The taste of the ingredients is vivid! Best vegetable & fruit juices 5

Set of 4 juices 10,000 yen (Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture)

It is a set of drinks using vegetables and fruits from Nagasaki Prefecture, including carrot shoes using 5 inch Kuroda carrots, a specialty of Omura city, Nagasaki prefecture. Contents are 5 inch Kuroda carrot juice, blueberry juice and 2 other omakase types. Kuroda Gosun Carrot won the Omura Mayor’s Grand Prix Award at the “4th Grand Prix Omura Jigetama”, which showcases products made in Omura City and has been processed by Nagasaki prefecture. local since 2015. It is registered in the product certification system “Nagasaki Shikihata”.

“Omura Yume Farm Shushu” is an agricultural and tourist exchange that provides direct sales of agricultural products, an ice factory, a Western confectionery factory, a bakery factory. , harvest experiences and practice classes. The Fukushige District of Omura City, where Shushu is located, is also known as the “Fukushige Fruit Village” and is an area where you can enjoy a variety of fruits year round. I have made juice from agricultural products so that I can enjoy the taste of Omura City at home.

Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture has introduced a points system, and 50 points will be awarded to 10,000 yen donations. This juice set can be exchanged for 50 points.

Apple juice (Shinano Sweet Sun Fuji, set 6) 10,000 yen (Matsukawa Village, Nagano Prefecture)

Matsukawa Village, Kita Azumi District, Nagano Prefecture is a town located in the northwestern part of Nagano prefecture. In the northwest you can see the majestic mountains of the Northern Alps, and from this Alps rivers such as the Takase River, the Milk River, and the Ashima River flow through. To the west is the mountain Ariake, the symbol of the village, at the foot of the mountain is the fan-shaped Kobehara area. About 56% of the area is forest and about 25% is arable land, which is rich in nature.

100% juice is made by squeezing whole apples grown in Matsukawa village. Since it is straight, you can drink it whole and enjoy the original taste of the apple. As a gift you will receive a variety of “Shinano Sweet” and “San Fuji” (3 bottles each), so you can compare them by drinking. The farm we offer is “Maruhira Farm”, where apples grow in the rich nature of Shinshu Shinonome.

Yuzu Harvest (set of 6) 10,000 yen (Miyazaki Prefectural Urban Agricultural Town)

Miyazaki Koyu-gun Tonomachi is located between Miyazaki City and Nobuoka City. About 63% of the town’s land is forest, and this is a town surrounded by nature like Yaken Falls, which is selected as one of the 100 most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. This is a region with a warm climate and long sunny hours.

The gift is a juice made from fresh yuzu harvested in the wilds of Kyushu. Fresh yuzu can be harvested due to the special temperature difference of mountainous areas and beautiful waters of mountains and rivers. This Yuzu Harvest is made by carefully squeezing yuzu from Miyazaki prefecture and using fresh juice and honey. It is very refreshing and easy to drink so it is delicious for adults and children. It is recommended not only to chill and drink as it is, but also to put in shochu and drink as a cocktail.

A set of 6 gifts will be given, each with 3 servings of Yuzu Harvest and Hyuga Natsu Harvest 500ml.
It will be shipped within weeks once payment is confirmed.

This is the only place we have grown in Japan! Adberry ground cider 15,000 yen (Takashima City, Shiga prefecture)

Takashima city, Shiga prefecture, is located west of Lake Biwa. Since ancient times, it has prospered as a transportation hub connecting the capitals Kyoto and Nara with Hokuriku. In addition, there is also Wakasa Highway called Saba Highway because it carries salt mackerel, and it has a thriving history as a post town and a port town.

The reward is “Advery Cider”. Adberry is the nickname for the mussels grown near the Azumi River, and uses a berry powder from the Azumi River in Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture. It’s a dish where you can indulge in the cool sweetness of Adberry and refreshing carbon dioxide. Should let cool before drinking. It is also ideal after playing sports or after taking a bath.

Gift is a set of 24 Adberry Ciders, expiry date is 2 years from date of manufacture. In addition, the city of Takashima introduced a point accumulation system, and 10,000 points will be awarded to a 10,000 yen donation.

5 kinds of orange juice Value bottle set (9 bottles) 20,000 yen (Arita City, Wakayama Prefecture)

Arita is a town on the west coast of the Kii peninsula. This is a nature-rich town with seas, mountains and rivers, and it’s famous as mikan’s production hub, so you can see terraced fields where mikan is grown no matter where you look.

The reward is Mikan’s additive-free straight juice from Wakayama prefecture, which won the highest gold award at Mondo Selection 2017. Mikan, Kiyomi, Shiranui, Hassaku and Seminol juices are included in the set and you can compare the deliciousness of citrus. Since it has no additives and does not use sugar, it is a juice that can be safely used by children and the elderly.

It is offered by Ito Farm in the local city of Arita. You can enjoy orange juice to make the most of the deliciousness and flavor of the fruit.

We recommend 5 kinds of vegetable and fruit juices. Why don’t you compare juices made with delicious local specialties with your hometown tax?

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