How do you control the temperature of produce? Atsushi Tsuji x Aimi Sato

Started cultivation in 2011 after making irrigation agricultural materials. We grow cherry tomatoes and western vegetables in a 25-story house and an 80-block field in Isehara city. My hobby is fishing.
After graduating from university and working for a company for 3 years, he started farming in 2014 after working at the Kanagawa Prefectural Agricultural Academy. He is active in “Nomusukai”, a succession organization for women’s agriculture in Yokohama. Vegetables are grown on 1.1 hectare field and 16.5 base in Yokohama. My hobbies are traveling and walking.

Effort to continue harvesting for a year

Tomatoes that Mr. Tsuji grew indoors

: I think we produce about 100 types per year in more or less quantities. Non-rice agricultural products are sold at the direct sales offices and at events such as Marche several times a month, so we look forward to welcoming our vegetable buyers of a wide variety. vegetables as possible. With that in mind, we are making a wide variety of products in small quantities.

: Mainly tomatoes made at home. I also grow tomatoes and Italian vegetables on the open lot.

Three houses are managed by Mr. Tsuji

: I wanted to harvest and sell tomatoes for a year without being depleted, so I started opening the field later so I could have tomatoes even when I couldn’t harvest at home.

: At home we grow tomatoes in the summer and pumpkins in the fall, but basically the field is empty.

:I agree. I use the home growing method for long-term freezing, which means I can plant seedlings in the summer and harvest until next summer, but it is difficult to harvest in August. So I think if I starting to cultivate outdoors, I will be able to do it for a year.

: We have our own direct sales office, so I think we have to keep selling for a year so that customers can come continuously.

Mr.’s direct sales office

: To change the harvest time, I should have sown the seeds by shifting rows about a week, but if the climate changes and the plants grow to the same height and I can harvest at the same time then what will happen out? it’s correct. I feel that how to control the temperature is important so that people get high quality products at the right prices.

: In my case, I failed outdoor cultivation this year. The end of the rainy season came earlier than I expected, and the temperature rose sooner so I could not pollute the tomatoes well.
I used a farming method called sovereign farming, in which the tomatoes were placed on metal columns to form a tomato growing tunnel, but it became hot before the tunnel was shaped. into the right way. I planted it much later than usual so it did not coincide with the harvest time of the house-grown tomatoes, but I realized there was such a risk.

Temperature control for outdoor farming in winter “The tunnel was blown by the wind and made a big mistake”

: Yes, leaves like Komatsuna and spinach will rot when it freezes, so in winter we dig tunnels to protect our crops from the cold. Also in the summer, we use a tunnel called Kanreisha to block out the light and prevent it from overheating.

The leafy vegetables Mr. Sato grows on the open land

: The advantage is that the temperature inside the tunnel can be maintained so it grows faster. For a farmer like us, who wants to spend a little time, it is great to be able to harvest a little without wasting it. Because the growth rate can be adjusted by the tunnel.

: Anyway, it takes time and effort. You have to get out of the tunnel and keep it so it doesn’t fly, and you have to do it with a few people, so you need to do it manually.
Furthermore, even after standing up, it is necessary to control the temperature and water while observing the climate and the state of the leaves. The inside of a tunnel can be too hot and stuffy, so just open the side to let the air in. Watering must also open the cellar.

: There is a bendable bar called strut, but when you insert it into the kamaboko shape, you have to make the height and distance between inserts equal. I used to put it aside and bump into slightly wider pillars, and on a windy day everything was blown away (laughs). I realized I shouldn’t cut corners.

: Basically, I use the tunnel for leafy vegetables, and also garlic and Italian vegetables, but when it comes to frost, it melts and coagulates. If that happens, it will rot and become unsold and be discarded. Tunnels are still needed to prevent such a situation.

The winter house needs careful attention “Opening and closing windows in increments of 1 cm”

: Actually, even in the middle of winter, when the sun is blindingly hot, the indoor heater is barely turned on. Even if you don’t turn on the heater, it can reach around 30 degrees, so no problem during the day. You may hear people say “houses don’t come out naturally”, but many people may not know that they are doing it the right way by using the natural things of sunlight.

Inside Mr. Tsuji’s house

: The house has a sunroof, but the temperature inside the house varies depending on whether you open 1 cm or 2 cm. If the cold tomatoes heat up simultaneously at night, they will get wet and cracked or sick, so I want to slowly raise the indoor temperature during the day. You are making such an effort.

: We monitor the interior of the house and program it based on results. With the current setting, you can see which curve the temperature rises, so you’re in control.

: Right now, all three houses are of different types. Out of them, there’s only one tall house, but it’s ideal for me because the temperature doesn’t rise too suddenly, and is easy to manage. Also, I think it’s important to have good sunlight.

: That is when the power is out, so when it snows, the feeling of crisis intensifies, but in such cases, I remember my seniors’ teaching, “Turn on the heater when the oil is heavy.”

: In response to heavy snow, I have maxed out the heating setting and left it on for 24 hours so the heating can be turned off at any time.

Temperature control is getting harder with each passing year !?

: After all, the taste of crops produced varies depending on the season. For tomatoes, lower nighttime temperatures in winter should have a feeling of concentration, or strong sweetness. In spring, the fruit becomes a bit softer and the skin becomes softer, giving it a feeling of freshness. I feel that vegetables are changing with the climate.

: The cooler the root vegetable, the sweeter and darker it will be. Also, when it’s warm, the fruit and leaves grow bigger, so I think each has its own advantages.

: Recently, I often cannot read the weather due to the unusually hot summer and storms. I think to study more carefully about the timing of sowing, the strong variety depending on the climate to cope with which plants. It is also a game for the farmer how to transport when the crop cannot be harvested.

: I was surprised that the damage caused by Hurricane 24 the day before caused salt damage to the inland city of Isehara. Also, I think summers are too hot for cultivation.

: Sure, people are going crazy. How to block the summer sun is a problem for the future, as it can get sunburned and not be sold. Sometimes I want as many people as possible to do various measures (laughs).

: Cooling is harder than warming, so it consumes equipment. It’s like a farmer’s habit, and I think every year he argues that “the weather is unusual this year” (laughs). From now on, I am thinking of becoming an unjustified farmer.

: That’s ideal (laughs).