Endangered herb cultivation “Murasaki”! Restores the area with growing cosmetics

Pharmaceutical companies and the beauty industry are paying attention! The rare medicinal plant with purple root “Shikon”

Murasaki is a Chinese herbal medicine registered in the “Japanese Pharmaceutical Law”, is the standard for medicines established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and is believed to be good for burns and wound. It is an herb that is used as the main ingredient.

It is said that the shikon extract present in the purple tree root is believed to have antibacterial properties and good effects on the skin. It is also believed to promote hair growth and is used as a hair conditioner. For this reason, Murasaki is currently attracting the attention of pharmaceutical companies and the beauty industry.

However, the amount of Japanese purple, which is endemic to Japan, has decreased due to the effects of global warming, and it has become a rare breed, registered by the Ministry of the Environment as Endangered. So, in recent years, farmers and pharmaceutical companies paying attention to their rarity have tried to cultivate and revive them because they wanted to “lead to a revival of the region” and ” increase the value of their product. “

Towards revitalization of the region by nurturing “Murasaki”

Higashi-Omi city has been the manufacturing center of Murasaki for a long time, it is said that Emperor Tenchi and his team went to the Higashi-Omi area to make medicine and harvest Murasaki in “Nihon Shoki”. In addition, Murasaki in Higashi-Omi City is depicted in “Manyoshu”, and it is said that the city designated Murasaki as the only flower in the city in the hope that the scenery where Murasaki grows up will be restored. born.

That was in 2014, Mr. Maekawa started growing Japanese purple longan.
Initially, I was an agriculture teacher at Yokaichi Minami High School in Higashi-Omi City, Shiga Prefecture. However, by finding out why Murasaki is a flower of the city and participating in cultivating and spreading enlightenment activities to protect Murasaki at the residential cluster “Purple Grass Society”, as an “area restoration activity” I want to grow purple and sell processed products. “

Therefore, Mr. Maekawa was appointed as the regional restoration cooperation group from a teacher to be able to seriously plant purple. I moved to Kimigahata-cho in the Okunagagenji area of ​​Higashi-Omi city, reclaimed fallow arable land and started growing Murasaki with an emphasis on organic farming and no pesticides.

“In the three years since taking office, every year I have successfully harvested Murasaki. And in the final year, I founded” Minna no Oku Eigenji “as the top member of the zone revitalization cooperation group. area.

In addition to academic cooperation with Yokaichi Minami High School such as crop technology innovation, cultivation environment research, propagation research and germination rate improvement research, there is also support from City Hall. Higashi-Omi. And I think we were able to succeed in cultivation thanks to a partnership with the residents of the Okunagagenji area, which we built through the activities of the regional restoration cooperation group. “

“Murasaki” is grown in the optimal environment and the cultivation method is wise

Abandoned farmland is being cleared

Mr. Maekawa currently plants about 1,000 purple guppies per year. Fields above 500 meters above sea level have a cool climate and are ideal for growing purple. We use locally produced organic fertilizers, and we pay special attention to organic and pesticide-free farming.

“Murasaki has a very low germination rate of about 3%, a death rate of 98% due to the hot summer heat and root rot, making it extremely difficult to cultivate and harvest. “We have improved the farming environment and farming methods, and finally we have achieved the stable production we are now.”

In addition, purple tree fields are created by clearing abandoned farmland in the Okueigenji area. Mr. Maekawa reclaimed 500 square meters of land each year, said: “I think that if the initiative of planting purple tricuspid trees on the uncultivated farmland is established, it will lead to the revival and revival of the local agriculture. . I think it will lead to the creation of lives and jobs. “

Organic cosmetics made from purple “Shikon”

At Minna no Okunaga Genji, purple tubers grown “Shikon” are processed and sold as organic cosmetics “MURASAKIno”. “I decided to develop organic cosmetics that propose lifestyles that value people and the environment, instead of cosmetics swear to be effective.”

MURASAKIno currently has 5 categories: cosmetics, lotion, beauty oil, cleansing foam and hand lotion. Since there are no additives or colorants, cosmetics have a light purple color due to the extraction of Sikon. Also, it seems that canola oil and sunflower oil from Shiga prefecture are used as the base ingredients.

“We outsource cosmetics production to an OEM manufacturer

has a cosmetic production and sale license, and at the same time has researched and developed cosmetics in the region, especially domestic organic products. “

* OEM Manufacturer: A manufacturer that produces products sold under the brand name of the ordering party.

Cosmetics will be on sale starting April 26, 2018, but it seems that many stores like major department stores and select stores have already pre-ordered and pre-ordered their release.

“In the future, as a” regional corporation “aimed at revitalizing the region, we want to develop a job-creating business in border villages where population decline is occurring and difficult exists as a social unit. ”Mr. Maekawa said.

Everyone’s Okunaga Genji is connecting an endangered species called Murasaki not only with the revival of agriculture, but with the revival of the entire region. The opportunity to revive the area may come near you unexpectedly.