A store that attracts housewives for its freshness and price[Yahyakuya File: Tummy]

Proof of freshness that all stores do not have a refrigerator

Mr. Takashina, the representative, is said to be the representative of a company with direct vegetable sales offices nationwide until the establishment of Monten Co., Ltd. in 2015. Utilize knowledge and network At that time, I wanted to create a Yahyakuya style like a downtown direct sales office, and in April 2016, I opened my first “Tummy” store in Shimokitazawa, Setagaya. -ku, Tokyo. Open.

“I feel the demand for food in the city center is very high and the demand for clean vegetables is also high. The freshness of the vegetables at the direct sales office is outstanding because farmers send them directly. However, in the field. And the direct sales office is a style possible because it’s close, and not recognizable in the city center.

If you want to deliver plants from a remote field, use a courier service. If you do, the vegetable will not arrive before the store opens in the morning and it may not be available in bad weather or traffic congestion. So our idea is to buy in the market and sell it as fresh as direct production ”.

Vegetables purchased from the market will be delivered to each store within a few hours. It’s amazingly fast compared to the general Yahyakuya and supermarkets. Therefore, freshness is unsurpassed. The fresh komatsuna piled up into a mountain for sale in an instant.

It’s not a big store, but it sometimes sells 50 boxes of Komatsuna per day. “Our store doesn’t have a refrigerator in the store or in the backyard. We don’t need the vegetables we bought that day because we’ll sell them out on that day as much as possible. “

Seasonal vegetables are “delicious, fragrant, and affordable”

“I’m hungry” in terms of freshness in particular, but another thing that I specifically mention is “cheap”. The price of Komatsuna mentioned above is 45 yen per bag on interview date (October 2017). The big Daikon sells for an unexpectedly low price of 98 yen for one eggplant and five eggplants for 88 yen, but the secret lies in how to buy the vegetables.

“The first thing to do is to buy lots of vegetables and fruits, we buy many at the same time because there are so many varieties and the market is having trouble getting where to resell.

In addition, the vegetables on the market have grades, for cucumbers, grade A is uniformly thick and straight. On the other hand, when it comes to Grade C or D, the taste and safety are like Grade A, but look bad because of warping or scratching so buy cheap. Freshness is not important for ratings.

Our vegetables are cheap by buying C and D ranked vegetables. The vegetables are bought by day, so consumers can easily feel the big difference despite a few dozen yen difference. That is why “freshness” and “cheapness” are severely treated “.

On the other hand, there is “categorization” that we have decided that it is not necessary for the store manager. At large supermarkets, there are hundreds of types of vegetables and fruits, but at “Tummy”, only 50 to 60 varieties are always on the shelves.

“Even if a visitor comes to buy Horensou, if Horensou is 198 yen and Komatsuna is 58 yen, I think many people will choose the latter. There are many recipe websites, and I try to make a new menu. maybe try it. I think “cheap” has the power to change planned menus. “

I think everyone has the experience of finding a good vegetable that cannot be bought voluntarily. That is why I am not special about selling cheap and increasing number of products.

For veteran housewives who take care of the kitchen every day

In “Tummy”, a full-time housewife named “Sayuri 63 years old” is used to create a store that assumes fictitious customer pictures. Sayuri lives with her husband, retired, in a 3LDK apartment in Tokyo. The two kids are independent and have detailed goals like traveling as a hobby.

I am also knowledgeable about delicious food at home and abroad, and I can afford to save daily expenses. And he is a veteran housewife who supports his family’s daily dining table.

“We know that everyday cooks say,” Even if vegetables are scratched, it doesn’t matter if they are cut. “” Even if they are bent, the taste doesn’t change. “We value price, quality and freshness that our customers are satisfied with.”

It should also be noted that women in their 60s are also the generation (* 1) that consume the most vegetables every day and are also very interested in vegetables.

Unique displays are created by a group of two masters

The first thing that catches your eye when you visit a store is its unique display mode. The colorful vegetables are lined up neatly on shelves like bookstores and department stores, the fruit hanging like fruit on a tree branch. These shelves and fixtures are all handcrafted by two employees named “Takumi Team” of Monten Co., Ltd.

Not only the shelves but also the vegetables were packed like miscellaneous goods, and the whole booth was filled with a fun and cute atmosphere that you just want to pick it up. The store is designed to stir the female hearts of housewives like “Sayuri 63 years old”.

“As a result of trial and error from the very beginning, we got to the current showroom. We continue to challenge the interior and posters as well as the vegetables we handle, so we don’t. can think of outsourcing. “

Don’t just think about the vegetables you particularly like, but think of the unique ideas in every corner of the store and please the housewives. We will open two more stores later this year. I am looking forward to an unstoppable “starvation” promotion.

* 1 Summary of Results of the National Health and Nutrition Survey (2015, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)