,000 yen (Taka Town, Hyogo Prefecture)

A special soy sauce from the Adachi brewery in Takamachi, Takagun, Hyogo Prefecture. Adachi Brewery was established in 1887 in Takamachi, where the famous Mizumatsugai water stream is located at the foot of Mount Sengamine. We have carefully selected safe and secure raw materials since inception, and our motto is that the manufacturing method uses as few additives as possible.

The soybeans used as the ingredient for soy sauce and miso are “Sachiyutaka” grown in Hyogo Prefecture, and wheat is “Shirogane wheat”. “Sachiyutaka” is a sweet and rich soybean that makes soy sauce and miso very mild and delicious. Furthermore, “organic soybeans, organic wheat, organic rice” also use domestic ingredients that have passed strict standards.

The soy sauce produced by tempering in a Yoshino cedar wooden barrel has been used for over 100 years. The soy sauce brewed in the wooden barrel is characterized by salty salt, which makes it soft and has a nice clarity.

As a bonus, you can enjoy a variety of flavors with a set of black soybean sauce, kake soy sauce, umamitsuyu, purple drops, thin mouths for cooking and whole soy soup in water.

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Stylish Kuroshio watershed salt water “Yonakuni sea salt” A set of 15,000 yen (Yonakuni Town, Okinawa Prefecture)

“Kuroshio Genryu Shio”, made by cooking with only wood for more than a week according to the old-fashioned manufacturing method, “WRONG”, ideal for making sweets and bread, and “Little Flower”, is a kind of nut Small and recommended for meat dishes. And, it’s a set where you can enjoy 3 types of salt.

“Kuroshio salt water” is made by cooking slowly in a traditional flat kettle for more than a week and using the difference in concentration to remove harmful ingredients. It contains a moderate amount of bitterness, you can feel the taste and the mellowness. “WRONG” is characterized by easy salt solubility and ease of use. “Follow” is a small nut, easy to use and ideal as table salt. Since it is a transparent, pure white mass, it has a wonderful texture.

Yonakuni Kaisalt Co. Ltd. supplies salt in the local town of Yonakuni. Yonakunijima, the westernmost part of Japan, is closest to the Kuroshio headwaters and you can get clean seawater. In addition, it is suitable for salt making because it has a high salt concentration and does not produce plankton due to contamination. While adhering to classic production methods, we produce mineral-rich salt.

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Kishu’s blessing set theme “Kome Oil” and “Sansho Aromatherapy Oil” 10,000 yen (Katsuragi Town, Wakayama Prefecture)

It is a set of “Kome oils” made in Wakayama prefecture and “Sansho scent oil” that gives the fragrance of rice oil. Rice oil can be widely used in cooking such as fried, fried and sauces. Use domestic ingredients that have a mellow taste, make the best use of the ingredients’ properties and suit any dish. It is also rich in nutrients like vitamin E and tocotrienol.

Sansho aromatherapy oils are recommended not only for Japanese cuisine but also for Italian and French dishes, such as pasta, sauces and toppings. Although Wakayama prefecture accounts for the majority of Japanese production, Sansho uses the fruity and sweet aroma of “Grape Sansho.” Sansho is ground with a mill so that the scent won’t be blown away by the heat, you can enjoy the sansho scent to increase your cravings.

A set of 4 rice oils and 1 aromatherapy oil can be used and delivered year round.

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It’s a spice that is used in everyday cooking, so why not use something specific in terms of ingredients and manufacturing methods? Your regular food can taste much better.