Do not be affected by pests! Effective preventive measures and coping methods[Cánh đồng là một vùng hoang vu nhỏ tập 15]

Growing plentiful fields and soil is the basic solution

Pests and other organisms in the natural world all have the common goal of “enriching the ecosystem.” Therefore, as long as care is taken in line with this trend, the ecosystem will be out of balance and the risk of pests will increase in an attempt to restore that balance. Therefore, in order to fundamentally tackle the pest problem, it is important to enrich the field ecosystem. Specifically, I introduced the following 4 methods in the article “What does a worm also mean?”

By doing this little by little over time, the risk of a large number of pests will surely be reduced, but there are still problems with pests caused by different factors. So this time we will introduce the precautions and how to deal with such cases.

Precautions should be taken before a pest arrives

It is often difficult and laborious to take coping measures when you have been infested by a pest. Control measures should be taken before planting vegetables susceptible to pests and diseases or when they are likely to arrive.

Anti-insect mesh

It physically prevents insects from entering. It is especially used for leafy vegetables like cabbage and white vegetables that are not tall and can be easily eaten by worms. It is a countermeasure to crickets and caterpillars. However, be aware that moth larvae named Yotoumushi will leap in from the ground.

And more

As shown in the photo above, four pillars were erected and vinyl was glued around the seedling, called Andon. It is commonly used mainly for fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, pumpkins, peppers and eggplants. In addition to preventing pests from entering from the side not exposed to wind, and the internal temperature tends to increase, it can also promote early growth, especially effective for pumpkins and cucumbers. surname Uri. I don’t plant around it all the time, but only use it in the early stages of development so as not to get pests and diseases. The fertilizer bag can be cut and used, or it can be marketed.

Companion tree (prosperous copper plant)

Several combinations of plants have a positive effect on each other, and such combinations are called companion plants (prosperous copper plants). In particular, the following plants are often used as a remedy against pests and diseases.

Countermeasures against beetles, nematodes and worms Measures against pests, moths and caterpillars

Choose the right crop for your soil

The rice field has a lot of rice and grass does not have much land, so it is easy to pair vegetables of the legume family, the rice family.

Growing vegetables requires soil where there is no soil, more fertilizer is needed, pests are easier to eat. To see how much soil a field actually has, you can get a rough idea of ​​growing weeds. For more information see the article “Diagnosis with weeds! Can vegetables grow on that soil?”

In addition, even when the soil is hard enough, the soil conditions are not suitable for vegetables, such as growing vegetables that always need water in a field with poor water retention and growing vegetables that like to dry in wet fields. Vegetables do not grow well and are more susceptible to pests and diseases.

What to do when a pest occurs

Insects can even happen with different precautions. Here’s what to do in such a case. However, understand that this remedy might not be very effective if the soil is too weak or the ecosystem is out of balance.

Use natural pesticides

At my home we always have rice vinegar and shochu mixed in half and soaked with chili. In addition to its repellent effect, it can also be used as a rooting agent.

Insect repellent is taken using a liquid that has few side effects on field ecosystems. The following are typical ones. It is basically sprayed on the leaves and stems, but be aware that if the concentration is too high or sprayed too much, the vegetable may spoil.

Cereal vinegar, not synthetic vinegar, is recommended because it is not believed to harm plants but also energize them. It is used as a countermeasure against various pests like the name whale and abram. Dilute 50 to 100 times before use. It is more effective to mix shochu or soak it with pepper or garlic.

The smoke generated by burning firewood is cooled and liquefied, and it is also sold at home centers. It is used as a countermeasure against nematodes and abram. Generally, it is diluted 500 to 1000 times before use, but depending on the product, so check it thoroughly before use.


Illustration: By author

It’s a simple way to catch and kill. It is said that by killing in half and letting body fluids secrete instead of killing it completely, it becomes a warning signal for insects and their friends to come.
Green turtles, for example, emit a strong odor, which is also a warning to their kind. Turtles and other pests in the field do not emit such a strong smell, but their bodily fluids are thought to play a similar role.
At this point, if you kill all the insects, the reaction may increase, so you can kill them with the minimum required amount without trying to destroy them.

Sometimes it’s important to keep track

The companion of the turtle tied to the chili

We have come up with many methods of pest control and countermeasures, but sometimes there is also an observation method that does not require touching. There was an event that caught my attention this summer.
The picture below shows a tree with deciduous leaves and almost only branches. Perhaps the sap was absorbed too much by the ladybug and it appeared to be weakening.

After the number of turtles increased, it appeared that the leaves were slowly disappearing

Suffering at this time is not finished, so I should calculate to see. However, I thought this was also a good opportunity to observe, so I decided to leave it alone. Then, a month later, it’s back to work as shown in the image below! Although small, this resilience is amazing.

Peaman has begun to regenerate and bear fruit

When growing vegetables, you may be unexpectedly infested by the pest, but like the revival of this chili plant, you may be delighted to see better results than you could have imagined.
The kind of drama created by nature is the real thrill of creating a field, so don’t get too much disturbed by pests and diseases, always observe and learn little by little to develop into A field can coexist with pests.