Fresh vegetables from Miyazaki will arrive in 1 hour! Application of Yahyakuya “Veggie”

A style that combines well with store sales and mail order

Veggio Vegico Ltd. sells vegetables in two ways: delivery service application “Veggie” and Yahyakuya “Veggio Vegico” in Nezu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
“Sales made while communicating directly with customers at Yahyakuya is one of the things we want to achieve. On the other hand, there are some people who are lame and can’t go out because their kids are young. The problem is that I cannot reach people who say, “I can’t go even if I want to go shopping” or “I can’t because I want to eat more” for some reason.
We want to provide our selected fruits and vegetables and our processed products to more people who cannot handle it by selling in-store. And we started “Veggie” with a different style from Yahyakuya. “
Delivery service “Veggie” and Yahyakuya “Veggio Vegico” started at the same time in January 2017. It is important to run “Veggie” that we can deliver directly to our customers just like How to sell directly at Yahyakuya. For this reason, Veggie is limited to only a few areas in Tokyo, but Veggie staff will deliver directly without a courier.
A new service has been created that allows you to easily buy vegetables with the app while also incorporating the advantages of in-store sales and home delivery. Mr. Sugimoto said the number of users is increasing steadily every month and among them, there are a lot of orders from families with young children.

“Mothers have a situation of not being able to go out with their children, so far I don’t really care, but it seems that many people have changed their sense of eating and drinking after giving birth. Me too, Mom.” It is important that the oral propaganda network is open and referral. “