Tosa Akaushi and Hida beef too! Best cut beef 5

* Since the information is November 2017, the gifts may be out of stock in each locality. Please note that.

Hida beef cut in pieces (400 grams) 10,000 yen (Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture)

The “Hida beef cut” that you can get with a donation of 10,000 yen is 400 grams. The cut out meat can be used for a variety of dishes such as fried foods, sukiyaki, meat potatoes and beef bowls.

The creator of Hida beef is Yoshida Ham Co., Ltd. Hida beef is a famous beef brand, but the Hida beef brand promotion board was established in 1988, and many popular activities have been carried out to develop it into the national brand. Yoshida Ham is also the first designated store to sell Hida beef, and is said to be the godfather of “Hida beef” as it handles 2,680 Hida beef annually.

Cut Hida beef can be used year round and will be frozen. Yoshida Ham’s commitment is also encapsulated in the freezing method. We have been successful in preventing cell damage and bringing quality closer to that of chilled meat using instant freeze technology using all nitrogen gas. Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture introduced a points system, and donating 10,000 yen will bring in 5,000 points.

Hiramatsu Farm specifies slicing set of old Japanese beef (800g) 10,000 yen (Kaya City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

Aged Kuroge Wagyu was created with the desire to create perennial beef that maximizes the unique flavor of Japanese beef. “Hiramatsu Farm Designated Aged Aged Kuroge Wagyu Beef Cut Off” is a set of Kuroge Wagyu “Grand Mother Beef” raised by Hiramatsu Farm in Kaya City, Kagoshima Prefecture. The cow is a reproductive cow, and we have succeeded in lowering the melting point of the fat by maximizing the fattening capacity for about 10 months using a feeding program and method of production. our unique. We are particularly interested in the forage weeds, and we are grown while taking care of each grass.

Mother beef is incubated for more than 30 days to increase flavor and convert to tender quality. You can enjoy the unique taste of perennial meat that cannot be enjoyed by conventional cuts. The cut branch is the peach, shoulder, and pink set cut off, weighs 800 grams, so it can be used for many different dishes. You can apply all year round and will be frozen within one to one and a half months after applying. Kaya City, Kagoshima Prefecture has introduced a point accumulation system, and 5,000 points will be awarded to a 10,000 yen donation.

Japanese beef “Tosa Akaushi” cut in pieces (1 kg) 10,000 yen (Tano Town, Kochi Prefecture)

Tano-cho, Aki-gun, Kochi Prefecture is known as the smallest town in Shikoku. Tosa Akaushi, raised in Tano-cho, is a unique “brown hair” improved only in Kochi prefecture, out of four Japanese breeds (Black Japanese, Japanese Brown, Short Angle Japan, and Angular Japan. ). It is a Japanese beef called “Japanese Kochi”. During the Meiji period, it acted as a farming cow and modified to be eaten for many years. Currently, about 1,800 cows are being raised (according to the Kochi Prefectural Promotion Agency in 2015), which is a precious Japanese beef, only 0.1% of the Japanese beef produced in Japan.

Tosa Akaushi is characterized by the “deliciousness of lean meat”. Premium sashimi meat has a rich sweet taste, low melting fat melts in the mouth, when put into the mouth will be both lean and fat melted. You can get two pieces of 500g “Tosa Akaushi”, for a total of 1,000g. It is transported frozen.

Since it is a rare brand name meat, you cannot apply when the quantity is reached, so it is advisable to apply early.

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Miran beef slices (700 grams) 10,000 yen (Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture is a city facing the Sea of ​​Japan located in the north of Yamaguchi Prefecture. It is famous as the city that became the home of the Choshu clan during the Edo period, and from the late Edo period to the pre-war period it has produced many big names in the world of politics and business. like Hirofumi Ito and Shinsaku Takasugi.

“Miran beef” is believed to have originated from Japanese beef, and is a specialty Japanese beef from the Hagi region whose father is “Mishima beef”, which is also considered a natural memento. Original brand beef from Midoriya Co., Ltd., is processed by crossing Mishima beef and Holstein beef of Dutch origin and carefully kept on its farm for about two years. It inherits the rich and rich flavor of original Japanese beef inherited from Mishima beef, and the rich and firm flavor of lean meat. The more you chew it, the more you will feel the original taste of the meat. The 700-gram “Miran beef cut” weighs 10,000 yen, which you can use for a variety of dishes like beef bowl, curry, meat and potatoes. Limited to 30 pieces per month, you can apply all year round. It froze.

Kurose beef slices (400 grams) 10,000 yen (Higashi Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture)

Kurose cow is a calf from 8 to 10 months old and raised in natural conditions for about 20 months. We talk about Japanese beef in particular, which has no offspring, the finished product is soft and smooth, and is favored by both men and women of all ages. Kurose Hiroshi Shoten, a Kurose beef producer, is a meat specialist who regularly produces and sells beef at “Kurose Farm” in Kurose, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture. We also run a community-based feed incubation cycle using cow manure to grow vegetables and rice locally.

400 grams of “Kurose beef cut off” can be used as a bowl of beef or fried food to enjoy the original taste and richness of the meat. It is shipped in the refrigerator and the expiration date is 4 days in the refrigerator.


We have introduced branded beef that is recommended for use in a variety of dishes. Why don’t you enjoy branded beef an easy way to pay this year’s hometown tax?

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