Efficient use of cabbage New product by Mitsu Foods Cabbage Cider

“Cabbets cider” is created by taking advantage of the waste of cabbage

Mitsu Foods consumes 6 to 7 tons of cabbage per day. Approximately 200 kg of hard and unpalatable outer leaves and cores were delivered to a trader or removed for feed.

However, I always thought it was a waste as the outer core and leaves are also rich in nutrients. With a feeling of “sorry for the very elaborate cabbage farmers”, I decided to find a way to effectively make use of it as a product. A young team 3 to 10 years after joining the company has been at the forefront in cost development, taste determination and packaging production.

“I have been in contact with experts many times and tried various processes such as drying and grinding into cabbage meal. Among them, I find that it is the easiest to use in liquid form.” Mr. Furusawa spoke.

This is the first attempt to commercialize liquids for Matsu Foods, a company that manufactures and wholesales delicious Chinese food such as dumplings, baked products, spring rolls and sandwiches. When I was wondering what product to make, I found a “local cider” sold as a local specialty and I got inspiration from it.

“The local cider is made with local specialties. I found that very few are sold in Gunma province, so I thought it was an opportunity to enter the business.”