I feel a lot of pain when cleaning. This is a must-have item for the veranda vegetable garden!

Start cleaning the patio

December is approaching the end of the year. I put aside mopping and patio cleaning for two days. I usually avoid summer and winter when I clean, but spring and autumn are times when not only humans but also vegetables and fruits are easily active. I missed the opportunity while saying it was a seed.

However, dirt on the veranda, which was pretended not to be seen, became noticeable.

Dirt on the ground

Even if you’re careful, soil will fall off during work

One of the stains of concern is soil. I think I’m working with some care, but it’s totally inevitable some soil will spill out of the planting pot when sowing and planting seedlings.

The soil gets into the gaps in the wood

Furthermore, since the wooden board was placed on my veranda, the soil that spilled into this gap could no longer be swept out, and I spent my time trying to erase it from my consciousness as if it never existed. .

Drainage from the factory

Water flowing from the bottom of the plant’s pot creates stains …

The other is dirt from water that comes out of the pot bottom. After sowing the seeds, it is essential to “water a lot”, and since we grow up with the attitude of “sometimes forget to water but water a lot”, water comes out every time I water. I made the stain.

I practiced every day to spend time as if I had not seen this, but concrete walls and the like were not wrapped in a curtain called wooden planks and displayed “as is”, as So I couldn’t help but heed it. I will.

Oh dirty … but so cold … After doing so for a while, I finally managed to lift my heavy waist.

Impact on dirt that accumulates in the pile

1 day

First cleaning day. First, remove the wood panels by lifting all of the vegetable pots to the wall or avoiding them aside. Below the dashboard is a scene I’ve never seen before …

Move all the growers and remove the wooden boards

I lost dirtier words than I imagined …

This is reality turned away. First, the accumulated soil is swept out and gathered together, and the remaining fine dirt is swept away with a brush by the deck with a small amount of water. I also cleaned the area around the outdoor unit and the windows, and proceeded to the point where I washed the boards one by one and spread them to dry, and the day was over.

Sweep the soil out and put it together

Day 2

Second day total cleaning. Place the dry wood boards on the floor again, this time lowering all the potted plants on the fence. Use a little water and eagle to wash away dirt on the walls and walls, be careful not to splash water on the porch. Eventually, the dead leaves that accumulate in the drainage trench are removed.

Dust on the wall appears after potting the plant

A little dirt remains. Some people not only use water, but also use baking soda and household detergent.

I have had a hard time cleaning the awning every time, but this year the dirt is different. Better yet, I thought I should remove the wood, but heard that it is more effective against heat and cold than to place the pot directly on the concrete floor.

Then in this state, I want to keep the veranda as clean as possible…. With that in mind, I realized I needed a tool. These are the three that I recently introduced and realized I should have bought them earlier.

What are the essentials to keeping the patio clean?

1, disc

Planting plates are necessary to keep the floor clean

It is placed at the bottom of the potted plant for drainage. With this, it seems to be possible to prevent the drainage system from leaking. Now I wonder why I didn’t buy it with growers.

However, it is said that if water stays in the plate, the area near the bottom will be excessively moist and the roots will rot, so carefully remove the water from the pea. It seems that some potted plants are pulled-out type and easy to wash away accumulated water.

The 100 yen store planter who doesn’t have a plate has replaced the tableware tray

2, gardening panels

Bought a sheet of garden paper for Compal. A square with side length 105 cm

It is a convenient item that can be placed under the planting pot when planted or replanted to prevent soil drop. I thought it could be possible to replace it with opening a trash bag or placing an unused relaxation sheet, but this particular sheet is more durable and the edges are upright and the soil is less likely to be scattered.

Additionally, it is designed to be portable if the four corners are stitched together. It’s not expensive, so considering how difficult it is to clean it up later, I realized I should have used it earlier.

3, Jouro

For two generations, I used a jouro for underwater play that I bought at the 100 yen store. I think this is enough to get started with as little money as possible, but as the number of growers increases, I get tired of having to re-absorb the water many times.

I’m also worried that the hole in the lotus’s mouth is big and it comes out pretty hard. There is a sensation of damaging the newly sprouted young leaves, and there is also a risk of soil splattering on leaves and stems and becoming diseased plants. In addition, when children are watering, they spread around and contaminate floors.

Juro, while playing underwater, has strong momentum and is easily thrown around

When I started looking for it, Jouro’s world was quite deep, and I was fascinated by functional and quite upscale things, but I chose an affordable one because it couldn’t be helped if people were poor planting is highly developed. It is important to note that it is large enough to be raised and has a short nozzle so it won’t be obstructed even on narrow awnings.

The water is softer and softer than the previous times, the number of sprints is also reduced, creating a more comfortable feeling.

Iris Oyama’s Jouro. With 3.6 liter capacity is 1000 yen, capacity and price are moderate.

There is a fun outdoor vegetable garden in a beautiful environment

It looks like the veranda will be beautiful and you should be able to get through the year comfortably. When I planted many pots of vegetables in a row, the cleaning time was difficult, so I once again felt the need to think of a way to keep them clean.

Also, although a small amount of water was used to clean my porch, there is a risk that it will seep downstairs depending on the accommodation, so I should clean it carefully while checking the terms and condition. ..

Next year, while maintaining a beautiful environment, the cultivation will increase …

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