The reservation starts with the hometown of the local lychee-producing region and items are tax-refunded with only 1% domestic distribution

Domestic lychee only distributes 1% in the country

“Duong Quy Phi lychee” is characterized by large, sweet and overflowing juice.

The lychee has a clear white pulp and overflowing juice. It is rich in beauty-friendly ingredients such as clean antioxidants and vitamin C, as well as folic acid, an essential nutrient for pregnant women and the fetus. Also known as the good fruit in China, it is a good fruit as a gift.

99% of fabric distributed in Japan is frozen from abroad and only 1% is domestically produced. It is produced in Kagoshima, Miyazaki and parts of Okinawa.

The Koyu Foundation, a regional trading company in Miyazaki Prefecture, is researching the cultivation of domestic lychee in Shintomi-cho, the prefecture’s leading fruit and vegetable production area. 30% of domestic lychee is produced in Shintomicho.

The Koyu Foundation has applied mango technology to produce high quality lychee. Success in branding is “Duong Quy Phi Fabric”. The brand name comes from the episode that China’s Yang Guifei, who is said to be one of the three most beautiful women in the world, loves Litchi. Production is limited to about 3 tons, with a short harvest time of about 1 month from the end of May to the beginning of July every year, so it is considered a “ghost”.

Litchi cultivated by people for more than 10 years

A farmer in a ditch Tetsuya Mori

The larger the litchi fruit, the sweeter and more juice it contains. In particular, large balls weighing 50g or more, can only get about 10 pieces from a tree, characterized by overflowing water, large, clear white flesh, sweet and cool aroma.

However, it takes nearly 10 years to be able to harvest a large ball weighing 50g or more. Tetsuya Mori, a litchi farmer in Shintomi-cho, continued his efforts to stabilize even when yields were unstable, and was able to harvest large litchi berries with high sugar content.
The big ball is positioned as the brand’s most premium grade as the “Yang Kihime Litchi premium 50”. Even less than 50g, the one of exceptionally excellent quality is called “Duong Quy Phi Thieu Litchi”, and we will provide more consumption and the deliciousness of the lychee in the country.

To book a reception with tax payment in the home country

Yang Guifei’s fabric package is made of high-quality paper that feels like leather

In season 2017, it was sold at Miyazaki Airport and gained a good reputation from customers. In addition to being used as an ingredient in upscale fruit cafes and cooking in Tokyo, orders from around the country at online stores. The packaging is made of high quality paper that feels like leather. Each fruit is carefully wrapped in a lid, making it a perfect gift.
In the spring of 2018, we began accepting reservations for the planned harvest in the form of Shintomicho’s homeland tax refund. This pre-order will be accepted before the 2018 harvest season (harvesting starts from late May). Why don’t you apply as an opportunity to get these precious fruits by local planting efforts as soon as possible.

* Receive tax records in the home country
[Furusato Choice]* Delivery in mid-July 2020
Shintomi lychee with 10 balls
Deposit amounts of 20,000 yen or more

Shintomi Litchi premium50 8 ball included
Deposit amounts of 25,000 yen or more