Interview with the operator of Kobe agricultural products market 3rd – Attracting customers-

This initiative started early in spring 2015. We interviewed Ayumi Koizumi, one of the management offices, about the overall market picture. In Part 3, we will introduce a technique that cannot be ignored for customer acquisition and hospitality.

Secret to attracting visitors 1: Recreate satoyama in the heart of the city

Famous place is fashion

No, we are not fashion conscious. I just want you to spend your Saturday mornings calmly and comfortably. So we limited the colors of the tents to give each stall a natural atmosphere.

In addition, the entrance is decorated with flowers brought in by farmers and seasonal vegetables in some places, so you can feel the atmosphere of the countryside while in the city center.

Secret to attracting customers 2: Hospitality with breakfast and drinks

Does the customer have multiple repeaters?

Even when it rains, they can sell that much, so I think customers come to buy it every week. I’m glad to hear some people say, “I’ll be in trouble if the market closes.” I want to cherish the spirit of hospitality so that such people can feel my gratitude.

There are also processed products and restaurants.

In partnership with restaurants and farmer’s wives, we are making it easy to buy vegetables from Kobe as breakfast. When the local women’s association made pork-rice soup, this dish was loved by young people and foreigners as a taste of the mother.

In addition to coffee, there are also seasonal soft drinks, craft beer, and wine.

I want to actively support not only farmers but also small food shops in Kobe city. In the future, I want to create a flow in which restaurant chefs buy vegetables at the Farmers Market.

Secret to attracting customers 3: A promise to the owner

Are there any rules when opening a store?

Conversation is also an important purpose in this market. First of all, the greeting is “Good morning” instead of “Welcome”.

And, to create a peaceful atmosphere that makes you want to talk slowly, there are three things for shop openers.
I am asking for a promise.

If you are surrounded by brightly colored tents from morning, you will feel tired. The colors of the tent used are based on deep green, navy and white, the park’s familiar colors. Even using fabric, we ask you to use natural materials and designs that are not too flashy.

We don’t use commercially impacting boards or pop-ups, and we ask them to handwrite information such as product names, prices and farming methods on the blackboard.

It is a standard tool for outdoor sales promotion, but it is forbidden to use nobori flags to make it stand out. We value the cooperation of all shop owners, not just ourselves. Tasting is also almost forbidden.

A relaxing morning market

Can I play even if I’m not a repeater? Please let us know the recommended way to enjoy it for first time visitors.

People of all ages and men and women from many different countries participate in this small morning market. Even if you’re not a repeat fan, we welcome those who want to experience Kobe’s “farming” and “living”. Bring a blanket or cup in the mood for a picnic and enjoy yourself.

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Photo courtesy / (a ​​company) KOBE FARMERS MARKET
Shooting / Kyoko Kataoka