Can radish grow 20 days later?

Know the origin of radish 20 days

Radish …… Also known as 20 day turnip.

The origin of this word is “radix” meaning “root” in Latin, and it is said that what was widely cultivated in Europe came to Japan after the Meiji era. The name of the 20-day radish stems from the fact that it can be harvested 20 to 30 days after sowing.

According to my own research, Radish is the second most recommended vegetable for beginners. Some describe it as “barely making mistakes” and “even kids can grow” because it’s relatively easy to grow quickly.

When I first decided to plant such a radish and studied Niwaka, I found that there are many varieties of turnip.

“Red bell” “comet” “French breakfast” “sparkles” clockwise from top left.
There are 3 types of seeds in the mixture

“Comet”, “Red Chime”, “French Breakfast”, “Icicle”, “Snow White”, “Golden Radish,” … Color and shape change from red and round to red and white, slightly elongated. longitudinal, and white and the radish is very small in size.

In September, when the heat has cooled, I picked up the seeds I bought at home and sowed them for the first time in a long time.

Sowing a new “failure” seed?

We have prepared two small pots of plants, two bags of seeds and two types of soil for sowing.

First, you put the soil in the potted plant. The person in charge of the work this time is also my oldest daughter. My older daughter has had trouble getting on the porch ever since she got sick, but when I invited her, she said: “Do you want to plant a new one!? I want to do! ︎”.

Expectations increase as soon as you add new land, but …

Talking about how to sow seeds, in spring-summer season, I only have the experience of properly sprinkling the lettuce seeds, and the radish makes a straight groove and sow the seeds in it. So I looked for a small leftover stick in my house and made a ditch in the ground.

It is possible to groove with columns, but it is more convenient to use tension bars with adjustable lengths.

Sow the seeds in the trench you did. Seeds should be sown at 1 cm intervals, but measurement is also complicated and spacing is not good.

Children who work carefully with their little hands are better for sowing good seeds.

This time I decided to plant two types of seeds in a potted plant. Both are bought at a 100 yen shop, but when facing the grower, the right half is “Red and White Hatsuka Daikon (French Breakfast)” and the left half is “Akamaru 20th Daikon (Comet)” .

I have planted two seeds.I changed it to the left and right instead of row by row because I think sunlight can change between the front and back side after tilting.

After sowing, cover with soil and press lightly.

Gently press the soil down from above to prepare it for watering

Will changing land change the way we develop?

At the same time, I plant another pot of plants following the same procedure. The difference is the land used.

The first grower’s land is actually reusing the land used for cucumbers. I have disinfected in the sun for a while but I’m a bit worried because the disposable soil is sick vegetable soil.

The other type is newly planted land purchased at the family center. I am reassured that there will be no pathogens in the new soil, but I think I will try to see if the soil develops differently.

Fill the two pots with plenty of water and the day is done.

Juro for playing in water is not very suitable for soft watering because the water comes out strong.

Long days wait for the seeds to sprout

Three days later in the morning, a small sprout appeared. What appeared was recycled land.
When I noticed the surface of the soil bulging and looked closely, the buds were pushing the soil up. New soil has not sprouted yet.

On the morning of the third day, I noticed that the soil was rising

If you look closely, the buds are pushing the soil up!

Five days later, thin buds sprouted. However, the new soil has not sprouted yet. Look at the information on the seed bag that says “germination days from 4 to 7 days” so I thought maybe it was a bit late so I took a temporary “wait” position.

The buds started to develop

However, it does not germinate even after 7 days. When I wake up in the morning, it has become my daily routine to look at the potted plant with my older daughter and say, “The sprout is not out” and “I’m not out”.

After 10 days still no sprout. If it is weird, you will start to feel unsettled. After seeding acorn in the movie “My Neighbor Totoro”, I feel like Satsuki and Mei are staring at the ground every day and saying “I haven’t come out yet”.

Thinly cultivate and apply liquid fertilizers

On the other hand, reuse is in a state where thinning and fertilization are required. Usually, it seems “when the Futaba sprout and Futaba opens, the storage is thinning, leaving the good bulbs”, but my radish is all cotton and weak. Huh! It is difficult to follow the textbook.

I will question whether this is okay and continue the work as needed.

First, thin. To be clear, I couldn’t find “good Futaba”, so I diluted it with about 30% drop feeling.

Before (left) and back (right) are thin. Looking back later, we feel that the beginning is too late to lessen.

Next, in terms of fertilizers, according to a book on cultivation, it seems that radish is liquid fertilizer every 7 days after sprouting. Top dressing is also used for tomatoes and cucumbers, but at that time I used granular chemical fertilizers. This time I bought a liquid fertilizer that I usually see at home centers.

I bought a liquid fertilizer that can be used for both flowers and vegetables

Looking at the quantity, it shows that when giving vegetables, a 20 ml cap is diluted 500 times to form 10 liters of nutrient solution. However, since we grow a few vegetables on a small patio it is difficult to create and store 10 liters of water.

I want to calculate it in units of about 500 ml, but it is very difficult to measure 1 ml of liquid stool. As a compromise I decided to prepare water in a 2 liter PET bottle and add 4 ml of liquid fertilizer.

Prepared to make liquid fertilizer.A measuring cup of cold medicine syrup for kids is convenient for measuring less fertilizer

I used a weighing cup for children’s cold syrup no longer needed. When I poured liquid fertilizer, I was momentarily frightened with a light green color, but people said it was dark so I could tell at a glance that it contained fertilizer.

Pour clean blue liquid fertilizer

It’s convenient to attach the Juro cap to the PET bottle, which I bought at the 100 yen store, to water it as it is.

A jouro cap can be used as a lid for convenient storage and allowing dripping water.

Is radish the first vegetable to be processed?

The problem is another planter.

On the tenth day, some seed buds were sown into the new soil.

After a dozen days of waiting, a few buds finally sprouted. However, then if other shoots do not come out easily, there is no momentum for these shoots to develop.

In regenerated soil, the entire stem is thin and thin, and the leaves are in a so-called “elongated” state with a stretch between the leaves, and they collapse.

And 20th day.

Even after 20 days, it is not harvested

Contrary to their previous reputation of growing for 20 days, neither of them grow to the point of harvest. On the contrary, this life will die.

When I look back at it, it seems like it takes 40 to 50 days to plant in the fall and cultivate even it is called a 20 day turnip. I am disappointed. In the first place, there is no sign of lying that it won’t grow in 20 days….

However, which mouth thinks that it is the first and weakest enemy (vegetable)? If you can’t grow vegetables that are supposed to “make almost no mistake” and “even children can”, what kind of garden life should you live on in the future?

I have no choice but to start over.

◆ What is the cause of the error? Next time, I want to ask that person for advice.