What are effective weed-fighting measures Introduce easy-to-use tools and how to use them

Control the stylish weeds with Grand Cover Plants

Himei Wadareso

“Large cover plants” are plants such as Himeiwadareso, centipede and benthic whose stems grow along the earth’s surface and cover the ground. Covering the soil surface with these ground cover crops can prevent the entry and growth of other weeds.

Since weeding measures are required for the ground cover crops until they are stable after planting, it initially takes some time, but if they are able to grow, weeds can be prevented in more than 10 years and the burden of lawn mowing was enormous. Can be dropped. It also looks fashionable, so it might be ideal for creating a beautiful garden.

Low cost and easy to use, weed proofing and how it works

A “weed shield” commonly found in home centers as a measure against weeds is a sheet with high light shielding properties. By coating this mulch on the ground, you can stop the photosynthesis of weeds and stop their growth. It is also recommended for general households as an easy to use device due to its relatively low cost and permissible properties.

When placing the plate, make sure to weed the place where the sheet is placed first. Then, remove the cobblestones and carefully prepare the ground, placing the sheet without gaps so that the sheet does not come off by the wind. If you cut the sheet with scissors, the cut may get frayed, so pre-affix a piece of special tape to the section to be cut and cut it from the top of the tape. Also, if there are obstacles such as surrounding blocks, be careful not to let light in due to the gap between the obstacle and the paper. After placing the sheet, pin it to the ground and you’re done.

What is a gravel device that is both beautiful and useful for crime prevention?

Gravel is also one of the more familiar items that can be used for weed control. Many households can scatter gravel in their gardens not only for weed control but also for crime prevention and landscaping. However, it is usually not a complete remedy, as weeds grow from openings in gravel. Therefore, the recommended method is to sprinkle gravel on the weed shield that was introduced earlier. You can not only prevent the weed control panel from deteriorating, but you can also make the landscape of the garden beautiful by placing colorful gravel instead of just using the panel.

As you can see, there are a number of weed control measures that you can take easily and safely without using an herbicide that requires careful use or the use of large and expensive machines like lawn mower or lawn mower. First of all, how about the implementation of the measures introduced this time?

Supervisor: Akihide Fushimi, Western Japan Center for Agricultural Research, Agricultural Research Organization http://www.naro.affrc.go.jp/