The bright red reality of growing a “sweet” strawberry

Buy a strawberry seedling hastily

Since the beginning of autumn, I’ve been working on companion trees. At that time, I was disappointed when I looked for the guise leaf seedling because it was out of stock, but instead I bought it impulsively. It is a strawberry seedling.

Strawberry seedlings begin to line up at home centers in early October

A bright red chigo image is printed on a seedling card. The ad phrase “too sweet!” If you put a homemade bright red strawberry on a cake for Christmas, your kids will be overjoyed …!

I had such a strong illusion, but when I think about it, strawberries didn’t sell much in the supermarket in December. I was wondering and trying again about strawberries.

“Strawberry of one season” and “Strawberry of four seasons”

Strawberries are perennials in the rose family. It is said that strawberries have been cultivated in Europe and Asia since the Stone Age to eat, but the strawberries were small and less sweet. What is currently grown in Japan is believed to be an improved variety of what was imported from France, Great Britain, the United States, etc.

There are two kinds of seedlings on the market: “one season strawberry” and “four season strawberry”. Strawberries bloom once a year in the spring and bear fruit, while four-season strawberries bloom continuously and can be harvested regardless of the season. In general, it is often said that strawberries produce sweeter fruit in one season.

Seedlings are planted twice a year in spring and autumn, but it is said that autumn planting is easier to plant and is recommended for beginners.

* Department of Consumers Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

What about the strawberry tree?

I bought two different seedlings. Both are Suntory’s serious vegetable series, “Mitsuka” single season strawberry and “Raku-nari” four-season strawberry. After buying it, I noticed that the seedling has many different varieties and fruiting patterns, but I still don’t know if this is good or bad.

I bought two varieties of strawberries and garlic

I also bought garlic seed.

Talking about the strawberry tree, I wrote in an earlier article that the petunia mentioned, but in fact, garlic is also the top vegetable for it. It is said that it can be expected to have insect repellant effects while preventing disease.

We have prepared a round planting pot of about 10 liters capacity.

Speaking of strawberry pots, the unglazed “strawberry pot” was cute and fashionable, but when I looked up at it it cost thousands of yen, so I turned it down this time. There’s also a potted plant that can be planted on three sides called a “strawberry potted”, but to minimize its space and flexibility, we decided to use a regular round planting pot. .

What is the planting point?

After adding the soil to a certain extent, temporarily place it and check the alignment.

For soils, I have used the “eco-porous layer” mentioned in the article “Throw away light soil”. Place a potted stone on the bottom of the pot, cover the soil and place the seedling temporarily. I used to grow it with a lot of texture and it wilted, but this time I studied the planting process carefully. Because it seems that growing strawberries requires a little trick.

If you look closely, you can see what appears to be a runner sign

The first point to notice is the direction of the subtree. Strawberries are often said to be “planted with runners facing inside pots.” The runner is a trace that has been removed from the parent line, and the flower buds are attached to the opposite side to produce fruit. If you plant the seedling with the truss facing inward and close to the edge of the pot, the strawberry will hang outwards.

I was filled with strawberries hanging out of the pot, and I involuntarily drew a picture.

Adjust the height of the soil

The second point to note is the elevation of the soil. Strawberries have a crown-shaped body at the base of a tree called a canopy. New leaves and buds will come out from here, so do not bury the tops in the soil, but adjust the height just right, not too shallow. When choosing a seedling, choose a tree with a large, sturdy stem.

Some time after planting, leaves begin to come out of the tops

How do you manage in the winter?

Strawberries “sleep”

It is also from here that I do not fully understand the mulberry profession. After planting in October-November, they “sleep” once, spend winter and wake up after mid-February.

Sleeping …?

If it’s a bear’s winter sleep, it’s a picture of being in a cave. If your child is taking a nap, put on a thin blanket. But how do you take care of hibernating strawberries? We asked Mr. Souya Hashiguchi, who is also known as “Master Soyan”.

Is a strawberry to sleep instead of a hibernation, but is it okay to leave it outside?

It’s fine outside. Warm place with good sunlight is fine, so it can be fine indoors. Keeping warm will accelerate growth.


What should I do with watering and fertilizing?

Watering can only be done after the soil has dried, so I think it will be less frequent. Fertilization is based on the feel of the leaves. Experience is what makes this happen …



Learning … I was immediately nervous (sweating).

Will it bear fruit even in winter?

According to Master Soyan, sleeping strawberries are only watered occasionally, and don’t seem to need to care for them too much. Strawberries normally grow in winter with only leaves after planting in the fall. When you wake up from sleep, the flowers will bloom and bear fruit, so fertilizing around this time looks good.


Strawberries are in season

Many flowers have already bloomed on my strawberries. Furthermore, doesn’t something seem to be growing working? It is understandable to be a four-season strawberry, but a new season will bear fruit. Is it because of the recent high temperature …?

It is said that the flower blooms in the fall and winter bears no fruit, so it is better to cut it off to enrich the warehouse, but it bears fruit. I couldn’t cut it, so I decided to take a look. Why is our crop always growing diagonally compared to expectations …?
Because it is a sweet strawberry, the cultivated itself may not be sweet at all. Thanks to that, I feel like I’m only thinking about strawberries these days. The mood is both mellow, restless and sweet and sour like a young strawberry.

◆ It seems that every day, watch for a while to see if the fruit is evenly ripe. Next time, I will challenge “Riboveji”.