A must see for manufacturers! Dekiru consumers are choosing online vegetables here!

The grocery shopping market is expanding fast! Vegetables are not for everyone else

Yano Research Institute has released the results of survey about the food shopping market in 2016. There, it is clear that the behavior of buying food by mail is becoming normal when the entire activity of shopping online the route is expanding day by day. Most of them are ordered for sweets and specialties, but fresh foods including vegetables are also included in the survey categories.

In addition, the report predicts that the size of the domestic food shopping market will reach 3,973.4 billion yen in fiscal year 2020 and “I think there is a possibility that the market size of shopping websites and cooperatives will reverse in 2019. ” It has been described as.

In this way, as the online shopping market expands, what will consumers think when choosing vegetables?

Is it safe to see the manufacturer’s side by mail order?

In recent years, it is not uncommon for vegetables to be sold at supermarkets to be labeled with the manufacturer’s face and face. Behind this is the “establishment of food traceability system” recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. These movements became apparent when the mad cow problem and the problem of disguised food origins became apparent.

Even before that, there were home delivery companies such as those specializing in organic vegetables and cooperatives, and a certain number of people chose and bought safer food. However, with the focus on food safety, it can be said that consumers want to get closer to producers, helping to expand the market of “ordering” from the production areas.

In addition, more and more people want to support producers by seeing producers smiling with vegetables on Internet shopping sites and touching their thoughts.

Lifestyle change is also a wind

Diversification and lifestyle changes are also changing the vegetable market. For example, more and more people are interested in new and rare vegetables and want to eat them. In “JA Town”, the JA and manufacturers from all over the country sell agricultural and livestock products and specialty products, which can be obtained through the Internet. Here, “Salad Onion” and “Candy Cabbage” from Shizuoka prefecture are very popular. We’re also looking at lifestyle changes where people are interested in food and want more fun every day.

Meanwhile, online retailers and consumer electronics retailers, which have strong distribution networks nationwide, have finally begun to sell fresh food. We may also need to examine movements that can dramatically change our own consumer behavior. The platform is desirable for consumer convenience, “I want it now” and “I don’t want to waste time buying it.”

As mentioned above, the expansion of the vegetable shopping market is strongly influenced by consumers’ desire for “safety”, “convenience” and “enjoyment”. Starting a mail order can be complicated, but consumer demand is on the rise. It would be great if you think from the consumer point of view how to carefully cook your own vegetables so that more people can eat them.

The above information is current as of January 20, 2018.