I want to sell agricultural products online! “Online shopping and advertising tips” taught by experts

It is important to create a mechanism to continue without overusing it

Manufacturers who have never had a chance to interact with the Internet or SNS (Social Network Service) suddenly become excited about attracting customers on the Internet from today, but the results may not come immediately. . ..

In addition, the beginners tend to abandon the Internet store operations early or delay the transmission of information on blogs and SNS just because it is not getting results.

“If you want to attract customers primarily on the Internet, whether it is online or SNS, it is important to create a system so that the business of information dissemination can continue and generate results. Start by posting on SNS, cost-free and gradually. Why don’t you switch to online shopping, ”said Mr. Fukushima.

It is important to keep the information disseminated through blogs and SNS constantly updated. However, for those who are not good at writing, constant updating can be difficult.

In such cases, tasks such as “deciding the title”, “collecting the topic (document)”, “writing the article” should be broken down. Since each job is completed in a short time, it is easy to continue and can be completed in a short time.