Farmer-taught sweet potato cultivation What is a method of growing a big potato?

Sweet potato cultivation time

The cultivation time of sweet potatoes is shown below.

“Farming calendar” sweet potato

* 1 Medium cultivation: Since the soil becomes hard due to the effects of rain, etc., turn around the tree to soften the soil and improve the ventilation.
* 2 Gathering soil: Gathering soil between beds to store. Weeding is also done, but it is skipped when covering the soil (covering the surface of the soil with vinyl or straw).

School selection points (hojo)

Did you know that growing sweet potatoes should be as “thin” as possible? Excess fertilizer on older crops tends to cause the so-called “blurred vine” phenomenon, in which thick leaves and potatoes fail to grow.
Therefore, the more fertile “sandy soil” is ideal. Even in the soil that continues to be excessively moistened, such as clay, it will smudge.
However, if you are used to growing sweet potatoes and want them to grow larger and larger, then try top dressing and top dressing.

Fertilize sweet potatoes

Looking at gardening websites and gardening magazines, it seems that many people say, “Satsumaimo grows better without fertilizer, so try to grow it without fertilizer as much as possible. ” In particular, nitrogen is the main cause of smudging, so it should be most cautious. For more detailed information, it is sometimes said that the potassium content has a lot to do with potato expansion.
When I heard this much, I found that if I only added potassium without adding more protein, the potatoes would grow without being blurred, but the fact is that even with a lot of potassium, sweet potatoes absorb potassium without half of it. Can not do.
For example, if you have an 8-8-8 fertilizer (the numbers represent the ratio of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium), use about 50 grams per square meter as a base fertilizer and top fertilizer.
Fertilizers for sweet potatoes such as 5-8-10 are also available in the market. All have a small amount of protein and should be mixed with twice as much potassium, so if the amount is large, use specialized fertilizers. Finish fertilizing at the end of June and note not to be late. If fertilization is continued during the second half of the growing period, potato growth will slow down.

Growing sweet potato

In home gardens, people often plant from commercially available seedlings. Seedlings from seed potatoes are described later.

Planting purchased seedlings

Orthodox planting method.
Only place the tops on the ground and bury parallel to the ground.

The most common method in small gardens is to float the ends of the seedlings slightly.
The depth of the knots is even, effectively increasing sales.

Paste only the base of the subtree.
Labor is small, but the amount of harvest is small due to the small number of nodes on the ground. However, the weight of each item also increased.

People usually plant a row (one row) 30 cm apart in a relatively narrow bed with a width of about 70 cm. If there is a problem of space, you can plant two rows in a wide groove, but the workability will be slightly worse.
The higher the ridge height, the better, and 30 cm is the standard.
It is no exaggeration to say that the soil condition at the time of planting is most important for sweet potato cultivation, so even if it is a bit slow, deep plowing, bed-making should be done when the soil is good 2-3 days after it rains. Let’s do it.

If you want to raise seedlings from potato seed

You can also store potatoes until next year and grow from seedlings. However, it takes about 40 days for seedlings to plant seedlings, but normally it needs to be planted from seedlings because it coincides with the time of the busiest summer season.

Make the beds shown in the picture and arrange the seedlings about 10 kg per square meter evenly. Then, tilt the potato about 15 degrees above the ground, align the tops, align the potato.
The optimal temperature for germination is relatively high at 30 ° C, and even in the Kyushu region it is common to bury the hot wire in the ground to maintain the temperature. Do not dry out but too wet is strictly prohibited. When the vines in turn grow about 30 cm, cut off leaving about 2 nodes and use the cut vines to plant. Planting in the groves is the same as for purchased seedlings. It will wilt a little while the seedling is stored, but it will take root without problems.

Weeding to grow sweet potatoes

The most important thing in sweet potato cultivation is the weeding. It is very rare to see descriptions of sweet potato processing with a focus on weeding, but weed management is the number one cause of failure for sweet potatoes that tend to go untreated.
Even with a little cover, it can be harvested enough to enjoy by weeding, but it is difficult to pull weeds thick enough to hide potatoes. Moreover, due to the heavy labor in mid-summer, many people find it difficult to grow sweet potatoes by weeding at the wrong time.

Looking at the work period in the farming schedule, I felt that the weeding and middle cultivation began immediately after planting. Weed the sweet potatoes about 30 days after planting. Never miss this time. As you can see at a glance from the growth chart of the farming calendar, the stems will grow once 30 days after planting.
If you miss this time, the weeds and potatoes will gather into the jungle and you won’t be able to touch them. It takes time for weeding, insect outbreaks and disease, poor sunlight, potatoes are small and cannot resist the sugar. If I pluck such a herb during the mid-summer high temperature warning, I would give up the less promising sweet potatoes and watch them in the room in Koshien.

Conversely, if you finish around 30 days, the weeds won’t grow much and you can do it by buzzing. Furthermore, growth will then be improved, and the entire field will soon be covered with potatoes, so weeds will not grow after that. Potato leaves are shining evenly, photosynthesis creates a lot of sugar.
Coinciding with the time of fertilizing, ending is making soil and doing middle crop.
This completes 80% of the sweet potato cultivation. It’s time for the Koshien qualifiers to start.

Pest and disease prevention measures sweet potatoes

Although pests like abramushi and foliar yoto occur frequently, they are relatively easy to grow even in the absence of pesticides.
The most important thing to note is the “Nekobu nematode”. It is a parasitic nematode, and it increases with continuous harvest, and it also infects other vegetables. If it happens too often, buy a soil-specific pesticide from a nearby agricultural cooperative or gardening store. It’s hard to get it at the home center.

Harvest sweet potatoes

If the soil temperature drops below 9 ° C, the potato will rot easily, so harvest it before it frosts. Use a sickle to plow the potatoes onto the surface and dig up with a pickaxe or three-pin spoon. The potatoes that had pierced the scorpion looked huge and gorgeous, but the small fish were just big. Dig a hole in the distance so that the potato won’t fall.
If you leave a little stalk (narrow neck) attached to the potato, it will be better preserved.

Above is how to grow sweet potato.
No need to spray a lot of insecticide, it doesn’t take much time, and this is a very enjoyable crop when you dig potatoes with family and friends. satisfied! Try growing honey sweet potatoes to experience offline.