Annual sales 50 million yen with eggs and pudding Attractive chicken farmer raising purebred chicks Three branding techniques

Second-generation Masaru Kitasaka took over the family business 11 years ago after his father’s death. Today, “Kitasaka Tamago” is so popular that it is sold in luxury department stores and first-class hotels.

However, this has happened about the past five years. He used to hate work and couldn’t do it. Every day I was busy handling chicken manure, complaining about the smell … Branding has enabled such a job to change into a “career”. There are three pillars, “design”, “disclosure” and “kataribe.”

Breeding about 150,000 purebred chickens “Sakura” and “Maple”

■ Brand 1 Technique: Designer becomes a business partner

Some supermarkets went bankrupt when I took over the business from my father, and I suddenly fell into a difficult situation. I was worried that I would somehow have to open a new sales channel, so I consulted with friends across all industries.

Under such circumstances, “Tamago Marugoto Pudding” was born. As a tool for everyone to know the name “Kitasaka Chicken Farm”, we thought we needed a high impact tier six product and developed it.

Great success with the mysterious candy made without breaking the eggshell

However, the product is meaningless unless it is known. Furthermore, what we really wanted to sell was not the pudding, but the “Kitasaka Chicken Farm” brand, and my father’s “pure domestic” commitment left behind.

I think “from now on we must actively disseminate information on the homepage and SNS. I want to change it according to the design ”so I approached the store making the signboard. Then the branding with the designer’s son begins.

When I met him right away, he was asked about his thoughts on his work and not about design. I was relieved because I couldn’t answer the question “What’s the reward?” Seeing him, I reconsidered the job of rooster raising children.

The package design has also been renewed

Redesign is also my own innovation. In order for the business card to change to a new design, I changed the title to “chicken farmer”. I realized that my job is not to sell eggs, but to “carefully raise chickens”.

I think nothing will change if I do everything by myself. Meeting a designer was my turning point.

■ Branding technique 2: I want to create a completely open chicken farm

Gradually, I became more proud of my work and I wanted more people to come see the chicken farm and experience the product of life. So, 2 years ago, I closed the direct sales office at the chicken farm and moved to the current location.

We also created a flat livestock hut where you can experience egg picking with a fun container appearance. We also decided to actively organize tours. Then, people buying department stores and hotels directly came to visit us, and members of our clientele also visited us, and it came to life. The relocation of the direct sales office led to the development of other sales channels besides direct selling.

■ Branding technique 3: Express with your own voice and convey charm

It’s great that so many people are listening to chicken chicks now. I realize that communication is an important factor. No matter how attached to purely domestic products you are, eggs are nothing but eggs. The fact that just looking at an egg and eating it doesn’t do any good. But I think people who know the background in my story understand true value.

Only 5% of eggs are considered purebred in Japan. Eggs are laid by chicks born in Japan, not eggs produced by imported chickens, which are pure domestic eggs. To raise a chicks costs a lot of food, but I want to carefully guard the full domestic product commitment I inherited from my father.

“Kitasaka Chicken Farm” is a treasure left by my father. A poultry house with clean air and high quality groundwater where the wind of the Seto Inland Sea is blown. Our eggs are precious and can only be laid by healthy chickens raised on Awaji Island, blessed by nature. I can confidently recommend it.

I came to enjoy playing the job of being a chicken farmer. I want to continue actively touring, participating in events across the country, and continuing to tell the story of “Kitasaka Chicken Farm” to many people.

His wife is in charge of sales at the direct sales department, and my daughter likes eggs too

Photo provided by Kitasaka Chicken Farm