The government wants to save a billion in tax loopholes from 2020

These measures should make it possible to finance the reduction of five billion euros in income tax announced at the end of April by Emmanuel Macron. “95% of taxpayers, today, will experience a tax cut”, ie the French earning less than 7,000 euros per month, said Gerald Darmanin. The minister returned to the subject of tax loopholes, which had been mentioned by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe during his general policy speech on June 12. “France is the country which has the most niches. We have been pursuing a Shadoks-style policy for forty years: we have imposed very high taxes, then we saw that this tax was not acceptable and we created plenty of niches, a large Gruyère cheese with lots of holes so that they are acceptable “, estimated Gerald Darmanin.

Recalling that “the Prime Minister said that we were going to reflect” on tax loopholes, Gérald Darmanin pointed out in particular certain “anti-ecological and anti-social” niches, citing in particular as an example “GNR” (non-road diesel ) or the “DFS” (specific standard deduction).

A billion in savings next year

Regarding the latter, which takes the form of a reduction in employer contributions reserved for certain sectors of activity (construction, aviation, cleaning, etc.) and is evaluated by Bercy at 1.5 billion euros, “we are going to work with professionals in the sector to reduce this niche and eliminate it, “said Gerald Darmanin. “He however insisted on recalling that” the government is not in favor of reducing niches for individuals, especially home jobs “.

“We will achieve the goal of a billion savings next year” on the niches, “for the five billion in income taxes. And four billion on the economy that will make the state”, a summed up the Minister of Action and Public Accounts. Without going into details, he cited the reforms underway in the areas of housing, subsidized contracts, public broadcasting, or the “social field”.

(with AFP)