Humans are not the only ones needed to revive agriculture

12th generation of a longtime farmer living in the Hazawa district of Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama from the Edo period.
Hiramoto Farm, which grows a variety of crops on an area of ​​3,000 tsubo (about 1 hectare), produces more than 100 varieties of vegetables annually.
In addition, as a member of Kanagawa Prefecture’s burgeoning farmer group, Kana Seven, he also participates in activities aimed at enlivening Kanagawa Prefecture’s agriculture.

Challenge 1 Agricultural regeneration in Kanagawa prefecture

Shinshichi is a group of members that could lead the region, so today, each member often thinks about what they should do. My recent activity was to set up a Shinshichi booth at “Yokohama Kitanaka Marche” on the 3rd Saturday of every month to sell vegetables. It was a place to attract Shinshichi.

When Shinshichi presided over a meeting with 100 farmers in the province called “Hyakka Ikkikai”, I heard a voice saying “There are not enough points of sale” in some parts of Kanagawa Prefecture. .. I was wondering if I could recommend a sales destination to such farmers from here. The eternal problem that arises there is “distribution”. Our main job is farming, so if we try to distribute, we cannot get enough of our main business and the quality of the crops will decline. So finally, I am looking to distribute it with Shinshichi.

Challenge 2 Educate food to overcome the separation of children from vegetables

I agree. What we do every year is a harvest experience with kids and a barbecue. Interestingly, if you feed the vegetables on the spot, even the kids who don’t like to eat the vegetables will say “delicious” and eat them. We also hold food education events in Tokyo, and at that time we also bring fresh vegetables to eat. Here too, children are ready to eat vegetables. My parents used to ask me, “What’s the difference?”, But I replied, “That’s what I get in the morning, and the freshness is completely different. Since vegetables are also living organisms, they evaporate over time, reducing the water content in vegetables and changing their texture and taste. In that case, unpleasant parts like an acrid and bitter taste stand out. Many children are not good at chili, eggplant, and carrots, but when they feed them freshly picked chili, they say they are “sweet”. Every time a child eats a vegetable, the parents buy it. That is why making children love to eat vegetables is the biggest promotion.

Issue 3 Awareness changes on the farm side

I work in a local group called “Hazawa Raised”, but the original members of the market have recently switched to direct selling. In the marketplace, you cannot bid on what you’ve worked hard to create. Many farmers have given up on being called “market prices”. I think this is very strange. Of course, to sell at your correct price, we will do everything we can to reduce the price. For example, think of ways to reduce the number of cartons, or negotiate with the supermarket at the place of shipment and ask them to go to the collection point for the vegetables to reduce distribution costs. We are also devising ways to add value, such as stories for what we sell. I have trained many different farmers and I have seen agriculture in the United States, so I don’t think one method is everything. In the future, it will be important to change the farmer’s mindset.

Since my dad died last year, I think we have to change the form of agriculture at Hiramoto Farm. Since we deliver to restaurants and supermarkets every day, we must continue to ship the crop year round. Since the quantity is small and many items, work continues without hesitation by cleaning up the field and preparing for the next, such as “harvest finished, next crop”. Until now, I had to hand over the cleaning and field preparation to my mother, not leave me forever. If I had to, I would have to do more work, so I thought about reducing the shipment volume.

* * *

Under the guidance of Mr. Hiramoto, who is actively engaged in various activities and at the same time having problems, he consulted us to suggest cooperating to establish a farm to conduct the experiment. demonstration of the “e-kakashi” cultivation navigation service using IoT. I will enter. This service is handled by PS Solutions, a company of the Softbank group, is a service that assists in developing workflow and pest control plans by collecting environmental data, using time data. and combine it with scientific knowledge. Actual work done can also be linked to collected data, and “experience and intuition” can be compiled into a manual and shared. What potential does Mr. Hiramoto feel about “e-kakashi”?
Next time Mr. Hiramoto decides to take on the challenge of smart farming, and will begin preparing to build and operate a house so that he can do a demonstration experiment!

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