The housing tax for the wealthiest 20% abolished “in several installments”

The housing tax that the 20% of the wealthiest households continue to pay will be removed for them, “in several times”, said Thursday Edouard Philippe, also specifying that the abolition of the audiovisual license “is not d ‘news’.

“80% of French people who paid housing tax saw it decrease by around a third last year” and “will see it decrease by another third this year, then by the last third next year, so that’s on the way “, reminded the Prime Minister on franceinfo.

The remaining 20%, the wealthiest households, “will” also be concerned, he assured, while indicating that it “will take a little time: we removed the 80% in three times, we will remove the Next 20% in several installments, ”he said.

Replace it to finance the action of the municipalities

“But the idea, it is clear, is to remove the housing tax and replace it to finance the action of the municipalities (…) by a stable resource” which will be the subject of “discussions very intense with the local authorities “so that” the clearly established device “appears in the budget bill at the end of the year, he added.

Asked also about the audiovisual license, which the Minister of Public Accounts Gérald Darmanin proposed to delete, Edouard Philippe acknowledged that “given the eventual elimination of the housing tax, we will have to ask ourselves the question of the financing of the audio-visual one and perhaps of the license “.

“But this question is not topical, we do not ask it today since this housing tax continues to (be) exercised, so the instrument which makes it possible to collect the royalty continues to exist”, a- he explained.

(with AFP)