Collaboration with “Love Live! Sunshine !!” What is the Agro Product PR strategy in Numazu City?

Collaboration with popular anime at the request of the anime production company

The series “Love Live!”, Depicting the growth and struggles of the school idol group, is a popular work developed across various content such as anime, games and manga.

This time, “Love Live! Sunshine !!”, in collaboration with JA Nansun, is a story set in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It is said that the collaboration was started by the appearance of JA Nansun’s “Jutaro Mikan” box in episodes 1 and 6 of the first phase of the anime.

Jutaro Mikan has a high average sugar content and is characterized by a delicate balance between acidity and sweetness, and is known as a specialty of the Nishiura and Uchiura districts of Numazu City. By keeping it in stock for more than a month after harvest, the flavor becomes even richer, so it is arguably the best citrus variety Numazu City is proud of.

“After hearing about the collaboration from an animation production company, we heard about the cooperation at JA Nansun’s production subcommittee, consisting of farmers, and decided to cooperate. with “Love Live! Sunshine !! “.

The animation production company showed a high level of interest in CSR (corporate social responsibility) such as town rehabilitation and the promotion of agriculture through animation, so negotiations and discussions were went well, “said Suzuki.

Print the illustration on the packaging and sale of agricultural produce

In February 2017, JA Nansun will sell Jutaro Mikan in collaboration with “Love Live! Sunshine !!” in a limited time and in limited quantity. The original cardboard plate with the artwork’s main character, Chika Takaumi, was packed with 10 kg of Jutaro mikan and shipped. The number of boxes sold is about 1200 boxes, it seems to sell about 10 times more than usual.

In December of the same year, the design of the locally popular tea beverage can “Numacha” went on sale with the “Love Live! Sunshine !!” specification. In addition, with the cooperation of local manufacturers, new processed products related to “Love Live! Sunshine !!” like “Kurukuru Mikan Roll” and “Mikan Ice Jelly” were planned.

In addition, at various events we sell original stand bags filled with Numazu specials. There are two types of standing pouches, one with a stand containing 6 to 8 Jutaro oranges and a strip with a Chika Takaumi print attached. It goes on sale from February to March, it’s around the sales period of Jutaro Mikan.

The other is a standing bag containing Jutaro Mikan, “Numacha”, Shizuoka brand beef and “Beef Tomorrow”, made by slowly boiling the beef of tomorrow in a European-style sauce. Different content for each event.

Enjoy walking in citrus fields with “Love Live! Sunshine !!”

At “Nishiura Mikan Field Walking” held in May 2017, the original panel of “Love Live! Sunshine !!” was installed during walking.

The event is a community contribution activity planned and run by the young farmers of JA Nansun Seishunbu Nishiura Branch and JA staff and staff. It is said that many tourists including families coming to Izu will join the hiking event on a 2.5 km hike with lush citrus trees while taking in the breathtaking view of Suruga Bay and Mount Fuji.

“At the most beautiful spot where you can see Mount Fuji on Suruga Bay, we formed a group of Chika Takaumi and asked the participants to take a commemorative photo. After the event, this group arrived at Numazu Minato Fresh House. It’s on display at the JA Nansun store. “

In addition, a “Mikan no Hana scent experience” will be held at a location near the walkway. Here, you can buy citrus fruits, enjoy the rich aroma of citrus flowers, and enjoy flower tea. There is also a booth “Love Live! Sunshine !!”.

Increased name recognition of agricultural products in Numazu City Effects of advertising with animations

Promotional effects for “Love Live! Sunshine !!” has spread across the country.

Numazu has many proud agricultural products, but the fact is that it is not widely known nationwide. However, when fans of “Love Live! Sunshine !!” Visiting “Sacred Place Pilgrimage” from all over the country and starting to disseminate information about agricultural products on SNS, etc., it seems that the name of agricultural products in Numazu has improved.

“I feel that this area is reviving in terms of communication between tourists and local residents. Also, since many fans visited Numazu City on the weekends, lately,” Love Live! Sunshine! Number of farmers seeing “!” Increasing.

JA Nansun will continue to participate in “Love Live! I want to continue working with “Sunshine !!”. There are lots of good agricultural and food products in Numazu, so I hope that our fans will visit Numazu many times. “

Collaboration between JA Nansun and “Love Live! Sunshine !!” Not only raising the name of agricultural products, but also creating connections between tourists and local residents. As anime continues to gain popularity, Numazu’s agricultural products are likely to become more widely known.

Image courtesy of JA Nansun
(c) 2017 Love Live! Sunlight !!